Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rush To Judgement

From The Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton
Rush To Judgment

            Anyone who remembers the events of September 11, 2001 also remembers several hours after the three buildings came down (when inexplicably only two were struck by airplanes!) the US mind control apparatus said Osama bin-Laden and his al-Qaeda organization were responsible for the attacks.  Keep in mind the CIA Director had informed President George W Bu$h of an immanent attack weeks prior and Bu$h did nothing to prevent it. Then hours afterwards we were informed who the culprits were. How, since no investigation had been conducted? In fact the US government immediately shipped the debris from all three buildings to China so there could be no forensic investigation!? The names and identities of the "high-jackers" the media said did it were incorrect. Most were still alive and not the people the US government said they were. In fact a few of them sued the US for defamation and won.
             In reality there was no investigation done whatsoever. The US simply said bin-Laden did it and that was that!  If ever there was a rush to judgment that was it. To augment and solidify the government's preposterous claims about Muslim fanatics who had no training flying huge airliners bum rushing cockpits, commandeering planes, maneuvering turns and dives skilled pilots could not do in those aircraft a 9-11 Commission was finally convened that was severely underfunded that had no subpoena powers to rubber stamp the government's sham narrative.
            September 11th set the precedent for a rush to judgment and set the tone and tenor for subsequent government policy that just coincidentally gave the Neo Cons  and the  Project for a New American Century cabal the "Pearl Harbor like incident" they coveted to accelerate the nation's drift towards total fascism, perpetual global warfare and imperialist plunder.
            9-11 also set the precedent of using live military and civilian first responder drills as a cover for false flag operations. Since then: the London subway bombings on July 7 2004, Sandy Hook December 14, 2012, the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, the San Bernardino and the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings all occurred while drills were going on nearby. There is a pattern here we need to take it into consideration especially since these incidents were used to frighten us,  curtail "freedoms" "civil rights" and subject us to additional invasions of privacy under the guise of keeping us safe.
            Hours after the Egypt Air 804 crash we were told it was a terrorist attack despite no evidence whatsoever to support that claim. The black box had not been recovered, no debris has been examined, no satellite footage, radar or recorded radio messages have been reviewed, nothing. Yet the prevailing message in the corporate media is this was a terrorist attack. How can they be so sure?  
            Beware another rush to judgment that will be used to boost the military industrial complex war machine, escalate the deep state global surveillance systems and push us further into a war posture. Egypt Air 804 is already being used by the establishment political class to counter Donald Trump and to a limited degree Bernie Sanders, neither of whom are staunch warmongers like Hillary Clinton. Trump takes an almost isolationist position or at least a non-intervention position on foreign policy which is not what the warmongers in New York, Washington, London and Brussels want. So whether Egypt Air 804 turns out to be due to mechanical failure, an accidental military shoot down or a terrorist attack we are being programmed and brainwashed to think terrorism whether it actually is or not.



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