Monday, May 02, 2016

What's Up With That?

From The Ramparts
      Junious Ricardo Stanton
      What's Up With That?

                        We live in an era where the masses are programmed to be stupid. Stupidity has nothing to do with innate intelligence. Stupid comes from the root word stupor meaning to be in a daze, unconscious, a state of extreme apathy. This aptly describes much of the American public. Yes we can get hyped for sports, or to revel and party but for serious things, where our future, our safety and a sense of vision for ourselves and this planet are concerned we are not up to snuff. My mother used to tell me "God gave you a brain don't let anyone make you stupid."
                        The ruling class, the shot callers and decision makers are definitely trying to make us stupid. Are we so out of it, so comatose and apathetic we will quietly acquiesce and go along with their plans to dumb us down even further? The ruling elites have no respect for the masses. They call us the rabble, useless eaters and worse. And their puppets in politics, the mass media, and business follow their cue and treat us with no respect. They go to great lengths to insult our intelligence in furtherance of the elite's nefarious New World Order agenda. 
                        For instance, you don't have to be a nuclear physicist or current events wizard to realize the Ted Cruz campaign really thinks the American public or at least the people in the Republican Party are totally stupid. Cruz is a guy who is universally reviled by his colleagues and peers in the US Senate aka the Good Ol' White Boy network, Cruz is losing so badly to Donald Trump in the primaries he has been mathematically eliminated from gaining the nomination on the first ballot. Yet he announced his pick for  his Vice President running mate?! What is he smoking? He picked Carly Fiorina a former competitor who was not a major vote getter, who has major baggage in the corporate world because as CEO she ran Hewlett Packard into the ground.
                        Yet the mainstream media gave him a pass, dutifully reported it and didn't mention the fact Cruz is losing so badly his only real hope to continue after his shellacking and horrid third place finish two weeks ago is to win the Indiana primary just to stay relevant and afloat. What's up with that?

*                                  *                                  *                                  *
                        A report just released shows suicides in the US have spiked to a thirty year high.  The study researched and examined data from 2009-2014. In 2014 suicide rates for middle aged white men are up. Seven out of every ten suicides are by white men. In the US military suicides are a major problem. For the past seven years suicides by US service personnel have continued to rise.  Interestingly while suicide rates for white men were up suicide rates for white females across all demographics were up.  But the figures for female veterans is on the rise also! US females who served in the armed forces suicide rate is six times higher than other women in the US!
                        But there is good news. According to the data, suicide rates dropped for Black men. That's a good thing!  At last a negative category we are the lowest in instead of leading it. The report didn't say why this trend is happening but I'll take it. My question is why aren't Black folks asking and chronicling what's happening in the lives of Black men that gives us hope and a reason to live so we can keep this trend going, improve on the will to live, persevere and  thrive? Isn't something like this important enough to look into and share with our people?  We could be onto something big and great here, why aren't we following up on this? What's up with that?

*                                 *                                  *                                   *

                        I don't want this to appear sexist or anything but things must be really be getting bad for the US military. A few months ago top US Army and Marine brass testified before the US Senate and they actually stated the time has come for women to register for military service! The US military has already moved to open all combat jobs and units to women. This means it is possible in the not too distant future that your sister, your aunt, your female high school and college schoolmates will be subject to a military draft and have to serve in  combat! Is the US Empire that desperate for cannon fodder that they would force all US females to register for the draft when they turn eighteen? How do you feel about that? Is this what the feminists meant when they burned their bras
for equality? 
                        Some countries like Israel require their women to serve in the military. Is the American Empire so overstretched or desperate it needs women in combat units, andare they planning to bring back a military draft any time soon? If so why? I just read an article saying the US Congress Armed Forces Committee just voted to require women to register for a military draft.
                        This is real. It means things are changing for women in the US, as America goes all war all the time, women will be called upon to keep the Empire going! Where is the outrage and resistance to this? Why doesn't the US have a serious anti-Empire, anti-War/ pro-Peace movement? What's up with that?

*                                  *                                  *                                  *
                        I started off saying the ruling elites' are consciously programming us to be apathetic, unconscious, to live in a zombie like state (notice how many TV shows and movies are  about Zombies and the walking dead), I strongly suspect much of this is the result of massive drugging of society by the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, self-medication and addiction.
                        Today heroin addiction is skyrocketing in this country. The profile of a modern US heroin addict is a twenty something white suburban female who uses heroin because it is way cheaper than the opiates she originally got strung out on. The heroin epidemic is so widespread and rampant in the US, white folks are dying from heroin overdoses in droves.
                        Notice now white politicians are calling for mental health intervention and treatment instead of  jail? This is because it is their sons and daughters who are getting strung out on heroin. White folks overdosing on heroin and opiates is so bad for many counties and municipalities have provided their police officers with Naloxone the antidote for heroin and opiate overdoes. Why didn't they do that when heroin addiction was mainly a ghetto phenomenon? What's up with that?
                        US doctors are prescribing more and more opiates to adults and even more psychotropic drugs for children some as young as two years old who have be "diagnosed" with hyperactivity, attention deficit and other "disorders". Why are so many Black boys
"diagnosed" with these conditions? What's up with that?
                        The reality is drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are neurotoxic on the brains of children. The Pharmaceutical industry spends far more money on marketing than they do on research and safety of their products. The US Food and Drug Administration which is supposed to regulate the industry and protect us turns a blind eye to this reality and approves these drugs without much if any oversight. What's up with that?!
                        I suspect most of the suicides and shooting sprees in the US were directly or indirectly linked to drug abuse or more correctly prescription abuse, the profit motive of the big pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who prescribe them. Are was so apathetic and unconscious we can't see this? What's up with that?



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