Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'


                                                       From The Ramparts
                                                      Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                       Same Ol' Same Ol'

            "Chicago has some of the strictest gun restrictions in the United States with some of the highest rates of gun violence. Gang members are not buying them legally, and the police are pulling guns off the street on a daily basis, so where are they coming from?" http://www.activistpost.com/2016/09/gang-members-implicate-u-s-govt-dumping-crates-guns-chicago.html

            My brother in law sent me a book entitled Madame President The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Helene Cooper. It is about the rise of Liberia's and Africa's first female president. It chronicles her life story from when she was a baby and it was prophesized she would be great. The book follows Mrs Sirleaf from her infancy through the final years of her presidency. In between are vivid and horrific accounts of the carnage, rape and debauchery that took place during Liberia's civil wars from 1989-2003 and the socio- political machinations that forged the conflicts and slaughter.
            While he was reading the book my brother in law would call me baffled how and why African people could or would commit such heinous atrocities against one another? When he finished reading it, he sent us the book and my wife read it first. Often she would read portions to me. We would discuss what she read and when she finished reading it, I took it up and read it.
            The other day I was talking to my brother in law over the phone I mentioned I finished the book and he asked me what I thought. I told him one of my main take-aways was how the author mentioned the soldiers who raped pillaged and killed were most often drunk off Palm wine and amphetamines. I asked him where did the various warlords and combatants get the drugs, arms and ammunition to wage the wars?
            I told him the same thing I told my wife, that I was not attempting to excuse or minimize the atrocities done by the various factions during the wars but I maintained it was the West who supplied the arms and the drugs to the Liberians because that is their modus operandi, divide and rule by instigating and arming both sides of a conflict.
            The author Helene Cooper is a writer for the New York Times. She is a native Liberian and has had two best selling books to her credit. She praised Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was descended from the former enslaved Afro-Americans who founded Liberia as part of the US African Colonization Society's agenda, told about how she came to America got educated and eventually worked for the World Bank and IMF.  Ms Cooper either knows nothing about the World Bank and IMF being global loan sharks and usury vultures preying on countries like Liberia or she deliberately chose not to go there in the book.
            Most Black folks know nothing of the history and agenda of the American Colonization Society an organization founded in 1816 by racists like Robert Finley, Henry Clay, Francis Scott Key and Daniel Webster designed to expatriate Blacks back to Africa or some other place because they posed a threat to their notion of an all white country, were serious competition to whites for jobs and inspired enslaved Blacks to think about freedom.  http://www.blackpast.org/aah/american-colonization-society-1816-1964.
             Abraham Lincoln was a major backer and supporter of the ACS which is why the name of Ashmun Institute was changed to Lincoln University in 1866. We need to know more about the ACS and its politics. But this is not the point of this article.
            The point I want to raise is just like whites supplied modern Liberians with arms, and drugs; just like whites currently supply ISIS, ISIL and all the rest of the so called "terrorist"  factions around the world with guns, ammunition and drugs, they are doing the same thing in the inner cities of America. Check out this video at http://www.activistpost.com/2016/09/gang-members-implicate-u-s-govt-dumping-crates-guns-chicago.html
            Keep in mind Chicago is not the only place this is happening. This has long been the MO of the Western ruling class and their flunkies. Their goal is to destabilize a people, community, region or nation, weaken it, depopulate it, wipe them out like they did the Native Americans and numerous African nations so they can expropriate the natural resources (like Liberian "blood diamonds" which Helene Cooper does not cover in her book) and exploit the people who remain.
            Here in the US they are attempting to destabilize and decimate whole Black communities and coupled with their media mind control and brainwashing us to devalue and hate ourselves it is working big time!
            Black people do not have ships, planes or the means to transport let alone manufacture modern weaponry so where did the Liberians get them? Ms Cooper neither asked nor answered that question I guess because that was not the focus of  her book. But I am. Where are the gang bangers getting the drugs and arms they use to terrorize neighborhoods here in the US?
            A few yeas ago I read a study on "living conditions" of Australian aborigines that detailed the prevalence of poverty, isolation and high rate of alcoholism. I said to myself this is the same thing that is happening on Native American "reservations" (our euphemism for government concentration camps)  in the ghettos and barrios in this country. Is that a coincidence? Not hardly!
            It's high time we woke up and set about the business of resolving the gun and drug crisis in our communities just like Madame President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf resolved the Ebola crisis in Liberia.



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