Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's Time To Face Reality

It’s Time To Face Reality!

“The German people have been justly criticized for their failing to do anything to stop the Holocaust, with Jews disappearing off the streets of Nazi Germany to be killed while the Germans pretended not to notice. It has been one of the mysteries of history how the most civilized people on earth could have allowed the Holocaust to happen with nary a voice of opposition or complaint. How does this differ from the remarkable lack of opposition in the United States to the war crimes being committed by American troops in Falluja and elsewhere (scroll down at this site to find most of the links of eyewitness reports of the horrors)? Actually, there is quite a bit of difference. Nazi Germany was a police state, and any opposition or even a hint of opposition would have been met with instant dire consequences. Despite the best efforts of John Ashcroft, the United States is still not a full-fledged police state (but they are working on it). Nazi Germany had a completely controlled media, and any information embarrassing to Hitler's regime was simply not published. Despite the fact that the American media is disgustingly useless, Americans still have full awareness of what is going on in Falluja, largely because the Bush regime is quite proud of it. I once was impolite enough to ask some Germans in Germany who had lived through the Nazi period what they knew at the time about what was going on. They said they were very sorry about what had happened, but, although they had strong hints, they really didn't know. Unless one is certain, what can an individual do in a police state when faced with hints of wrongdoing? Americans have no such excuse. The hypocrisy of Americans complaining about what is going on in Sudan while American troops are doing much worse in Iraq is amazing.”- xymphora.blogspot

It is becoming quite obvious the game plan of the ruling elites is working extremely well. Following WWII the U.S. government initiated what they called “Operation Paperclip”, a scheme approved by President Harry Truman to bring selected Nazi businessmen, scientists, academicians, spies and assorted psychopaths to AmeriKKKa, South America or Eastern Europe, give them new identities and free reign to serve the imperialistic interests of their AmeriKKKan benefactors. It was Nazi scientists who headed up the AmeriKKKan jet propulsion and rocket programs. Nazi scientists also continued where they left off in the development of chemical and biological weaponry. The academicians furthered their racist ideologies of Eugenics, the racial superiority of the Aryan “race” (keep in mind Hitler and the racists in South Africa ,Angola and Rhodesia modeled their systems after the brutal and oppressive AmeriKKKan racial cast system euphemistically called “Jim Crow”) and their presumed need for population control of the darker peoples of the world. The U.S. integrated Nazi intelligence officers (an oxymoron if ever there was one) into the fledgling CIA and they helped develop the grotesque torture techniques we see being used around the world today. The AmeriKKKans replicated the mass propaganda techniques of the Nazis (who envied the U.S. advertising industry) used to get the Germans to go along with their criminal programs. We can see the results of Operation Paperclip all around us today in the existence of AIDS and Ebola (and numerous other man made viruses), the advanced missile programs and weapons of mass destruction (the U.S. didn’t’ need the Nazis to show them how to kill and despoil the environment they were already experts at that. They slaughtered the so called “Indians” and dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians) to further the notion of global “population control” ala the David Rockefeller/Henry Kissinger Global 2000 Plan and the history of human rights violations and tortures throughout South America, in Abu Gharib, and the indiscriminate murders of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. The list goes on in programs like the development and use of LSD as a political tool and mind control operations like MK ULTRA; its just the bogus War on Terror provides an up-front and close look at just how psychotic this nation has become. Keep in mind the Nazis didn’t bum rush AmeriKKKa, they were invited here! Remember the Nazis shared many of the same values as AmeriKKKa when it came to racism and imperialism. Thus it makes perfect sense why there is no outpouring of dissent against the killing fields in Iraq. It makes it easier to understand why the AmeriKKKa people meekly go along with the AmeriKKKan brand of fascism (corporatist backed and controlled militarist imperialism). AmeriKKKans dare not point fingers at the Germans for the atrocities they committed under Nazi rule! This country was the model for much of what Hitler did. People like George W. Bush’s paternal grandfather Prescott Bush and his maternal great grandfather Herbert Walker were prime supporters of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi war machine. Despite the success of the AmeriKKKan mind control apparatus, African people have no excuse to sit back allow the AmeriKKKan/Nazi warmongers to try to conquer the world. If we don’t move to stop them now, by refusing to fall for the okey-doke; sooner or later we and or our children will be in AmeriKKKa’s concentration camps (prisons?) and ovens. We know from past experiences this is a real possibility. It’ time to wake up and face reality!



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