Friday, April 29, 2005

Surprise Suprise Look Who's Heading The Iraqi Oil Ministry

Surprise Surprise Look Who’s Heading The Iraq Oil Ministry

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq's choice of Ahmad Chalabi as acting oil minister has raised concerns that he is not the best person for the job because he has little energy experience and was once convicted of bank fraud, U.S. energy experts said on Thursday.” 04-28-05 Reuters News Article

The Bushites must be smiling from ear to ear after having to wait out all that haggling over who was going to be what in the Iraqi government to see their boy ( although he was kicked to the curb in t false flag move earlier) Ahmed Chalabi emerge and the new acting oil minister. In a Reuters article dated April 28, 2005 US energy spokespersons express feigned alarm Chalabi was chosen. “‘You are to some extent, from the perceptions of many Iraqis, putting a fox in charge of the henhouse,’ said Anthony Cordesman, referring to Chalabi. Cordesman is a Middle East expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies based in Washington.
Chalabi is taking over the ministry at a critical time. It must make decisions on which companies get preference for oil sales, which contracts are honored and which will be renegotiated. The ministry also faces frequent sabotage against its oil pipelines. ‘(Chalabi) is going to make it extremely easy for people to make charges about corruption and raise questions on how the oil money is distributed,’ said Cordesman.” True Chalabi has no expertise in oil, oil drilling, engineering or management, however he has connections. At one point Chalabi who was the source of much of the Bush administrations delusional justification for the invasion of Iraq in the first place, has been a long time recipient of front money supplied by the influential Rendon Group to the Iraqi National Congress; a group created by Rendon himself. In 1992 Chalabi was tapped to head the INC. Chalabi is a native Iraqi who was raised abroad in Jordan, Lebanon, England and the US. He has an interesting past one that is easily found via the World Wide Web. The fact he was charged and convicted in absentia of banking fraud and embezzlement in Jordan when the Jordanian government seized his bank Petra in 1977 and had to pump millions into it to avoid financial collapse. This sort of personal history makes Calabi an excellent ally for the Bushites (see Savings and Loan and Harken scandals for a better idea of how the Bush family rolls.) Chalabi is cunning and ambitious, just the type the US would use to further their own aims in the region.
In fact once the green light was given to invade Iraq the NeoConmen in the Bush administration picked Chalabi to be their boy running the show following the toppling of Saddam Hussein, despite the fact both he and the INC had lost credibility with the CIA and serious intelligence agents. In fact Chalabi and his phony INC Iraqi exiles were flown in and given prominent media play as a precursor to setting him up as Bush’s puppet in Baghdad. Unfortunately for Chalabi a hustler and con man who told Bush and Co what they wanted to hear,( US invaders would be welcomed as liberators with roses and cheers), the struggle to liberate Iraq from AmeriKKKan occupation caught the Bush administration totally unprepared, and when no WMD were found Chalabi was totally exposed as a fraud. But needing a man they could use, they mounted a campaign to distance Chalabi from the Bush administration so the Iraqis would think he wasn’t still on the US payroll. Chalabi became the subject of a raid on his office and charges he was in cahoots with Iran. Voila, Chalabi is instantly tainted and not seen as a stooge for the US. Through it all, Chalabi’s ambitions kept him in the hunt. Being seen as on the outs with the AmeriKKKans Chalabi was able to weasel his way into negotiations once the Iraqi clerics pressured Bush to allow general elections, something Bush never wanted in the first place. Chalabi inserted himself into the mix and now has emerged with a position in the fledgling Iraqi government as acting oil minister. The question becomes, is this a testament to Chalabi’s cunning and skills or is this due to clandestine machinations by the Bush administration to get one of their boys into a key position in an Iraqi government Washington knows will be pressured by Iraqi citizens to get AmeriKKKa out of their country ASAP? Many folks believe the US invaded Iraq for the oil, what better way for Chalabi to ingratiate himself to AmeriKKKa than by being the one who doles out the contracts and sets the agenda for which oil companies get first crack at Iraq’s oil? It just seems so rigged to me. Sort of like CIA asset and former Unocal oil company advisor Hamid Karzai just happening to be appointed interim president of Afghanistan after the US bombed the Taliban out of office. Karzai was subsequently “elected” president of Afghanistan with serious US backing in that country’s sham elections. Democracy (AmeriKKKan neocolonialism?) at work to hear the Bush administration tell it. Of course they don’t tell us Afghanistan along with the other countries AmeriKKKa has “liberated”: Haiti and Iraq are in shambles but what’s a small detail like that got to do with the Bush Bizzarro world realities? The last thing in the world the AmeriKKKan empire wants is true self-determination and self-rule in Iraq. So they work behind the scenes to get their guys in place to do their bidding. In many ways Chalabi resurfacing as a key player in the role of acting oil minister is no surprise at all.



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