Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Fear and War Mongers Are Hard At Work

The Fear and War Mongers Are Hard At Work

Making a virtue of necessity, the Bush administration has used the exposure of its illegal wiretap scheme to ratchet up the level of terrorist scaremongering, accelerate its drive toward a military attack on Iran and publicly proclaim its long-held covert doctrine of executive dictatorship. Of course, "commander rule" is already the de facto state of the union, as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made clear to the Senate last week, when he refused to deny the notion that the president can contravene any law he chooses under his authority as commander-in-chief. And we have often detailed here the tyrannical powers that President George W. Bush has already bestowed upon himself without objection from the U.S. political establishment, including the power to jail anyone without charges, hold them indefinitely and have them tortured -- or simply murder them in an "extrajudicial killing." The scope of Bush's claimed powers -- arbitrary sway over the life and liberty of every person on earth -- far surpasses that of the most megalomaniacal Roman emperor or totalitarian dictator.”

Using technology and techniques that would make Joseph Goebbles Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda blush with envy, the corporate mind control apparatus acting on behalf of their fascist Globalist masters, are waging a relentless psychological special ops campaign against the AmeriKKKan people to convince us there is a terrorist lurking around every corner, hiding under our beds and infiltrating our neighborhoods just waiting to do us in. Backed by the rhetoric of Bu$h, Cheney and the rest of the NeoCon liars, Joe and Jane Sixpack are being inundated with disinformation and lies designed to keep most unthinking AmeriKKKans in a comatose state of unending fear, disorientation and susceptibility to the ruling elites’ constant programming, indoctrination and induced ignorance. The Nazis and Stalinist Russians would be proud of the work the mainstream media is doing to confuse, obfuscate and hoodwink the AmeriKKKan public into believing a permanent threat of war exists. This nonexistent state of war against terrorism is being used now just as the “Cold War” was decades ago to justify and rationalize George W Bu$h and Dick Cheney circumventing the US Constitution, undermining the Bill of Rights, trampling established International Law and committing massive war crimes with impunity. The all pervasive electronic media has been aided by video games, print and motion pictures to desensitize the masses against gratuitous violence, killing, carnage and collateral damage. Critically observe the television programming and you will discover the two main themes on the AmeriKKKan boob tube are gratuitous violence and sex.
With the flood of violence on the television, video games and movies beamed at the AmeriKKKan public that saturates our homes and businesses, we are being desensitized and programmed to accept militarism and violence as a way of life and a legitimate solution to problems. If you look at television, especially the commercials with an eye towards decoding them for their obvious and subtle messages, you will see violence is also being used to sell products via slapstick scenes and playing to the lowest consciousness possible. Add to this constant stream of violence, the lies and misrepresentations the administration and media proffer on a daily basis, you can see why so many AmeriKKKans fall for the okie-doke. With all this violence being beamed at us, pictures of torture and abuse by AmeriKKKan soldiers and mercenaries against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti do not faze us. Where is the outrage over the recent release of additional photos of the abuses, torture and human rights violations at the prisons in Iraq and Gitmo? Why aren’t AmeriKKKans up in arms over these perversions? When I think of these atrocities, I glance at the book Without Sanctuary which I display prominently on a nearby shelf and it helps me keep all this in perspective. Looking at those pictures I realize this is normal for the US of A. As our venerated ancestor Amos N Wilson taught us, if you want to understand the psychology of white folks look at their history! Don’t plan or live your life based upon what they say because they are liars! They will say anything to justify war, rapine and plunder. Saying “we are at war, the Islamic terrorist bogey men are after us because they hate us for our freedoms” justifies the slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, invading their lands and expropriating their resources just as saying they were spreading civilization justified the slaughter of indigenous people all over the world. Saying they were protecting the virtue of white women when they were the ones raping our women and children was a ruse to rationalize the murder, mayhem and mutilation the white males engaged in for centuries here in AmeriKKKa! Just as the Klu Klux Klan intimidated the whole white community and ostracized the few whites who failed to go along with their reign of terror and brutality against blacks, the Bu$h administration and the media use fear and threats to intimidate and discourage dissent and skepticism of their foreign and domestic policies. Just as they used the threat of nuclear war between AmeriKKKa and Russia from the ‘50's to the ‘80's to justify massive expenditures to bulge the coffers of the military- industrial complex for boondoggles to fund research and development of armaments, weapons and technology, Bu$h and Co. are using “terrorism” to excuse bankrupting the nation through massive expenditures on “defense”, war and domestic spying for bogus “national security” needs.
The NSA spying flap has been swept under the rug by a complaisant US Senate, the fascist sycophants in Congress are now about to extend the Orwellian USA PATRIOT ACT which will ensure US citizens will be under militarized police state surveillance and government anti-dissent operations that will make life during slavery, COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos of the ‘60 and ‘70's look tame by comparison. The illusion called AmeriKKKa is on life support. If nothing is done to stop the fascists; AmeriKKKa will resemble Nazi Germany within a few months or a year. Specious prevarications about Al CIAda and a bogey man named Osama bin-Laden causing 9-11 have been accepted by the AmeriKKKan public as facts and Saddam Hussein’s mythical weapons of mass destruction are being recycled about Iran. Lobotomized AmeriKKKans will fall for the okie doke and never ask why is it white nations that use WMD on a regular basis can have nuclear weapons, but Arabs, Asians or Africans can not?! AmeriKKKa is the only country to deploy atomic weapons on civilian populations, yet they cry wolf the loudest!! Even if Iran developed nuclear weaponry, it would merely serve as a counterweight to Israel’s nuclear stockpile and deter some of Israel’s aggression in the region. But the media is spreading fear and lies about Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons as a justification for a planned military attack on that country. Wake up! Stop allowing the NeoCons and the media to play us for chumps and suckers. Wake up white people, stop allowing yourselves to be punked by the media! Wake up people of color, the fascists will turn on us if we don’t embrace their perpetual wars and in good conscience we know we cannot become warmongers like the Bu$h/Cheney crowd. Everybody stand up for your rights or soon and very soon you won’t have any.



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