Monday, March 06, 2006

The Beast

The Beast

“To call a person a “beast” is simply to say, according to the English language: Nouns-violent person, berserk or berserker, demon, fiend, shaitan, sheitan or Satan, or dragon, evil spirit, Satanas, devil, diable, Iblis, azezel, abaddon, apollyon, the prince of the devils, the prince of darkness, the prince of this world... Adjectives- satanic, devilish, diabolic, heel-born, demonic, savage, brute, fierce, vicious,, untamed, tameless, ungentle, barbarous, , unmitigated, unsoftened, ungovernable, uncontrollable... The above in the explanation of “beast” when applied to human beings or people in general, according to Roget’s International Thesaurus. The so called American Negroes have and still suffer under such brutish treatment from the American Christian white race, who cal themselves followers of Jesus and his God. Elijah Muhammad Message To The Black Man In America page 125

When I was younger I used to hear black folks refer to whites by a variety of words: honkie, paddy boy, white boy, the man etc. but the most popular one was the “blue eyed beast” or plain “beast”. The term beast was both a singular and collective term used for whites. Somehow I always felt that connotation did a great disservice to animals As I got older, I was exposed to some of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He and his followers referred to Caucasians as “blue eyed Devils”. He explained that white people were an artificial grafted species. His cosmogony was an attempt to explain to his followers the abhorrent nature of the group that was viciously terrorizing, brutalizing and tormenting black, brown and yellow people all around the world. Later I was exposed to a group who explained the origin of Indo-Europeans, Aryans Caucasians using genetics, history, geography and observable behavior. This group, defined whites as “savages” based upon their core behaviors rather than their lack of melanin; although they explained their lack of melanin and calcified pineal glands were major factors/contributors in their psychopathic behavior. Most of us have not been exposed to the type of teachings espoused by Elijah Muhammad or by the group I was part of. Most of us were indoctrinated into Eurocentric white supremacist ideology, aesthetics, history and world view. Hence we can understand our confusion about whites despite long term group and personal histories of animus, injustice and abuse meted out on us by whites. Many of us were told whites were the penultimates in God’s creation, made a little lower than the angles. We were told whites were the progenitors of civilization and progress that we should be grateful they were abusing us and that they had snatched us out of Africa. They told us Africans had done nothing of significance in the long annuls of human existence. We internalized the images and content of the Eurocentric mass media, all of which took and still takes a devastating toll on our already wounded psyches.
Even today we are subjected to the recycled images and content of long cancelled televison programs and motion pictures in reruns on cable and satellite stations and via remakes of subliminally racist movies like King Kong. We are subjected to persistent and deliberate psychopathic rants by the tools and stooges of the ruling elites and their cultural mind control apparatuses: their religion, the mass media, their social conditioning institutions like education and Cub Scouts etc. We are bombarded with the notion white is the thing to be Today after having experienced the black power, black is beautiful, Afrocentric and anti-colonial movements we can see we are still under the psychological spell of the beast. African women throughout the continent bleach their skins in a futile and perverse effort to look more like the oppressor than themselves. African-American film and video makers still favor lighter skinned Sistahs as stars of their productions and they have embraced the mind numbing formulas of gratuitous violence, misogynous sexual exploitation so typical of a bestial mentality and culture. Unfortunately black folks, especially our children spend an inordinate amount of time consuming media in this culture. Is it any wonder we are becoming more and more depraved, more and more bestial, more and more like white folks? We’re losing our natural inclination to share, to be sympathetic, to sacrifice and support goals benefitting the collective, like the Montgomery Bus boycott of 1955. When we suggest and offer African models and paradigms of behavior our young people ignore us. I’ve heard bright young people say, “an Afrocentric paradigm is unrealistic”, they say they can’t do that and make it in corporate AmeriKKKa; in essence turning their backs on a viable option that can save their minds and their lives And these are the ones who went to school and who eschew the predatory street/drug culture. There are countless brothers and Sistahs out there slinging drugs and peddling their bodies to make money to secure the things this culture deems valuable. The more we model ourselves after the beast, the more insane and morally bankrupt we become.
We see the beast at work in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq and soon he may launch strikes against Iran sending the world into global economic chaos. We should not be surprised as violence, rapine and expropriation are their way of life, it is what beasts do. The question we must ask ourselves is, what are we going to do? Most African-Americans didn’t support Bu$h’s war agenda, we still don’t. But soon and very soon the fascist will unveil their police state, they will bum rush us and we will be forced to choose, which side we are on. Will you choose justice and peace or will you go with war and immorality? If you remember AmeriKKKa under COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos, the new AmeriKKKa will be even worse AmeriKKKa will resemble Nazi Germany which is natural because after WWII thousands of Nazis were brought here infused and integrated in the culture under Operation Paperclip. This is not hyperbole. It is fact and it is happening now. Open your eyes look at where AmeriKKKa has come from: genocide against the Native Americans, African slavery, torture, racial and economic caste to COINTELPRO and Iran-Contra. The beast is rabid. Look at what they are doing around the world in the name of “democracy and freedom” , if you think you can remain neutral or non-committal amidst this insanity you are mistaken.



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