Monday, March 13, 2006



“Clearly it has been the evil political genius of the West, since the beginnings of European imperialism, to concentrate it efforts on the cultural therefore ideological destruction of the people it conquered . The instances of European military control in which its victims continued to deny European cultural superiority are not imperialist successes. Here Europeans have not been able to truly impose and expand themselves. It is for this reason Vietnam is the most bitter failure of European imperialism to date. An yet a people who have been ideologically conquered rarely require the threat of arms to be kept in control... It is the nature of the European behavior toward the cultural other to enact cultural violence against her in the attempt to destroy her spiritual as well and material culture. E.D. Morel say that the destructive effects of the‘scientifically applied’ evils of western exploitation are permanent.” Marimba Ani Yurugu An African Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior pages 428-429

The Europeans are at it again, attempting to shock and awe a people using their vast superiority of advanced weaponry and their gleeful willingness to use them to brow beat and conquer them so they can undermine their way of life, establish cultural hegemony over them to expropriate their lands, wealth and resources. The NeoCons are rattling their sabers at Iran in preparation for what many feel is a deja vu pre-emptive attack on a nation that poses no threat or danger to the United States or the world. Like Iraq, the Iranian leadership is being demonized, vilified and castigated before the world by the European propaganda and mind control apparatus. It is a familiar pattern going on now for over five hundred years. The psychopathic covetous Europeans ( those there and their AmeriKKKan kinsmen) will employ an avalanche of words to confuse, befuddle and trick the masses the ruling elites will use as canon fodder into going along with their latest invasion, war and crusade for oil, geo-strategic position and Euro-AmeriKKKan- Israeli imperialism. The fascists of both AmeriKKKan political parties in a classic display of imperial overreach (insanity) are chomping at the bit to attack Iran now, Syria later and perhaps in due course North Korea and Venezuela. The psychotic ruling elites and their government and media puppets actually think their attack on Iran will be so effective and demoralizing, there will be no military repercussions or blowback!? If their planning for the invasion and occupation of Iraq are any indication, the Europeans are in for an even ruder awakening and the disillusionment of their notions of imperialism in Iran. They are either so insane, so out of touch with reality or so arrogant they actually fail to see the cataclysmic consequences their quagmire in Iraq, their growing troubles in Afghanistan and their plans to nuke or execute air strikes against Iran will have both at home and globally. The whites (Anglo-AmeriKKKans and Israelis) are so arrogant they are counting on the rest of the world being so bamboozled by their propaganda and petrified of their weapons of mass destruction they will be able to engage in perpetual wars with impunity. What they have not counted on is to power of a made up mind.
Martyred African liberation fighter Steven Biko once said, “the mst potent weapon in the arsenal of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”. By that he meant in order for an oppressor to win, they must effectively destroy the victim’s will to resist, undermine their sense of self and their collective confidence in their struggle against the invaders/colonizers. George Santayana once said, “those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them.” The Anglo-American, Israeli cabal is obviously too arrogant to believe they will succumb to the lessons of imperialist overreach and over-extension. The British discovered that in 1776 when they underestimated the rebels in their thirteen North American colonies and their long wars with the French and their skirmishes with other European imperialists and indigenous peoples left them too stretched and cash strapped to wage a guerilla war in North America. The US should have learned their lesson in Vietnam, when they failed dismally in their efforts to break the will of the Vietnamese people and lost their imperialist war in Southeast Asia despite having an overwhelming superiority in weaponry and ordnance. This confluence of arrogance, hubris and failure to learn the lessons of history may be the spark that ignites the implosion that destroys the AmeriKKKan empire.
What if anything does this have to do with us? First of all we will suffer greatly as the great beast comes even more insane and rabid. The bogus War on Terror, while enriching a handful of elites will bankrupt AmeriKKKa. A protracted military conflict in the Persian Gulf will severely undermine the psyche of the AmeriKKKan people, they are already weary of the war in Iraq. They are too used to vicarious victories ala Rambo and other militarist propaganda. The real deal is too taxing for them. They know Bu$h lied about WMD and most see the invasion/occupation of Iraq as a massive waste of men and money. If the Bu$hites plan another 9-11 scenario to frighten the populous into going along with expanded wars, martial law and a totalitarian police state, it could very well have the opposite effect. People may realize the Bu$hites presided over 9-11, the Katrina catastrophe/debacle and they made a mess of all of them! It may even make more people suspicious and skeptical to the point they wake up and realize 9-11 was really an inside job! Once that happens it’s all over for the proponents of the New World Order. I t will mean the people know the government is their real enemy! They will no longer believe anything the government says and may even actively attempt to prosecute them as the war criminals they are. Condition in the US will worsen economically. AmeriKKKa is broke now the only things keeping it afloat are: massive borrowing from foreign banks, the profits from their global drug trafficking and the threat of military intervention, which by now given the quagmire in Iraq is starting to become less of a threat. Africans in AmeriKKKA will have to organize and pool our resources so we can survive. We cannot afford to wait for a doomsday scenario to hit. If Katrina taught us anything, it is that we cannot depend on the government for our survival. Now is the time! We must come out of the propaganda induced mental matrix and see things as they have been and are. We must know our enemies and accept the fact they are indeed our enemies.
The next step is to begin to organize on a myriad of levels. We must organize for security in our neighborhoods to protect ourselves against predators because when the economy goes belly up things will get rough. We have to organize against the fascist police state and to find ways to feed, cloth and shelter ourselves. Now is the time to reach out start discussions and begin the arduous process of trusting each other and organizing. Not to take action and/or do nothing to save ourselves now, is a sure sign of menticide, it is a symptom that our enemies have truly driven us crazy and destroyed our minds!



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