Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Real AmeriKKKa

The Real AmeriKKKa

“Every generation or so an evil arises which is so monstrous, so degrading to the human spirit, so morally bankrupt that even to debate it is a sign of moral corruption. Native American genocide, slavery, totalitarianism, and Jim Crow laws are evils so unspeakable that we cannot understand today how anyone with a shred of decency could have once supported them. Today, torture, a practice far more degrading to us than to our victims, represents such an evil.
The issue has become urgent because Bush has chosen to demand the legal right to torture anyone he wishes. When torture was revealed at Abu Ghraib, the administration - falsely and shamelessly - attempted to shift its own responsibility onto foot-soldiers like Lynndie England. Since then, however, leaks have revealed that the CIA has tortured terrorist suspects all around the world, using techniques like ‘waterboarding.’ In response, Senator John McCain proposed an amendment, attached to the 2006 Defense bill, that would ban torture.” Fred Branfman 03-04-06

Revelations about lies to start “preemptive wars” ,global and indiscriminate torture programs, leaks about Bu$h being told about the severity of Hurricane Katrina, corporate fraud and graft have stripped away the veneer and illusion (delusion?) of AmeriKKKa being a civilized nation. More and more white folks are being forced to look at AmeriKKKa through the prism of TRUTH rather than the distorted lens of distraction and deceit propagated by the corporate media mind control apparatus. These conflicted souls are now forced to see the real AmeriKKKa, the AmeriKKKa non-casino owning Native Americans see every day, the AmeriKKKa the homeless see, the AmeriKKKa that kills hope in the barrios and ghettos across the land. Never mind that the fact the real AmeriKKKa has been there for all to see for centuries. What we are seeing now is nothing more than the cyclical resurrection of Euro-AmeriKKKan savagery that goes back thousands of years to its roots in the Caucasus Mountains. The Indo-Europeans have never out grown their cultural legacy of invasion rapine, pillage and plunder that would make their Goth, Viking, Vandal, Hun, Spanish and Portugese ancestors proud! What does this mean for the rest of the world? The world sees AmeriKKKa for what it is, a rabid ravaging wolf that must be put down in order for the world to be truly safe. AmeriKKKa is has morphed into a fascist police state, the sad reality is many AmeriKKKans will go out like the Germans under Adolph Hitler, they think if they go along, don’t make any waves and do as they are told, the state will leave them alone. Alas that will not happen. AmeriKKKa has already shown a pathological propensity for repression, abuse and exploitation in the name of freedom, justice and opportunity. As recently as the 1970's and ‘80 many of the same crew that is currently in power or who weld major influence in Washington were at the helm as AmeriKKKa spied on its citizens, engaged in illegal and repressive measures to undermine the anti-war, civil rights and Black Power, Indian rights, Chicano and progressive labor movements. We hear the acronyms COINTELPRO but for the most part we are totally clueless about the depth, pervasiveness and depravity of this FBI program that was sanction by Robert Kennedy who at the time was US Attorney General and each subsequent AG whether the administration was Democrat or Republican. Under Richard M Nixon the US government went buck wild as Nixon and his minions unleashed the FBI , CIA and numerous other alphabet agencies on US citizens. Things got so out of hand Nixon was forced to resign from office under threat of impeachment and conviction.
Under George W Bu$h, AmeriKKKa has been manipulated into a fascist police state, as the government continues to pursue an unpopular no win imperialist war. To protect itself from the people it professes to protect, the Bu$h administration and its sycophantic stooges in the mass media and Congress must move to suppress the escalating domestic dissent, dissatisfaction and awareness of their criminal activities. They have taken another step that will bring about an AmeriKKKan gulag by extending the USA PATRIOT ACT and providing $385 million for Kellogg Brown and Root a subsidiary of Haliburton to construct a series of new “emergency detention centers”. Of course like any con game, the con artist lies about his/her intentions. Bu$h and Congress are saying the new centers are being built to round up illegal immigrants and aliens. Horsefeathers!! They are being constructed to implement long existing programs like the King Alfred Plan, Rex 84, Operation Chaos, Operation Garden Plot, Cable Splicer and others designed to, identify, round up and lock down dissidents, radicals and people Bu$h and Co view as threats to their fascist imperial ambitions. We are already being conditions to accept militarized bootjacks in airports, commuter stations as well as signs on highways telling us to snoop and snitch on our fellow citizens. We are being spied upon and tracked in partnership by both the government and major corporations. George Orwell’s, Animal Farm and Big Brother are here, it’s just that most AmeriKKKans have been duped hoodwinked and bamboozled into thinking we are under relentless attack by Muslim fanatics living in caves in far off Third World countries. This is utter nonsense! We are under attack by the ruling elites and their Congressional hacks, puppets and stooges. Just as J. Edgar Hoover kept files on Congressmen, administration members as well as ordinary citizens the Bu$h cabal now have Congress by the proverbial testicles, as the NSA spying was first trained on them. Now they are being whitemailed and forced to go along or their extra-marital affairs and sexual perversions be exposed. Another segment of Congress and media are already on the CIA, PAC, lobbyist payrolls so they have sold their souls long ago.
The only question remaining is: will AmeriKKKa go out like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia via immoral internal implosion or will it go out like the empires of Britain, France and Spain via over-extension, greed and hubris? Either way AmeriKKKa as it is currently constituted is doomed, justice demands this! The Law of Karma is inviolate. Ignorance of this Law is no excuse. Neither ignorance nor recalcitrance provides immunity from its retribution. The UNIVERSE is alive and animated by an INTELLIGENCE beyond the benighted consciousness of the enemies of the world. Ma’at is always at work, the UNIVERSE is moving to establish DIVINE ORDER, HARMONY, EQUILIBRIUM, TRUTH, JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and RECIPROCITY. The ancient Asarian drama of good versus evil Asar (the righteous African king) being avenged by his son Heru who battles his evil Uncle Set to restore Ma’at is being played out on an international level right before our eyes. The evil AmeriKKKa wrought/is doing will be balanced, made right and reconciled. We have to make sure we are on the right side of this COSMIC struggle. We know the TRUTH, we must decide whose side we are on. To paraphrase George W Bu$h, you are either with us, or you are with the Terrorists (Bu$h and Co.)



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