Monday, August 14, 2006

Goliath takes A Thumping

Goliath Takes A Thumping

“So what has happened to the Israeli army? This question is now being raised not only around the world, but also in Israel itself. Clearly, there is a huge gap between the army's boastful arrogance, on which generations of Israelis have grown up, and the picture presented by this war... On the 32nd day of the war, Hezbollah is still standing and fighting. That by itself is a stunning feat: a small guerilla organization, with a few thousand fighters, is standing up to one of the strongest armies in the world and has not been broken after a month of "pulverizing." Since 1948, the armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan have repeatedly been beaten in wars that were much shorter. As I have already said: if a lightweight boxer is fighting a heavyweight champion and is still standing in the 12th round, the victory is his – whatever the count of points says.” What Has Happened to the Israeli Army? by Uri Avnery

Things must be really bad, if an Israeli antiwar activist is pointing out the drubbing the Israel army is taking in their ill-fated invasion of Lebanon. I find it ironic the Khazar impostors masquerading as descendants of the Biblical Hebrews again find themselves playing the role of the giant invader Goliath, who was felled by little David the sheppard boy. The Israeli invaders were befuddled, flummoxed and fought to a standstill by the extremely disciplined, prepared and well trained Hezbollah guerrilla militia. Not only did the Israelis encounter fierce resistance, they experienced devastating setbacks and losses, especially to their vaunted tank corps despite their ruthless and genocidal aerial bombardments of innocent civilians targeting roads, bridges and infrastructure. The Israelis may not have been defeated decisively by Hezbollah and run out of Lebanon, the fact of the matter is the Israelis certainly have not won. Not only have they not won militarily, they have lost the propaganda war.
The Israelis have long lived off of their self-created image as the “victim”, that their aggression, killing and murder are merely defensive responses to attacks by their Arab neighbors. The fact of the matter is this latest debacle was planned long before Israeli soldiers and tanks crews were captured (not kidnapped as the Israel spin machine claims) inside Lebanon territory. The Zionists used this as a provocation to begin their version of “Shock and Awe” using US made and supplied ordnance, planes, missiles and materials. Unlike the US blitzkrieg in Iraq, the Lebanese while devastated by the onslaught did not crack nor wilt under the Zionist barrage. Hezbollah remained firm and fought back with valor as the world watched in horror as the power mad Israelis violated international law and humane sensibilities in their deliberate and indiscriminate killing of civilians, rescue workers and wholesale destruction of Lebanese cities towns and villages. Hezbollah gained much respect not only from the Khazar invaders but the whole world as the Lebanese found something to believe in. The Israelis made matters worse by attempting to spin their genocidal incursion into Lebanon as a defensive move! That was a bit much given they were also doing the same thing to the Palestinians in Gaza, bombing defenseless bathers on a beach! The Zionists went to the “defense” justification once too often. Now they have lost all credibility and the world views them for exactly what they are, bloodthirsty maniacs who enjoy killing the innocent, the elderly and children.
Some of us have surmised the invasion was really about gaining access to Lebanon’s water which is why the Latini River figures so prominently in Israel’s occupation strategy. “Diversion of the Litani is not all that easy for the Israeli planners. In order to facilitate diversion near Beaufort, the river must be managed from central Biqa'a to Beaufort. The entire course of the Litani would need to be controlled to have the necessary water level at the inlet to the tunnel. Also, at the inlet, in order to maintain the suction pressure needed, one or more weirs would be needed to raise the water level. To further complicate things, throughout the seasons, the Litani's flow greatly varies and the result would be too much water at the flooding season and too little water during the dry season. Therefore, the River would need to be controlled from the Biqa'a Valley, which the Israelis would need to occupy in order to do so. Additionally, much of the Litani flows through a deep gorge and is not only very difficult to manage but for Israel to conquer. Obviously, it isn't simple to use this water for irrigation. In order to use the Litani, one would have to, through civil works, control nearly the whole upper part of the river. In order to control the needed part of southern Biqa'a, including the valley and its river, Israel would need to control the ridges on both sides of the valley. For this, money is available. Nasrallah and the Shi'ites hope to defeat Israel's plan.” War about water? How Israel wants to steal the water of the Lebanese river Latani by shola r. Monday, Aug 7 2006, 8:22am.
Hezbollah has succeeded in defeating Israel’s plan because in order to control the river Israel would have to occupy Lebanon again. Hezbollah despite what the UN says is not going to totally disarm nor is it going to disappear. Given Israel’s barbarity against Lebanese civilians which was witness by the whole world, Hezbollah would be foolish to disarm and disband. Given they won’t do either, the Zionist are looking at yet another potential long term PR and military disaster, being run out of Lebanon again! The Khazar Goliaths are now in the same position they like to trap others in, stymied by a no win situation; damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Having lost both any military and PR advantage, the Israelis foolishly made matters worse as they kept on bombing, kept on killing, kept on reneging on their cease-fire promises to the point the scales of public opinion have firmly tipped against them despite their gargantuan influence in the US media. Goliath is taking a serious drubbing, militarily and in the court of public opinion. There is no way the Israeli lobby or the NeoCons can spin this in a favorable way. Around the world the real axis of evil: the US, Britain and Israel are being exposed as the degenerate psychopaths they are. Their only solution at this point is another diversion; can we say false flag terrorist operation boys and girls?



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