Sunday, August 27, 2006

is The World Being Sucked Into A New World Order Trap?

Is The World Caught In The Jaws of A New World Order Trap?

“JERUSALEM - The Israeli government said Saturday it is asking friendly Muslim countries to contribute troops to the U.N. force that is to help police the cease-fire in southern Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah. The U.N. wants Muslim troops included to lend credibility in the region to what so far is a mostly European force, and the predominantly Islamic nations of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia have offered to participate. But none of those recognize Israel, which says it would be reluctant to share intelligence with a force that included Muslim nations it doesn’t have relations with. While Israel does not have any veto, its opposition to a country could influence which troops are included.” Associated Press 08-27-06

The ruling plutocrats have sucked the world into a trap designed to further their global hegemonistic agenda. They have allowed Israel to be the catalyst to revive European imperialism under the guise of “peace keeping” as the world’s real axis of evil the US, Britain and Israel maneuver towards a widening conflict in the so called "Middle East". Israel and its US and British lapdogs were flummoxed, deviled and humiliated during Israel’s recent poorly conducted invasion of Lebanon. Now the only way they can save face and ensure they are not trounced again is to have major back up and cover for their warmongering! This time instead of only their US (who have shown the world they are merely hi tech long distance killers totally inept at dealing with guerrilla resistance fighters), and British supporters, the ruling elites have manipulated the United Nations as well as soldiers from the European Union into coming in to accomplish what Israel was unable to do alone, neutralize Hezbollah and destabilize Lebanon. Our venerated ancestor Del Jones always said the New World Order was nothing more than a reshuffling of the deck by the Europeans in order to reconfigure global white supremacy so they could continue to loot and plunder the world.
An Associated Press piece circulating today says, Israel wants “friendly Muslim governments” to supply troops for the U.N. force getting set to keep the peace in Lebanon. Talk about chutzpah! The Ashkenazim actually think including traitorous Muslim countries in the sham “peace keeping force” will actually legitimize the NeoCon, NeoLib Zionist imperialist agenda?!! Thus far the only troops committed have been from European nations, the same “powerful and influential” nations who stood passively by and allowed Israel to bomb innocent civilians, critical Lebanese infrastructure, towns and villages without a word of protest!. The people of the world aren’t stupid. We are well aware of the disconnect between what the real axis of evil says via their propaganda and mind control apparatus and what they do. As Niki Giovani says in her classic poem Great Pax Whitey, “They wage the wars in the name of peace, ain’t they got no shame? Naw they ain’t got no shame.” Naw they ain’t got no shame whatsoever!!
These people exhibit classic symptoms of sociopathic behavior, they lack moral guidance or structure aside from a professed creed of civility they’ve never practiced and they certainly show no shame or remorse for any of the crimes against humanity they’ve committed or have conspired to commit over the last five hundred years or so. For example we recently witness ed the rogue state of Israel attempting to justify the carnage they inflicted on Lebanese civilians more out of embarrassment for losing to Hezbollah than any moral scruples or compunction for the evil they’ve done. The NeoCon NeoLib Zionist agenda is taking another step toward their vaunted New World Order, by bringing in the U.N. bringing in the E.U. and N.A.T.O.( if need be) to prevent another humiliating defeat for Israel and make people of the world think the U.N. is an impartial, viable and integral part of the “peace keeping process”. These psychopaths don’t want peace, its all a sham! The U.N. is caught in a tough position, they cannot do the axis of evil’s dirty work: disarm and neutralize Hezbollah because they don’t have the resources nor the moral credibility. The U.N. must also avoid being perceived as a stooge for the West by the rest of the world. Frankly, the U.N has had its problems keeping the “peace” in Haiti and the U.N. has been rejected by the Sudanese government as a potential “peace keeping” agent. Many people around the world don’t even view the U.N as a useful or viable tool for peace. Given what Israel and by extension the U.S. did to Lebanon, Hezbollah would be suicidal and foolish to disarm or disband. So for the the US and israel to expect the U.N to ask Hezbollah to disarm and disband puts the U.N. in a no win situation and sets the U.N. up to further Israeli/US/British intrigue and mischief when Hezbollah refuses. We must keep in mind, Hezbollah is the only viable entity in the world stopping Israel and by extention, the US from going stark raving mad on the Lebanese population!
Neither Israel nor the U.S. have any moral or military credibility in the region. The only Muslim (nominally anyway) country stable enough to send forces to support the U.N is Turkey which enjoys favored status with the European nations, the U.S. and Israel. It is a member of N.A.T.O. it enjoys good economic relations with the U.S. and it is one of the few nations in the region that has fairly decent relations with Israel. If Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Pakistan all of whom are puppet regimes dangling from Washington’s strings, dared to join the sham coalition, their quisling leadership would risk major domestic upheaval. As it is they had to scramble to distance themselves from statements they made initially criticizing Hezbollah during the early days of the recent conflict for fear their people would tar and feather them or whatever the Islamic equivalent of that is. What Muslim country is going to take sides against Hezbollah at a time when Hezbollah enjoys massive support and respect from Muslims around the world?! What sane leader, Muslim or otherwise, would want to put his troops in a no win situation? The world sees the Israeli leaders are doing everything imaginable to provoke renewed conflict so they can redeem their wounded egos and use it as a pretext to expand the war throughout the region. In fact to many thinking folks, this is a set up so things will fall apart and degenerate into more war!
In the US, the NeoCon and Neo-Liberal (The World Bank, IMF, US-AID globalizationists) and their plutocratic masters are licking their chops because for them this is a win-win scenario. If the conflict escalates they win by selling arms and war materiel to either side (mostly Israel). If there is a settlement they get in on the lucrative profits in the financing of the “rebuilding” and reconstruction of Lebanon and the resource grabbing and privatization scams they run all around the globe. The Zionists win if no Muslim nation accepts their offer to sed troops. The really funny things is most Muslim nations don't even recognize Israel as a sovereign nations. Given this reality, the Israelis can cling to their bogus victim self-image, milk it for all its worth and falsely accuse Syria and Iran for undermining and sabotaging the “peace process”. Either way they think their plan is a winner. The ruling elites think the world is caught in the jaws of their New World Order trap. Alas they may have another rude awakening coming.



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