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The Lieberman Factor

The Lieberman Factor

“HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 8 -- In a stark repudiation, Sen. Joseph I.
Lieberman (D-Conn.) narrowly lost the Democratic Senate primary here
Tuesday night, falling to antiwar candidate Ned Lamont in a campaign
that became a referendum on the incumbent's support for the Iraq war.
Lieberman publicly conceded the primary shortly after 11 p.m., after
a congratulatory call to Lamont. But he appeared almost exuberant in
defeat, telling supporters at a hotel in Hartford that he planned to
run as an independent in November and predicting that he would be
returned to the Senate for a fourth term.”

The Zionist/NeoCon cabal that ran the US foreign policy off the
track is aghast at the fact their main boy Joe Lieberman, a three
term incumbent, was repudiated and turned out by the voters of
Connecticut. The fact of the matter is Joe Lieberman personified the
arrogance and hubris of the NeoCons, he was an ideologue so
mesmerized by his own agenda he became disconnected from not only the
reality on the ground in Iraq but also from his constituents as well.
Lieberman was so loyal to the NeoCon agenda, he refused to even
consider his constituents’ anti-war, anti-occupation wishes or views.
Connecticut voters complained he was non-responsive and isolated.
This is par for the course for an ideologue. Lieberman is the poster
boy for the NeoCons but even more dangerous,he is a rabid Zionist.
This fact incidently is never mentioned in the corporatist mind
control apparatus (media). Lieberman is so hard core he, out
Republicans the Republicans in his total support for the invasion and
occupation of Iraq, Bu$h’s bogus war on terror and he is a staunch
apologist who pooh poohs the ramifications and resulting loss of
privacy and freedoms the fascist NeoCon agenda has wrought.
Lieberman personifies everything that is wrong in AmeriKKKan politics.
The mainstream media makes much of the fact Joe Lieberman was the
Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate in 2000 and was even
considered by some as an early presidential candidate in 2004. I
maintain one of the reasons the Democrats faired so poorly in 2000
against Bu$h who most people viewed as a halfwit with a well
connected pedigree, was because of Lieberman! Yes it was a symbolic
giant step the Democrats picked an Ashkenazim Jew as their vice
presidential candidate. Nevertheless in the deep recesses of folk’s
psyche they wondered where Lieberman’s true loyalties lay? Was he for
AmeriKKKa or did he have an allegiance to a Zionist agenda? Well that
question has been answered for all to see. Ever since the 2000
election and especially after 9-11, we have seen just where his
loyalties lie. Lieberman is a faithful supporter of the NeoCon
imperialist war program. It's no secret many of the architects of
that agenda are rabid Zionists; a fact minimized in the corporate
media. The fac tof the matter is, Joe Lieberman was Bu$h’s staunchest
ally in the US Senate and it cost him the election, period!
A week before the primary, Lieberman was trailing his opponent by
double digits. Keep in mind his opponent had no experience as an
elected official. This must have been extremely disconcerting to
Lieberman’s NeoCon/Zionist backers. How dare the rabble reject their
guy in favor of a man whose only major issue was his opposition to
the Iraq war! While Lieberman was able to close the gap in the days
before the election, he still lost. Now Lieberman is saying he will
run as an independent. Goes to show how disconnected, out of touch
with reality and arrogant Lieberman really is. I suspect he thinks
his Zionist/NeoCon buddies will pump mad money and media into his
campaign to help him win as an independent. Maybe they will maybe
they won’t, the fact of the matter is, the anti-war movement won a
significant victory last Tuesday. But Lieberman is making an all out
pitch to his NeoCon friends around the country to support him. His
Zionist friends in the fascist Weekly Standard are already spinning
his defeat as a setback for “national security” There they go with
the scare tactics. “For Democrats today, no good can come from the
rebuff of Lieberman, who is running now as an independent to keep his
Senate seat. His race will draw enormous media attention as Lieberman
attacks Democrats for fostering ‘the old politics of partisan
polarization.’ That charge, along with the national security issue,
will be exploited by Republicans as they try to stave off a
Democratic landslide in the midterm election on November. In his
concession speech, Lieberman indicated he wants to turn his campaign
into a national crusade. Addressing ‘people outside of Connecticut,’
he said: ‘If you are disappointed with the ugly tone of our politics,
if you are fed up with the nasty partisanship in Washington, then I
ask for your help, too . . . Come to Connecticut to help and don't
hesitate to send a campaign contribution.’ As an independent,
Lieberman is cut off from party funds. It's probably the case,
however, that Lieberman won't have a major impact on House and Senate
races this fall--except in Connecticut. Three House Republicans from
Connecticut--Chris Shays, Nancy Johnson, Rob Simmons--face tough
reelection races. With both a Democrat and an independent Democrat on
the ballot for the Senate, it's bound to complicate straight party
voting. Shays has already endorsed Lieberman. Nonetheless,
Republicans were quick to jump on the Lamont victory as evidence that
Democrats had jettisoned the FDR-Truman-JFK tradition of a strong
national security policy. Lieberman has pointedly described himself
as an heir to that tradition. The last thing Democrats need in 2006
is a highly visible Democrat zinging the party for tilting to the
left on national security. “ Still the Peace Party: What Lieberman's
defeat means for the Democratic party. The Weekly Standard ^ |
Notice Lieberman’s call to “people outside of Connecticut” for help.
This is a not so subtle plea to his Zionist cohorts to work their
magic and mischief on his behalf. Obviously after being repudiated by
the people of his home state, Lieberman would have to call on is
Zionist/NeoCon buddies for help, who else would help him?!
The NeoCons are running scared. Notice the prediction in the Weekly
Standard that Republicans (and by extension their mass media lapdogs)
would seize upon Lieberman’s defeat by a populous angered by his
support of an illegal war as a “tilt to the left”. Have the Zionists
no shame? I guess not given what they are currently doing in Lebanon
and Gaza, with Lieberman’s approval I might add. Cheney and the Bu$h
cabal immediately used Lieberman’s defeat to denounce the antiwar
movement. Coincidentally across the pond, Bush’s cohort in the
invasion and occupation of Iraq and the other two thirds of the real
axis of evil, the Blair government announced the discovery of a major
“terrorist plot” and the apprehension of several suspects. Wow talk
about timing. Just when their best boy goes down in flames another
terrorist plot is uncovered! Imagine my shock. But this time there
are scant details other than the usual sensationalism being parroted
by the mainstream media. Most thinking people have figured out how
the NeoCOns operate and they realize the key to their agenda is
fearmongering. The NeoCons and their mind control apparatus partners
must keep the sheeple afraid so they can accomplish their real
objectives: perpetual war to usher in a totalitarian police state using
“national security” and the bogus “Global War on Terror” as pretexts
while they seize and plunder the world’s natural resources, namely
The latest London “terror plot” is just what the NeoCons needed.
This newest scheme is right on cue/time to jack up the fear meters
and terror alerts. They had to go overseas again for a false flag
operation because if anything happened here in AmeriKKKa the people
would run Bu$h and Cheney out of town on a rail for yet another
failure to protect us after spending all that money and eroding our
privacy. Look for Lieberman and the NeoCons to milk that for all they
can in an attempt to scare AmeriKKKans into supporting their
warmongering fascism. Alas I think the tank is empty for Joe. Good
riddance! He is gone for good unless the NeoCons can pull off a more
credible false flag/ “terrorist” operation, a more spectacular
“October surprise” to trick or frighten the people into voting for
Lieberman and more fascism and war!




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