Friday, August 11, 2006

This Was A Rough Week But We Will Bounce Back

This Was A Rough Week But We Will Bounce Back

“McKinney, the first black woman elected to Congress from Georgia, raised eyebrows before her first defeat when she suggested the Bush administration had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks but kept quiet to allow friends to profit from the bloodshed. She also accused Vice President Al Gore of a low ‘Negro tolerance level.’ After her return to Washington, she kept a relatively low profile until March, when her scuffle with the officer grabbed national headlines. McKinney struck the officer when he did not recognize her and tried to stop her from entering a House office building. A grand jury in Washington declined to indict her, but she was forced to apologize before the House and faced increased criticism from national Democrats and fellow Georgians for the incident. Her strained relationship with Pelosi is well-known; the two rarely, if ever, speak. Democratic Rep. John Lewis, a longtime civil rights leader from Atlanta and the dean of the Georgia delegation, publicly called on McKinney to tone down her attitude, and Lewis' decision not to back her candidacy was widely viewed as a nod of support to Johnson. Lewis, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment on the runoff result. ‘It's clear that she had very little support within her own party from Georgia,’ said Emory University political scientist Alan Abramowitz, noting that no one in the Georgia delegation - including the state's five other Democratic congressmen - endorsed McKinney, who has served as the district's representative for 12 of the past 14 years. I think they're very glad to lose her," Abramowitz said. "She was seen as a big distraction. And in Georgia, Republicans were constantly trying to use her to undermine other Democrats. They would refer to candidates and other members of the delegation as Cynthia McKinney Democrats.’” /

This past week was a rough week for the forces of African assertiveness, resistance and redemption. On Tuesday Cynthia McKinney went down to defeat in a run off election, the victim of an obvious collusion of reactionary forces within her own party, Republicans and Zionist/NeoCons who made up their minds to oust her. They had to get rid of her because she was a threat to their fascist agenda, she was too honest, too passionate for right and justice. Also on August 8th we lost Del Jones another valiant warrior in our life and death struggle against global white supremacy and the New World Order who made his transition to the spirit realm. Del Jones succumbed to heart failure in his struggle against congenital heart disease while Cynthia McKinney was targeted by the Zionists and their lapdogs in both parties because she, like Del Jones, was a thorn in their sides. Both Del and McKinney were uncompromising warriors against the New World Order and they deserve our gratitude for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. We will press on despite these setbacks/losses but they were two stalwarts in the battle against the diabolical forces and wickedness of the plutocratic elites and their relentless assault on African/First World people. The Democrats, especially the black ones turned their backs on Cynthia McKinney. For them, the lure of their Congressional positions and perks won out over righteousness. The good news is, the black people in her district supported her but she wasn’t able to overcome the white Republican crossover voters who flocked to the polls to vote for her opponent who was also buoyed by massive financial support from Zionists around the country.
The whites who voted for him felt more comfortable with Johnson, a former County Commissioner who knows how to play the game and who is not about to criticize Israel or go against the Zionist agenda if he is elected to Congress. The Georgia congressional delegation punked out royally. They sold their souls to remain in the good graces of the national Democratic Party and Nancy Pelosi the US House Democratic Leader. The NeoCons have been trying to oust McKinney for years, they subjected her to redistricting, but she survived that and kept on pushin’. The reactionary whites in her district weren’t able to vote her out because of her strong and loyal base within the black areas within the district. Determined to rid themselves of her, the whites scoured the district looking for handkerchief head Negroes to run against her. DeKalb County like the old plantations during the captivity/slavery era has no lack of wannabe Negroes willing to do the bidding of massa for a few crumbs and perks from massa. Massive infusions of white money from reactionary Republicans, Zionist individuals and groups, and the media mind control apparatus’ depiction of McKinney as an out of control fringe dwelling fruitcake, the crossover white votes coupled with Negro lackeys willingness to oppose her who were given the nod by the whites created a formidable alliance which resulted in her defeat.
McKinney was fearless and uncompromising but her colleagues in Congress understood the Zionists were targeting her and they didn’t want what they were doing to her to happen to them: the demonization, the character assassination and the threat of white mail because the Khazars had documented their corruption and moral flaws. So they punked out and allowed the forces of fascism to do Cynthia McKinney in. In a way this loss is a blessing for her, because if she chooses, she can speak truth even more forcefully without the constraints of being a member of Congress. Cynthia McKinney is resilient. She will bounce back maybe not in electoral politics, but she will bounce back because she is strong and she has integrity. She did not compromise her values nor her purpose. We send our thanks to her for being who she is and for being true to herself!
Brother Del Jones is now in the spiritual dimension. His health failed him; other than that nothing could keep him from being engaged in the struggle for the redemption of African people world wide. Like Cynthia McKinney, Del paid a heavy price for his integrity and for being uncompromising. Materially, Del was not rich because he did not sell out for a few dollars more like the Negro spokespersons, stooges and fronts for global white supremacy. He refused to bow down to the New World Order and so he had no wealth to show for his integrity. This is not to suggest the UNIVERSE does not reward integrity, it does. What we must realize is much of what this insane, anti-life culture values (if you doubt what I am saying take a good look at what passes off as entertainment in this society), is actually worthless and self-destructive. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot be used as a pawn or tool for death, oppression and dehumanization and live a life of purpose, integrity and righteousness at the same time. Del Jones knew that and he steadfastly and resolutely chose to serve African people, to work for our liberation. Del was on purpose, he knew what his mission and purpose were and lived them. Cynthia McKinney was on purpose also. The UNIVERSE has something great in store for her as long as she remains on task and true to her purpose. What we who remain have to do is actualize our greatness, discover our purpose and work diligently to counter the savagery and depravity the New World Order has in store this planet. Del did his work and is now with the venerated ancestors. Cynthia McKinney will bounce back. For us the struggle intensifies.



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