Saturday, September 23, 2006

Beginning To See The Light

Beginning To See the Light

"America simply does not have the will, resources, patience, care, or ability to "run" an empire or even an effective counterinsurgency. War for Americans is like a football game: one "wins" and then goes home. For many Americans, war means watching Oliver North on Fox TV and then cursing the foreigners for not doing what we tell them. Few care that America has now become so hated in the world. When real wars start, it means TV "news" repeatedly showing planes taking off aircraft carriers, missiles firing into space, and tanks charging through the desert dust. Rarely (for example, recently with Lebanon) do Americans ever see the destruction and misery caused by war. Indeed, it is very hard to find any Pentagon sources on Google that explain what our bombs actually do when they hit." Why We Can't Win by Jon Basil Utley

There are a few Euro-AmeriKKKans who have pierced the fog of the NeoCon imperial agenda who are beginning to see through the hubris and imperial grandiosity and foolishness who are willing to shout to the world, the emperor is as naked as a Jaybird. As a student of history I saw through the Bu$h/NeoCon/Zionist lies a long time ago. Even as they dropped bombs on Afghanistan as part of their bogus "War on Terror", I knew there was more to it than going after Osma bin-Laden. After the NeoCons sent the ground troops in, I questioned why so many AmeriKKan casualties and deaths were reported as "accidents". I immediately made the connection to the Vietnam era lies the Pentagon told about body counts to make Joe and Jane Sixpack think that war which the US ultimately was going well. The US is in deep doo doo. Its' foreign policies are making enemies all around the world and even it's allies are distancing themselves from Bu$h's policies. His fiscal decisions have bankrupted the treasury and he is running up deficits like mad. The US borrows two billion dollars a day, a day to keep the government afloat! Bu$h's war on terror is really a war against Islamic nations that sit atop huge resources of oil and natural gas or that have strategic geo-political locations the US wants to control.
Folks are becoming alarmed by the drain on the treasury and their progeny who are forced to fight imperialist no win wars thousands of miles away. The US has been brainwashed by the media to expect easy victories due to their total dependence upon superior technological weaponry and the fact most of their opponents were relatively weak militarily. They are good at long range war making dropping bombs and launching missiles from miles away. They are capable of long range killing but once they invade and land on the ground they are not good at
holding ground when they have to interact with the natives. The other issue is the AmeriKKKan invaders rarely match up will wise with those they are invading. That is why the US lost in Vietnam the Vietnamese will was stronger. Same ting with Somalia, Iraq and a resurgent Afghanistan. The Website has an excellent piece entitled Why We Can't Win by Jon Basil. It points out some very salient traits about AmeriKKKa and AmeriKKKans. He quotes two separate reports on AmeriKKKan recent wars and occupation where they are resisted by freedom fighters using guerilla and unconventional tactics. I suggest you read it at In addition to his points also consider the fact the US has been brainwashed by the media mind control apparatus to expect instant results and to be so uncritical and myopic they can't see the forest for the trees. For example the more Iraqis the AmeriKKKans kill, the more enemies they make in the region where the notion "an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth" originated and still reigns in the form of tribal and clan revenge/reciprocity pacts! Basil mentioned AmeriKKKans are ahistorical meaning we lack an appreciation or understanding of both world history and their own history. Given that reality they will never see that all empires who over extended themselves eventually suffer and collapse. Even empires like Rome and Britain that resorted to using mercenaries fell because the mercenaries and soldiers of fortune they employed were only in it for the money and glory of war! When the native freedom fighters, their armies or their mercenaries demonstrated a stronger will and more resolve than the imperialists, the imperialists were forced for pragmatic reasons (saving their ass) , to "cut and run". If you doubt this is true ask the French about Haiti, Algeria and Vietnam. Ask the British about India or the Zionists about Lebanon. Whites will never admit there were wars like the US Civil War where they like to romanticize on both sides about why they fought, who won and why they won; but the truth of the matter is the North only won because they were better financed by the international bankers and because Africans in America seized the opportunity to fight for their own freedom!
Sooner or later it will become more evident AmeriKKKa will lose in its bid to be a global empire. If things continue the way they are even with media collusion, the people will chaff and revolt against the polices of the NeoCons. If the government institutes some type of military conscription amidst an unpopular war, the people will revolt and as things stand now the US cannot sustain the expenditures of coin and manpower indefinitely. Something must give under the stress and strain. People like Congressman John Murtha are desperately trying to prevent the total exhaustion and collapse of the US military. Given the weak resolve of the AmeriKKKans for continued carnage based on lies, deceit and doomed policies the AmeriKKKans may suffer yet another humiliating defeat plus expose the government and military to the ridicule and scorn of the whole world! Or these psychopaths could go stark raving mad, do something to jump start WW IV and destroy large parts of the planet and themselves in the process



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