Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seeing AmeriKKKa For What It Is

Seeing AmeriKKKa For What it Is

"An America prepared to casually toss out the most fundamental principles of international humanitarian diplomacy—along with basic human decency and the rule of law as side helpings—is not a country others are going to want to cooperate with. It will constitute a threat to their interests and values. Nor will it be a country blessed with a lot of accurate intelligence. As Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has pointed out , an intelligence service shot-through with demands that it torture people "degenerates into a playground for sadists,"'the service itself 'an army of butchers 'skilled at terrorizing its victims but hardly capable of unraveling complicated investigations.'" The United States Of Torture By Matthew Yglesias

Under George W Bu$h the veneer of civility, humanitarianism, "democracy" and AmeriKKKan know how have vanished and been replaced by a more accurate reality of what AmeriKKKa is. As a conscious African in AmeriKKKa it is clear the direction AmeriKKKa has taken under the Bu$h regime is not new. What is new is their more out in the open imperialism, racism, militarism and warmongering. This psychopathy is more evident now that any time since the Civil Rights and Cold War eras. Torture, atrocities and hypocrisy are the name of the game for AmeriKKKa. If you doubt what I'm saying ask yourself how did the indigenous inhabitants of this land end up in concentration camps the US government euphemistically call "reservations"? Take away the reservations where oil or other valuable natural resources were found or where Native Americans operate lucrative gambling casinos and then look at the socio-economic conditions of the people, their status and how the US government treats them; then ask yourself are you shocked the US would torture people? In my study/studio I have a copy of the book Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography In America . I saw the exhibit in Atlanta several years ago. it is truly revealing about AmeriKKKan white folks! The only difference between the dehumanization and atrocities at Abu Ghraib and what white AmeriKKKans did to our ancestors here is, what is being done in Iraq is done by the US military under orders from the President and the Pentagon and what was done for over a hundred years in AmeriKKKa to our ancestors was done by ordinary white civilians!
There is a saying that goes "everywhere you go, there you are", meaning you take you with you, your world view, values,habits and behavior with you wherever you go. Five hundred years ago Europeans exported their barbaric and warlike culture around the world in the name of their god and monarchs. There is not one place on this planet white people have gone that conflict, war, imported diseases, predation and massive social and ecological upheavals have not resulted! Culture is habit, habits are patterns of ideas, emotions and behaviors repeated over and over so often they become unconscious, second nature. Waging war in the name of noble sounding values and virtues is a habit and cultural pattern of modern Europeans. At least the Huns and Goths knew they why they were pillaging and plundering, these poor souls in the US military are getting maimed and killed based on lies. The Bu$h administration's behavior in places like Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq is merely a microcosm of the whole of AmeriKKKan history vis a vis people of color in this hemisphere and around the world. So we should neither be surprised nor shocked Bu$h and Co have succeeded in gaining the right to torture people, violate their human and procedural rights with impunity. Nor should we be shocked or dismayed there was no real opposition to this policy in the US Congress, just as there was no real opposition to the slaughter of the Native Americans nor the lynchings and brutalization of our ancestors in prior generations.
Bu$h, Rice, Gonzalez and Bolton aren't doing anything new. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and J Edgar Hoover conspired to spy upon, track and do harm to people like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and operate major domestic counterinsurgency programs like COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos that targeted not only Africans in AmeriKKKa but also the American Indian Movement, La Raza, the farm labor, anti-war and labor movements. They did this while waging imperialist wars in places like Southeast Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean. AmeriKKKan fascism and repression are not new. This nation has a long and sordid history of squashing and repressing dissent at home and waging imperialist wars all over the world in the name of "freedom" and "democracy"! The things Bu$h and Co want to do around the world such as kidnapping and torturing people in the name of his bogus "Global War on Terrorism" have been done for years by other administrations in places like Central and South American, Asia, Europe, Africa; as well as right there in the good ol' US of A! In fact the US Army and CIA trained Latin Americans in these very torture techniques for years at a facility called The School of The Americas in Ft. Benning Georgia. The School of the Americas has since been renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. The mentality that says torture is appropriate policy is not new. What is fairly new at least in the last few decades is the brazenness in which US brutality and fiendishness has manifested itself. To be sure when whites were raping black women and lynching black men with impunity throughout the South, they had the support of the religious community , the mass media and the government! If you doubt what I'm saying pick up a copy of Without Sanctuary and peruse it for yourself. This is a public record of the barbarity of AmeriKKKan culture. This was not some case of "bad apples" or an aberration. It is AmeriKKKan or rather European culture in action. Everywhere you go, there you are.
Just as Hurricane Katrina exposed the virulent racism and callousness of the Bu$h administration, his latest push to circumvent the Geneva Conventions and gut even a sham pretense of following the US Constitution is a telling sign. After being exposed a liar, a warmonger and a murder and doing vicious deeds in the people's name, Bu$h is pressing his fascist imperial agenda and pushing the envelop even farther. Meanwhile Joe and Jane Sixpack go merrily about their business as usual. What is more revealing is the almost total lack of revulsion, outrage and protest on the part of the average white AmeriKKKan. At least the Germans pretended they didn't know what Hitler was doing to the Gypsies, Slavs and other non-Aryans at home while he waged imperialistic wars abroad! In our case the US propaganda and mind control apparatus show us daily (although with a Bizzaro world spin) just how psychotic Bu$h and the NeoCons are! Where is the resistance, where is the shock where are the massive protests, the nation wide demonstrations and work stoppages? Seeing and hearing none one can only conclude this is the real AmeriKKKa, Joe and Jane Sixpack like things the way they are! The masks and sheets have been pulled off, white folks and their lackeys like Condoleeza Rice, Alberto Gonzales, Charles Rangel are revealing to the world just who and what they really are. The world sees AmeriKKKa for what it really is, a rabid ravaging wolf that used to go around in sheep skin disguising its true motives and actions but now is so bold, brazen and uncontrolled it has become a threat to the whole wold. We all know what happens to a rabid (mad) animal, the only solution is to destroy it!



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