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Spreading Democracy, The New Cultural Imperialism

Spreading Democracy, The New Cultural Imperialism

“President George W. Bush perpetually invokes the goal of spreading democracy to sanctify his foreign policy. Unfortunately, he is only the latest in a string of presidents who cloaked aggression in idealistic rhetoric. Killing in the name of democracy has a long and sordid history.” Killing in the Name of Democracy by James Bovard
“The role the Church has played has sometimes been that of the aggressor in a military and political imperialist pursuit. Most often and most successfully though, it has been the protagonist in the drama of European cultural imperialism. The Church has taken a leading role in cultural aggression, because of all the facets of European expansion, it has easiest access to non-European peoples and greatest potential for their ideological destruction. Only rarely and never very effectively nor aggressively has the Christian Church attempted to act against what it considered to be excesses of European nationalism and even in these instances, by virtue of its conversionism , the Church still occupies a central position in the European offensive, for as has already been pointed out, European imperialist tendencies may be easily grafted onto Christian ideology.”- Marimba Ani from Yurugu An African Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior page 152

Human being are creatures of habit. On an individual basis the things we do repeatedly to the point we do them unconsciously and automatically are called habits. On a family or village level these repeated behaviors are called folkways, mores and customs. On a larger group or national level these repeated notions about things, values and behaviors are called culture. Just as a person has a set of habits, so too do his or her phenotype and ethnic group (what European culture calls “race” although there is only one race, the human race) have a set of behaviors they do repeatedly. White people are no different. The European ruling elites (tribal leaders, Kings, Popes, Emperors and Presidents etc) traditionally have used idealistic, moral and high sounding rhetoric to induce and cajole their masses into doing their murderous dirty work, looting, pillage and plunder that marks their lengthy history as nomadic, warmongering barbarians. This cultural pattern continues to this day. In ancient times the Indo-European tribes of the Eurasian Steppes rarely engaged in farming or sedentary patterns, they subsisted off of looting and off their animals which is why to this day their diets consist primarily of animal products and the ravaging and plunder of anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path. The Europeans like to talk about their “classical civilizations” such as Greece and Rome but they rarely if ever talk about their more immediate ancestors the Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Normans, Vikings, Vandals, Huns, Anglos and Saxons history records as crass barbarians. While they use Greece and Rome to boost their self-image, their general behaviors are more akin to their more recent barbarian ancestors.
Rome established a brutal and expansive empire and that imperialist paradigm was imitated and replicated by the various European religio-political regimes (the Catholic Church) and nation states that evolved following the collapse of the Roman Empire. When the Portugese, Spanish, Dutch, French and British embarked on imperial expansion and rapine around the globe they did so with the blessing and encouragement of their religious leaders!! . We are witnessing a continuation of this cultural pattern as the United States has assumed the mantel as the preeminent European imperialist nation on the planet. The United States of AmeriKKKa is an empire contrary to their delusional self-image as a benevolent democratic nation with altruistic and humanitarian foreign policies. The fact is the United States houses troops in one hundred fifty countries, has military bases in sixty-three countries and as recently as 2001 created thirteen new military bases in seven countries in Central Asia including Afghanistan and Iraq. If this is not an empire I don’t know what is. Unlike their European predecessors, the US empire doesn’t established formal settler colonies in these locations with AmeriKKKan immigrants as administrators. The US uses their military and their economic appendages like the WOrld Trade Organization, the IMF, The World Bank and US-AID to establish puppet governments like those we see in Afghanistan and Iraq that allows them to rule and manipulate these nations indirectly.
Once the Europeans formulated a common centralized religion (Christianity) they used it as an organizing and socializing tool to further the aims of the Roman Empire. That pattern became their paradigm for imperialist expansion and control of the lands they invaded and conquered. They used their common religion as a rallying tool to recruit suckers for their series of crusades against Muslims in the “Holy Land” and employed the same pattern even when the Catholic Church lost its total control over the various European monarchies. European kings and queens still used the influence of the Church as a socializing, recruiting and propaganda tool to continue their cultural legacy of war, pillage and plunder. Keep in mind the Portugese and Spanish soldiers of fortune were blessed by the Pope and urged to conquer and subdue in the name of their god! The same thing is happening today only instead of just promoting Christianity and European “civilization” the whites under the banner of their Euro-American and Anglo cohorts are also specifically touting “freedom and democracy”! George W Bu$h a supposed Christian who obeys his god when the deity tells him to invade sovereign nations on a crusade to “democratize” (demonize?) the world, is the most recent example of this phenomenon.
When it became clear his lies about weapons of mass destruction would not fly, Bu$h changed his tune and became the democratizer of the part of the world misnamed “the Middle East”; as if an external country could establish a true democracy in another country using guns, bombs and rigged elections?! The Bu$hites thought the post WW II model where AmeriKKKa bum rushed and overthrew the existing government then installed a pro-West puppet government like they did in Germany and Japan (the US actually wrote the Japanese Constitution following WWII) would work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bu$h thought this habitual idealistic rhetoric would suffice to disguise and obfuscate the ruling elites’ real motives of capturing, controlling and expropriating the oil and other natural resources in the region while also protecting the global hegemony of the US dollar.
Human beings are creatures of habit. All of us, individually and collectively, act unconsciously even when circumstances in our lives and environments beg for new ways of thinking and new behaviors. The US, acting habitually, used massive air power and aerial bombing in Vietnam but lost decisively on the ground. While they were successful with their aerial bombardment and infantry strategies in places like Grenada, Panama which offered little or no resistance and they were somewhat successful in Kosova where the US eschewed sending massive ground forces to the Balkans electing instead to allow the UN to do their dirty work on the ground there, their strategy failed miserably in Angola (which was a proxy war) and in Somalia where more intense resistence was offered. Their habitual behavior is failing dismally in Afghanistan and Iraq as we see daily despite Bu$h’s mantra “we are making progress and things are getting better”. The Israelis (Central Europeans impersonating Biblical Hebrews) in taking a page from the US play book suffered the same humiliating results recently in Lebanon.
So when you hear Bu$h and Co. talk about “bringing freedom and democracy” around the world keep in mind it is only the latest incarnation of their habitual high sounding rhetoric to disguise their real motives: murder, war, theft and plunder.



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