Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stateless Terror Tactics vs. State Sanctioned And State Terror

Stateless Terror Tactics vs. State Sanctioned And State Terror

"An attempt to define terrorism by its motivation was not enough, he said. In a practical, sense terrorism has to be defined by act. A bomb going off in a Paris bistro was an intelligence problem whether it was carried out by nihilists or was part of some internal struggle among factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization, whether it was carried out for propaganda purposes or for political objectives. On the other hand, Gordon said. The DIA draft held that any violent action against constituted authority was a form of terrorism. That would make George Washington and Robert E Lee terrorists." Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA Bob Woodward page 126-127

George W Bu$h and his NeoCon psychopaths have inadvertently engaged in very revealing projection. In psychology projection is: attributing one's own traits, attitudes, or faults to others. Last week in a futile attempt to boost ever sagging public support for the current occupation of Iraq and beat the drums of war to justify a pre-emptive attack on Iran, the Bu$hites made references to Islamo-fascists, fascism and terrorists. This is all part of the psychological warfare they employ, it is a mind numbing attempt to dummy us down. There is no such thing as an Islamo-fascist, as a word it s an oxymoron. While there are Muslim countries that are run by dictators most of which by the way are backed and supported by the Anglo-AmeriKKKan axis of evil, these dictators are merely puppets of the West and the only corporations these rulers answer to are the multi-national ones headed by Europeans. The resistance and liberation fighters in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon who are struggling to rid their lands of foreign invaders are not the government, nor do they control the corporations in their country so they can not be Islam-fascists. In reality, Bu$h and Co's use of the word Islamo-fascist it is a vain attempt by real fascists, themselves (according to Benito Mussolini fascism or more correctly corporatism is the blending of corporation and state power/functions) to obfuscate the real issues. Like petulant children who can't get their way the next world war, the Bu$hites have resorted to calling names so Joe and Jane Sixpack will blindly follow them over the precipice into perpetual war, moral and fiscal bankruptcy and national ruin.
The US propaganda machine has gone to the well once too often with this war thing. In past decades we endured the War on Crime, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty etc, now we have Bu$h's bogus Global War on Terror. None of these things: crime, drugs, poverty or terror are states, countries, people or physical entities a real military campaign can be waged against. Even if they are just metaphors the emphasis is incorrect because in each instance massive amounts of money from the US treasury were appropriated to wage "war"against essentially social conditions either created, perpetuated or allowed by the government! To prove how futile it all was, in most cases little or nothing came of these "wars" other than some insiders getting wealthy and prosperous off of the scheme or new legislation that gave them more power! Last time I checked crime still exists, poverty still exists and is increasing in AmeriKKKa daily and drugs are more rampant than ever. As for violence, terror and terrorism, they are like shadows that follow white people everywhere they go. Europeans have this quirky knack, everywhere they've gone on this planet especially for the past five hundred years or so; death, disease and destruction immediately pop up. Is this a humongous coincidence or what? I doubt it because when you look at their history and their culture you see violence is omnipresent whether in the Steeps of Eurasia or in Europe. Their tribal leaders used brutality and torture to intimidate the rest of the tribe. The various Emperors, the Roman Catholic Church and the monarchies used all kinds of deviant, perverse and insane means to, coerce, terrorize and frighten the masses into doing what they wanted and maintain their hegemony over them. So clearly this is a long standing cultural pattern!
Terrorism is nothing new. It is a tactic. It has been going on as long as there have been conflicts. When small groups use this tactic, it's because: they lack the means and materiel to wage a larger war against a more powerful or more spread out opponent, they are attempting to disguise themselves and blame it on someone else which is called a false flag operation; (like the Boston Tea Party or 9-11!) or they are trying to gain a psychological advantage. For years in AmeriKKKa the Klu Klux Klan waged a ruthless terrorist campaign against Africans in AmeriKKKa. They donned hooded costumes to conceal their identities and frighten their targets. They burned crosses near black property, destroyed black folks' property and ran us out of town. They brazenly engaged in hideous crimes of beatings, torture, mutilation and intimidation. And until recently they did so with impunity and immunity!
Often nation states support terrorist groups and terrorist operations with funds and arms or they give them protection and sanctuary. For over one hundred years in AmeriKKKa, numerous local, state and federal administrations protected and encouraged the KKK's virulent campaign against black folks because the Klan helped these governments maintain their legislated racial and color cast system. Many of the leaders of the white community were members of the KKK. In fact at one point membership was mandatory if a white man wanted to be successful in the community in which he resided; this was true in parts of the North as well as throughout the South! When states and governments use terrorism they can either employ it indirectly and covertly such as the death squads the US Army and CIA trained and used in places like Nicaragua, and Honduras. Or they an directly fund them like they funded and trained Osama bin-Laden in Afghanistan. When states employ terrorism openly it is usually in the form of brutal and heavy handed warfare, as a psychological ploy to discombobulate, terrify or wipe out their targets, like the US did in Viet Nam, Kosova and is doing in Iraq or like Israel does in Palestine and recently in Lebanon.
So don't be fooled by the rhetoric about Bu$h's ‘War on Terror". Don't go for the okey-doke about Islamo-fascism. The real terrorist are the AmeriKKKans who are bombing, torturing and killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq! The real terrorists are the AmeriKKKans who are kidnaping people and holding them incommunicado for months and years in secret detention centers around the world in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions. Since his illegal snatch and seize operation was outed Bu$h now wants to make it "legal" along with spying on AmeriKKKans anytime anywhere without just cause. The Republicans and their tag along Democrat buddies in the Congress are making noises but in all probability will give it to him, it's all part of their dog and pony show. The fact that there is no hew and cry of moral outrage by the AmeriKKKan public is a clear indication this country is morally comatose, it has lapsed into a media induced stupor or we are too cowardly to see we are the next targets on this madman's agenda. AmeriKKKa is barreling down the road of no return, heading for a cliff into an amoral abyss. If you dissent too strongly or loudly in AmeriKKKa soon, you may be branded as a terrorist by the NeoCon's definition. Once they do that they will lock you up with no right to see an attorney, no right to see the charges against you and you will be tried as an enemy combatant by a military tribunal. This is what this idiot/psychopath wants! If you want to see what the future of AmeriKKKa will soon be, look at how the Israelis treat the Palestinians in their own country! Watch footage of how the Israelis treat the Palestinians at the Israeli check points, how the Zionists routinely hassle, detain and abuse them all in the name of "security". Even for us black folks, as long time targets of white brutality and animus, this poses a new threat. For dozing white folks or those too glued to the boob tube watching their sports, soap operas, videos or "reality shows" it will be a rude awakening. Once it happens to them, it will be too late. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated in 1967, while unbeknownst to him he was being targeted for assassination by the FBI, CIA and US military, "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government." This statement is even more true today than it was then!



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