Saturday, December 23, 2006

Peace is A Personal Choice

Peace Is A Personal Choice

“They wage the wars in the name of peace. Ain’t they got no shame? Naw, they ain’t got no shame.” Nikki Giovanni from her poem Great Pax Whitey

As the “holiday season” approaches we should be mindful (have our minds/consciousness filled with understanding) one of the tenants of the Christmas story that has come down through the ages is, “Peace on Earth Good Will towards Man.” Those who propagated the religion as a tool of imperialism don’t believe or practice it but that doesn’t stop those of us who have a higher consciousness and calling from applying this idea on a practical level. Those of us who celebrate Kwanzaa also understand this period of the year reaffirms and reinforces our commitment to actualize and manifest a healthy, wholesome and harmonious self, family, community and world. So in the midst of the ruling elites’ push for militarism, despite their shameless deceit as they clamor for more wars, as they rob and plunder the globe and its people; let us not succumb to their madness, their insensitivity, callousness, hubris and greed. Looking at our communities we see escalating violence and self-destruction. The black on black fratricide and murder rates in our cities are climbing as the year comes to an end. Is this what our ancestors struggled and died for trying to remain human and sane in this hell hole only to see their progeny embrace the notion that being social predators and cannibals destroying what vestiges of civility we have left is cool ? Can the CREATOR/SPIRIT be pleased with what we are doing or allowing to happen on our watch? I don’t think so.
We are where we are in life because of the choices we have consciously or unconsciously made. We always have options of thought and action. We are where we are in life and history because of the actions or inactions we and our ancestors have taken. The important thing we must never forget or lose insight of is, we are powerful beings with the ability to think, emote, choose and act. Our reality is not written in stone. We can alter it by our choices, beliefs, values, emotions and actions. We don’t have to accept things the way they are, we can change them. Our venerated ancestors Fanny Lou Hammer uttered these words and acted upon them, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Her ideas and actions challenged a viciously onerous system and helped free her people from color and racial caste and oppression. Change for her was difficult she paid a price she sacrificed but her actions inspired a people to press on and to confront the evils of AmeriKKKan apartheid and oppression.
Just as Boukman, Callie House, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Fanny Lou Hammer, Rosa Parks, Huey P Newton. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr and countless others dared to think and act in a grand manner and fashion to serve and free our people so can we. Righting wrongs is not easy, it’s hard arduous work. Especially when doing wrong is firmly entrenched in the DNA, psyche and culture of a people like our oppressors. Doing the right thing, speaking out for peace, justice, and rectitude can be stressful in a predatory, exploitative and murderous culture! Be that as it may, we still have moral choices and options. We can choose to acquiesce to evil or we can choose to be and do right! We can choose to remain silent and betray humanity or we can speak up and act in ways that challenge the status quo. We can act with our dollars. We know who the corporations are that profit from war, we can quietly stop doing business with them, their affiliates and subsidiaries. We can stop supporting media that lie, that promote untruth, war and violence. We may not be able to confront the fascists personally but we can still do the right thing!
Peace demonstrations are fine but peace is a personal choice. What profit the world if on the way to a peace demonstrations we loose it and fall into road rage or we’re disrespectful to someone? Peace is an inside job. Peace is only possible if we believe it to be so and act accordingly in our own daily lives. It’s not about George W Bu$h, Dick Cheney the NeoCons or Zionist warmongers. They are who they are and we see them for what they are. They are not going to change on their own. Real change begins with you and me. If and when the majority of the people in this country emphatically say no to war, our people stop signing up for the military and folks demand their elected officials push for peace, things will change. Until you and I are at peace personally with ourselves and community don’t expect peace to come on its own. Peace is a personal choice. Peace in this case is a verb, a state of being. Africans worldwide and other Aboriginal peoples have a moral duty to embrace peace, live peace otherwise the planet is doomed. .being at peace undermines Europeans’ main stratagem, divide and conquer playing one person group nation against another. Living in real peace will force them to reveal themselves and their motives; because we know their history and their tricks we will see them as the warmongers they are. They can’t kill or imprison us all or even attack the majority without exposing themselves as the psychopaths they really are. Remember deceit is their primary tool. That’s why and how they can wage war in the name of peace, how they dehumanize in the name of liberation and kill in the name of freedom.
Say no to war, strife and disharmony. Say yes to peace. Discover the peace within yourself, allow it to radiate outward in all you do, take as stand with your actions in integrity with your inner peace. Peace.


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