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Is Barack Obama's Soul For Sale?

Is Barack Obama’s Soul for Sale

“ ‘We should take no option, including military action, off the table’. That is precisely the language that John Edwards used addressing a conference in Israel - for exactly the same reason that Obama has been tying himself in knots. It is probably the formulation that AIPAC is insisting on from all candidates. So the only candidates getting any media attention have to pledge, however they hedge, support for potential war on Iran. Not bad work from a lobby for which it's a thoughtcrime to suggest has influence over American foreign policy! And, of course, it's a testament to how much more important donors' cheques are than voters' concerns at this stage of the primaries. Obama's big advantage over Hillary has been his consistent opposition to the Iraq war, a position that is in line with most voters, most Democrats - and indeed the overwhelming majority of American Jews, who are maintaining their traditional liberal postures despite the donor-driven politics of their ‘official’ organizations.
A Gallup meta-poll found that 77% of American Jews think the Iraq War was a mistake, compared with 52% of the general American public. Gallup's poll found that 89% of Jewish Democrats think the war was a mistake, and even among non-Democratic Jews, 65% thought so.” A Barack-star no more Barack Obama used to inspire nothing but sympathy and affection. But recently he's given pandering a bad name.

Just as they helped corrupt the Republican Party and made it a tool of Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex, big Pharmaceuticals, the Israeli lobby is working on the Democratic front runners to pull them into their warmongering orbit . Poor Barack Obama is being wooed and enticed by the AIPAC the major US Israeli lobby to become a puppet and sycophant for Israel’s hegemonic agenda of death, destruction and conquest in the guise of preservation and security. He has been invited to speak before Zionist organizations and share his views on global politics and domestic issues. Of course in his quest for big bucks, Obama has not disappointed the people he is pandering to. “I don’t think there is any nation that would not have reacted the way Israel did after two soldiers had been snatched. I support Israel’s response to take some action in protecting themselves.” Obama said during a recent speech.
The problem for truth seekers is the situation Obama refers to was a real life set up to instigate a pre-planned war on Lebanon by Israel! The two Israeli soldiers were not kidnapped by the Lebanese army. A few Israeli tanks trespassed across the border well into Lebanese territory. After a brief skirmish in which the Israeli tanks were destroyed, two Israeli soldiers were captured. The Israelis cunningly manipulated the incident as a justification to trigger an invasion and attack on Lebanon. Unfortunately for them, they were checked by the Hezbollah militia. Of course warmongers never let a little detail like truth get in the way of their plans. In order for Barack Obama to get the big dollars to make a serious run as a presidential candidate he must first pledge fealty to the Israeli lobby. Once AIPAC has confidence he will do their bidding he is then “free" to barter whatever is left of his soul to the rest of the barracuda lobbyists and special interest agents.
Barack is good at shuffling and buck dancing despite the fact he didn’t grow up in AmeriKKKa. Part of his attraction is he is not the average African in AmeriKKKa. He is the anointed “clean Negro”. The quintessential non-threatening black man. According to reports, AIPAC was impressed with his speech and the fact he has signed on some heavy Zionist fund raisers and advisers to his campaign. Of course this means he is now wedded to the Zionist agenda and has become like so many others in Washington, a marionette dancing to the strings and tune played by the special interest groups or worse a bedraggled deluded hooker doing tricks for the New World Order. In order for Obama to make the big show he must be seen as the non-threatening Good Negro. He must distance himself from anything appearing too black too African (his father was a continental African) or too grass roots. The ruling elites must be convinced he has sold his soul to them and his allegiances are to them and them alone. He seems to be moving in that direction. “Some Palestinians are feeling betrayed by Barack Obama. They say the man who at one time called for an ‘even-handed’ approach to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. has done a policy U-turn now that he's running for president. Speaking to a forum at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee in Chicago on Friday, Obama called for ‘a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy.’ He went further, condemning ‘the smuggling of weapons and cash by Iran into Gaza’ and vowing to continue ‘our total commitment to our unique defense relationship with Israel’ to ‘help Israel maintain its military edge and deter and repel attacks from as far as Tehran and as close as Gaza.’ Ali Abunimah, founder of The Electronic Intifada, criticized Obama's ‘about-face.’ ” Palestinians not happy with Obama From Matthew Kalman, Jerusalem
The sadder reality is so many black folks are ecstatic Obama is making a run for the US presidency. Most astute black folks realized Colin Powell was held in such high regard by white folks because he routinely jumped through their hoops and was their lap dog executing their fiendish policies. But at the same time they were proud Powell exhibited some scruples and refused to be totally down with Bu$h and NeoCon warmongers until he did his UN shuffle.
Our people have been duped to believe the lies they were told in school about AmeriKKKa being a nation “of the people, by the people and for the people.” The fact of the matter is, AmeriKKKa is a pluralistic plutocracy disguised as a representative democracy. In AmeriKKKa differing ethnic groups and special interest groups jockey for power, influence and control while the masses are duped to believe their votes every two or four years are important and that by voting they set policy and run the show. Nothing is further from the truth. Lobbyists, bag men and prostitutes who pass money and favors to the politicians on behalf of the interest groups and elites to entice the politicians to do their bidding is how the system really works. The voters only mean anything if at all at election time and nowadays elections can be rigged by the push of a button.
In the beginning of this nation’s history the White Anglo Saxon Protestant males held sway. They set the tone and tenor of how things would work setting themselves up as the ruling elites. But succeeding waves of European immigrants and economic interests have joined the mix. Nowadays the Irish, Italians and Ashkenazim elbow each other at the table in the proverbial back rooms to set policy and reap the spoils of their deals while marginalized people of color scramble and fight for the crumbs. All the players except Africans in AmeriKKKa know this is a pluralistic society where group solidarity is paramount for success. To make it in politics, business or anything else in AmeriKKKa, a person not only needs his own family, tribe, community or group to be behind him or her; he or she also needs the support of other groups. Hence Obama’s need to shamelessly buck dance and pander before the Ashkenazim and not offend other whites by being seen or associated with his Afrocentric pastor Jeremiah A Wright Jr.
Alas, poor Obama has not merely reduced himself to shuffling and buck dancing to entertain white folks and make a few pennies to support himself and his family. He has either knowingly or unwittingly sold his soul to the devils.



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