Saturday, July 09, 2016

Strategy of Tension

                                                 From The Ramparts
                                                Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                 Strategy of Tension?

            The recent shootings in Dallas Texas and Orlando Florida are being compared to an ongoing Post WWII clandestine operation in Europe initiated by the US and its NATO allies to prevent the rise of independent regimes. That campaign was/is widespread, ongoing and current.  In Italy it was called Operation Gladio. For an historical synopsis of this program go to, it will give you another perspective on how the ruling elites operate.
            You ask what does a clandestine network operating in Europe and the "Middle East" have to do with us? That's a valid question. The underlying agenda of the global elite is to control the world by creating false flag operations to discredit, undermine or in the case of the recent color revolutions in the North Africa and Ukraine destabilize existing governments via regime change. These governments are then replaced with pliable puppet "leaders" and reduced to vassal status.
            Many are speculating the 1% have upped their timetable for the total implosion of America using their tried and true "strategy of tension" of exacerbating existing socio-economic divisions. A major goal of the ruling elite is to disarm the populous.  Gun ownership has been sacrosanct in the US (except for Black folks) going back to European settlers' theft of the lands and the genocide of the indigenous people of this hemisphere. Not having standing armies or peace officers they depended on armed citizen militias for "protection", to monitor and control lower class whites and their African slave populations.
             A well armed populous posses a serious threat to the 1%'s plans to replicate Nazism and Stalinism in the US. So they stage events like the Oklahoma City bombing (the FBI was involved), 9-11, the Boston Marathon bombing, Orland, Dallas and others as the means to advance their police state agenda.
            The globalists always work on simultaneous fronts. The only way they can impose their will and agenda on the masses is to keep us duped, divided, disorganized, discombobulated and at each other's throats. So events are planned using agent provocateurs, patsies, stooges and Manchurian Candidate mind controlled  individuals in well orchestrated events like 9-11. The corporate media does its part by serving as uncritical and pliant stenographers for the ruling class.
            The megalomaniacal elites also take advantage of  man made and natural disasters like 9-11 (an inside job) and Hurricane Katrina to further their agenda for an imperialist grab of natural resources or the ethnic cleansing of a whole city. We see how they used Hurricane Katrina to dislocate and displace thousands of Black folks out of New Orleans. We know Bu$h had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks, allowed it to happen to justify their pre 9-11 plans to invade Afghanistan, launch their bogus global war on terrorism and pass a series of Draconian laws like the USA PATRIOT ACT which was written way before 9-11 happened!
            All of us have been impacted by these events. The Orlando shootings was a staged event that went sour (most of the people in the nightclub were killed by the SWAT officers). The Dallas shootings are being used to escalate the tension between the Black Lives Matter movement and police, Blacks and whites and of course promote gun control. Dallas was working hard to improve community police relations and overcome the distrust; perhaps that is why it was selected for this event. Remember JFK was assassinated in Dallas by the 1%. 
             Dallas was almost an exact replay of what happened in Kiev Ukraine. See and to get a global perspective on current events. Don't fall for their okey-doke. Review the evidence for yourself, keep an open mind, think for yourself and act accordingly.




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