Thursday, July 28, 2005

It’s Time To Take The Offensive

It’s Time To Take The Offensive

“If an Afrikan centered liberation movement is to be successful it must rescue the collective Afrikan mind and soul from the clutches of Eurocentric and non-Afrikan ideology. Such a movement must organize itself for a struggle to the death against the continuing internalization of self-defeating, self-destructive ideas by Afrikan peoples. It must unit these peoples around the ideology of Afrocentrism and inculcate with in their breasts a life saving, life giving liberating, Afrikan centered consciousness and identity. It must incite the peoples to a new self-knowledge, to the discovery and development of relative, operative strategies, social relations and arrangements; new values and visions with which they will break asunder-forever-the shackles of white supremacy. These ends can only be attainted if the Afrocentric movement goes on the ideological offensive with an overpowering vengeance.” Amos Wilson, Blueprint For Black Power page 231

As we look around the world today we can see the ravaging effects of global white supremacy as it attempts to expand and strengthen its’ stranglehold on the whole globe. The crusade for oil and empire embarked upon by the axis of evil (Britain, the US and Israel) is the latest manifestation of five hundred plus years of predatory rapine, pillage and plunder by the pale faces. If we are to not only survive but return sanity and civility to the world we must as our enlightened ancestor Amos Wilson told us, “take the ideological offensive with and overpowering vengeance.” What is the ideological offensive? It means we must create and propagate our own vision of reality, our own goals and objectives and where we want to g, do and be as a people. We cannot sit passively by and allow the enemies of the world to dictate our vision as Haki Mahubuti has said. Ideology is defined as: a particular system of ideas, particularly on social or political subjects, the science of ideas or their understanding. Ideas are thoughts, images a part of our cognitive processing abilities. All of us have the capacity to think, conjure ideas and images on a regular and endless basis. Bob Law reminds us that ideas rule the world and asked the key question, “whose ideas are you tap dancing to?” To truly be empowered and to actualize our full potential requires we think for ourselves and use our cognitive faculties to their fullest capacities. Think, imagine, dream and exert our will and resources to project and manifest our ideas and images into being! This is the essence of being alive and being fully functioning human being.
Black power is an idea whose time is long overdue! Manifesting power is the birthright of all humans. We are endowed with power and he means to activate and actualize this innate dynamism. The essence of oppression is the squelching of our innate power to think and do for ourselves. The goal of global white supremacy is to undermine and discourage us from thinking for ourselves and acting in our own best interests to ensure their continued hegemony over us. It was a bold statement to utter the words “Black Power” in the 1960's. Those two words struck fear into the hearts of whites. Their response was swift and predictable COINTELPRO, counter insurgency operations and cooption programs to buy off or brainwash those they didn’t frame, kill or discredit. This is why we are in the situation we find ourselves in today. We are no less powerful than we have ever been; we are just more unconscious of our potential and feeling more hopeless, helpless and impotent. The same genius that manifested the pyramids and the great kingdoms and cosmologies of ancient and pre-colonial African still exist within us, we are just too brainwashed against ourselves to realize it! This is Why self-discover and self-actualization are our first priorities. We must know who and what we are. We are not niggas, coons gigaboos pimps and hos. We are Africans, heirs of great genius and accomplishment. This is why our enemies fear us so much!
It is time we realized how powerful we really are. It is time we realized how powerful and essential ideas are. Ideas do rule the world, ideas empower and ennoble or they oppress and degrade. We have seen the devastation of negative ideas and images on us, how whites have flipped the script and used ideas and images to demean and defame Africa and Africans. We must now use ideas, our innate ability to generate thought, create images and plans so we can rebound and stand on our own and project our best African essence onto the world. In the greater scheme of things not only must we do this for ourselves we must do this to save the whole planet!!! It’s time to take the offensive. It’s time to stop shying away from our destiny. We must empower ourselves and the first steps towards self empowerment are self-definition and self-actualization. Meaning after we define ourselves, we consciously endeavor to reconcile our self-image with how we carry ourselves and express (project out into the world) our innate genius. Deep down inside, we know we are great, we know we are smart. The question is, will we use our genius to liberate and benefit ourselves or will our genius be snuffed out or used in service of our enemies? It’s time we put ourselves first. It’s time we moved beyond the fear of our oppressor and acted upon our indwelling genius in ways that are consistent with sanity and the highest ideals of what it means to be fully human. Only then will we transcend the anti-life barbarism of Western ideology and restore the humanity to the human race. To do this we must take the offensive.



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