Monday, July 25, 2005

The Media Is On The Side of The Fascists

The Media is On The Side of The Fascists

“To an astonishing extent, the U.S. media have avoided scrutinizing this U.S. president, even after it became clear he'd launched a war in the name of disarming Iraq of weapons that didn't exist. The Bush administration and the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee blamed this on "faulty intelligence," an explanation the media have largely parroted. The Senate committee promised last summer to probe what role the White House may have played in concocting the faulty intelligence — but only after the presidential election. Once the president was re-elected last fall, the Senate committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, simply cancelled the promised investigation of the White House's role, insisting it would be "a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further." Replow it further? How about plowing it once? Roberts's decision to let the administration off the hook on Iraq was barely covered in the media.”- Linda McQuaig

Here it is 2005, George W Bush was put into the White House via blatant skullduggery twice and there are people actually feigning shock the corporate mind control apparatus fails to scrutinize the comings and goings of an administrations that has proven to be the most secretive and deceitful in recent history?!! This in itself is mind boggling. This proves beyond a shadow of doubt the AmeriKKKan public are dolts who just go along with any and everything they see hear, read and are told by the talking heads in the employ of the ruling elites. The fact is, in the good ol’ US of A where they trumpet “freedom , civil liberties and democracy” a police state is emerging as you read this. In New York City right now, people are being searched without probable cause in the subways and the citizens go for the okie-doke that it is being done in the name of security. Duh? A year ago they put up with armed soldiers on the roof tops during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in the name of security and mass arrests of demonstrators on bogus charges during the Republican convention. Today Washington D.C. looks like an armed camp with soldiers in the streets in the name of “protection”. Protection from whom, protection from what? Osma bin Laden? Saddam Hussein? Remembert them, the men George W Bush declared public enemy number one? With all the money allocated for national security and the international War on Terror, the invasions and regime change in three countries (yes three when you count Haiti) and the consolidation of domestic and international spy agencies being trained onUS citizens and still no trace of Osama or WMD, wouldn’t you think the US press would be asking some hard questions, scrutinizing their answers and doing some real investigative journalism? What's up with that? Why don’t the AmeriKKKan public rant, rail and rage against the fact that the US media have become water carriers and cheerleaders for the Bush, Blair and Sharon axis of evil?
I was at a family reunion over the weekend and I was talking with one of my cousins about current events. He was one of the few who even broached the subject about what was going on in the world. The conversation took place during our banquet and some of the other folks at the table heard parts of our conversation and looked at us like we were crazy. Their conversation was all about the food, needless to say several of them were morbidly obese. My cousin had his own ideas about current events and it was clear he was able to scratch beneath the surface of the mind numbing pablum the masses are being fed and come to some insightful conclusions. Alas he is the exception to the rule. Most AmeriKKKans are like the other relatives at our table that night, so thoroughly indoctrinated by the corporate mind control apparatus, the so called educational system and the religious communities they seem incapable of thinking for themselves. Or, they engage in the ostrich syndrome by ssticking their heads in the proverbial sand of the media desert leaving their behinds totally exposed. True, critical thinking is discouraged and for the most part the mainstream media parrots the same feeble stories and fascist right wing propaganda over and over. There is little or no diversity in the newsrooms or editorial boards whatsoever. However there is hope, all is not lost. There are places called libraries where you can still actually go to get information, read and take out books, maps and use the computer for free. Satellite television and the Internet are two valuable sources of alternative news, information and entertainment. Of course what you read and watch are a reflection of your consciousness. Don’t fall for the okie-doke think critically and look beyond superficialities. Remember the mass media is not on our side and act accordingly.



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