Monday, August 01, 2005

Heal Thyself Garden Party Celebrates Healing

Heal Thyself Garden Party Celebrates Healing

The Progressive African-American community in Philadelphia held their seventh annual Heal Thyself Garden Party at the picturesque Horticultural Center in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. It was a day of sun, fun, mingling, edutainment and a host of holistic healing practitioners on hand to promote health, wellness and alternative healing modalities. This year’ garden party was dedicated to the memory of David ‘Rick” Harmon an attorney and physician who was the brainchild of the first Heal Thyself Garden Party which took place in Germantown seven years ago. Dr. Harmon was killed in a tragic automobile accident in Ghana earlier this year. The Heal Thyself Garden Party is one of the most positive Summer events and it has grown exponentially each year. The garden party is a day long showcase of healing modalities, art, culture, myriad vendors and an opportunity for African-Americans to greet, intermingle, learn and go away with empowering information about health and healing and a calm and positive social experience. Practitioners like Dr. Paul Brown Bodhise a doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Lance Webb and Dr. Dejoie, Zeina Omisola Jones spoke on topics like meditation, rejuvenation diet, developing a personal wellness and health plan and Black Women’s Health issues, Stanley and Geraldine Walker presented on the macrobiotic diet and a host of scholars and grass roots teachers like Queen Afua, musicians, spoken word artists and fine artists participated as performers, vendors, story tellers and presenters. From twelve noon until eight o’clock the Horticultural Center was host to music, dance, meditations and educational presentations amidst a tranquil and lovely natural setting that enhanced the quality and atmosphere of the affair while simultaneously promoting personal responsibility for our own health and wellness.
Dr. Paul Brown Bodhise the President of the Heal Thyself Garden Party took over the direction of the event when Dr. Harmon went to Africa several years ago. Dr. Bodhise acknowledged Dr. Harmon’s efforts and paid homage to his contributions. “This year we’ll pause to acknowledge the passing of the founder of the original Garden Party, Dr. David ‘Ricky’ Harmon who was both a medical doctor and an attorney. He inspired the young and old, blue and white collar workers. The holistic community won his attention through his love of Queen Afua. He loved us and we loved him.” The participants and attendees crossed religious and political lines to come together in a spirit of oneness, fellowship and health. Christians, Muslims, Moorish Americans, traditional African religionists, alternative practicians, writers, musicians and ordinary folks converged on the Horticultural Center to enjoy the festivities, atmosphere and camaraderie of the seventh annual Heal Thyself Garden party.



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