Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The New World Order Expands Their Totalitarian Agenda

The New World Order Expands Their Totalitarian Agenda

“But it is not “civilization” that the political order seeks to save in its “Global Struggle Against Extremism,” but its own privileges of power. For centuries, institutions have been at war with the life processes that thrive in conditions of individual liberty, spontaneity, and creative change. Inquisitions, heresy trials, and the persecution of witches, have proven to be embarrassments to institutionalized systems which, in the end, were unable to fully repress the human spirit. The current establishment’s efforts are designed not to preserve civilization, but to petrify it in antiquated forms. As in the earlier cases of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, the life force will, like a dammed up river, ultimately break through the barriers designed to restrain the energies against which institutions have always fought.” Butler Shaffer www.LewRockwell.com 08-01-05

As the skepticism and distrust of the Bush administration and its corporatist minions grows the New World Order NeoConmen have been forced to scramble to their drawing boards to come up with new ways to obfuscate their real motives and bamboozle the people into falling for the proverbial okie-doke that will put us on even more restrictive lock down. Recently with little fanfare or hoopla the Bush administration changed the terms of engagement from their bogus “War on Terrorism” to an even more ambiguous and open ended “Global Struggle Against Extremism”. The problem with this change is, it comes at a point when a majority of AmeriKKKans no longer trust George W Bush or anything he says. Even his so called political base of rabid fundamentalist Christians are being forced to pause as more and more evidence comes to light Bush is not the lock jawed Texas straight shooter his PR people and the mainstream media have made him out to be. It’s almost like folks have awakened to the fact Bush and Co. are real life Pinochios and now see that everytime they open their mouths they lie and their noses grow exponentially. They've lied so much their noses are now the length of one of the World Trade Center towers! The other problem this change in terminology posses is, what do they mean by extremism? What is their point of reference? George Orwell said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Unlike most of the comatose AmeriKKKans who seem averse or allergic to critical and independent thought there is a growing number of AmeriKKKans who no longer get their information from the corporate owned mass media who are willing to dig and sift through the Internet for sources of balanced information to help them make up their own minds about world events. In a culture designed to create Stepford Wives zombies, free thinkers could be deemed extremists! Western culture is replete with attempts to impose a restrictive authoritarian order on the masses. The Catholic Church routinely burned people at the stake, draw and quartered folks they deemed as heretics or denounced as witches. The AmeriKKKan pedagogical system is one of coerced indoctrination and conformity rather than one of real inquiry, discourse and intellectual stimulation. We have seen what happens to students who ask difficult questions that challenge the staus quo of the curriculum or what happens to innovative teachers who defy mandated teaching methodologies designed to produce mediocre sycophantic zombies. Such people in their own right are demonized, marginalized made examples of and driven from the ranks. After all the "system" can’t have non-conformists ruining our program.
Who will be the extremist targets of George W Bush and Co? Will they be the typical former CIA assets like Osama bin Laden, the usual stooges like Manuel Noriega or Saddam Hussein who went against the program thus earning the ire of Washington and Wall Street. Or will there be a new crop of bad guy extremists the likes of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez or Robert Mugabe, personas non grata who don’t fit the New World Order governance mold who are motivated by values that put them at odds with the Neoliberal globalist agenda? Perhaps it will be me for writing material like this; or you for reading it? The possibilities are endless. If you thought the War on Terror was ambitiously nebulous, their struggle against extremism offers unlimited possibilities. After all to a warmonger, one who loves peace is an extremist. To an unrepentant multi-national industrial polluter anyone concerned about protecting the ecosytem is an extremist posing a major threat to their status quo. To a pathological liar anyone who lives by truth is an extremist and an advarsary. So you see there is a method to George’s madness. Just as they approved torture, illegal detention and human rights abuses in Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq, they can and will just as easily approve them here in AmeriKKKa. This country already has a long history of police state abuses (slavery, anti-labor violence, COINTELPRO, Operation CHAOS etc) and Bush and Co are setting up an infrastructure by which to impose even wider repression and abuses of power. Their domestic and international henchmen (Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Negroponte, Abrams etc) are all in place. What can we do to prevent it? Become an extremist! Think for yourself, fight for your freedom, sound the alarm, refuse to be a lemming and make up your mind victory is the only option! The struggle intensifies!



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