Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why The Democrats Will Not Impeach Bu$h

Why The Democrats Will Not Impeach Bu$h

"If America and Americans are to be resurrected in the eyes of the world, proper investigation of the Bush administration is a Democratic mandate. If, as I believe, incontrovertible evidence of Bush and Cheney's high crimes and misdemeanors is uncovered, impeachment proceedings should go forth. Already, prior to any Congressional investigations taking place, volumes have been written delineating the impeachable crimes of Bush and Cheney. High level symposiums have been held. Dozens of Constitutional scholars have spoken, all convinced of their guilt.” Linda Milazzo: "Americans Can't Handle Another Impeachment" Is Republican Propaganda. Don't Be Deceived.

Even before the votes were officially counted (the crooks and criminals in the Bu$h-Cheney cabal had attempted to rig this election too but to no avail) Nancy Pelosi the Democratic House Minority Leader emphatically stated in an interview on national television, “impeachment is off the table.” Her statement allayed the fears of the ruling elites, her statement said in effect Democrats would not seek justice and the populous’ angst and intolerance of the Bu$h-Cheney cabal’s malfeasance and assorted criminal activities would continue to be frustrated for two more years. Her statement sends a clear message she has prostituted herself one more time; that she has no intention of renouncing her role as the good lapdog eager to do the plutocrats bidding. There are people who thought John Conyers the man slated to be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee would press for investigations and impeachment proceedings against Bu$h. Conyers had promised he would and even posted it on his Congressional Website weeks before the election. Alas Pelosi and Co. got to him and he has since tucked his tail between his legs and limped off in feeble lockstep with Pelosi and the rest of the sell outs.
The Democrats, unless they are cajoled, pressured, harassed or threatened with being voted out of office in 2008 will not initiate impeachment proceedings against George W Bu$h. Why? Because to do so would expose the AmeriKKKan system to all the world and allow us to see how corrupt, morally bankrupt, ruthless and vicious it is and has been for years. There is ample evidence for anyone willing to see it, to begin investigations to prove Bu$h and Co have committed treasonous acts: violating their oath to defend and protect the US Constitution, knowingly and willingly breaking international laws and if we really went after the truth; discover they (at very least) knowingly allowed 9-11 to happen!!! If the US political system were honest and transparent, (which it isn't) the incoming Congress would do its’ due diligence and assert its’ Constitutionally granted authority to impeach George W.Bu$h and send him to the US Senate for trial where he could be tried for: lying to Congress about WMD in Iraq, circumventing US laws by spying on US citizens without warrant or probable cause, for violating the separation of powers, promoting the violation of long standing international laws, encouraging influence peddling and corruption (Jack Abramoff, Halliburton, Bechtel etc.) and failing to defend and protect the nation (9-11, Katrina etc). Most experts feel Congress could make a sound case for Bu$h to be removed from office setting the stage for him to be subsequently tried as the war criminal he is!
But that is not going to happen. The Democrats have no intention of doing the right thing. The reasons being bantered about in the corporate mind control apparatus for not impeaching Bu$h are utter nonsense. They are shams and inane reasons to maintain the status quo. AmeriKKKan’s frustrated by the way Bu$h and the NeoCons are destroying the nation by exacerbating class warfare and furthering the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a relative few, by bankrupting the treasury with massive tax cuts which only benefit the super rich, piling onerous debt on future generations and waging illegal and immoral preemptive wars; thought by voting the vile Republicans out of office, the course of AmeriKKKan foreign and domestic policy would change. But mere days after the 2006 election even Ray Charles who is both blind and dead could see this is not the case. The Democrats who for six years assumed a supine, go along posture are still not willing to straighten their backs, get some gristle in their spines, assert real moral and visionary leadership and stand up for what is right. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon; if ever. So don’t look for the incoming Democrats nor the Republicans who survived the recent landslide to do much different in the way of altering the way Congress does its’ business. Already the incoming Democratic “leadership” has bent over backwards to assure the Bu$h cabal they will not make waves. They’ve made it quite plain they will go along with perpetual war, they will facilitate the continued imposition of a police state under the guise of “national security” and they will ignore the wishes of the AmeriKKKan people for peace and justice! It will be business as usual only with a Democratic twist, a kindler, gentler less arrogant fascist police state; if you will. Business as usual means the special interests and lobbyists will still rule supreme. Business as usual means Congressional favors/perks, side deals, corruption, set ups and white mail will remain the order of the day.
The AmeriKKKa political system is thoroughly corrupt. Sadly Joe and Jane Sixpack are in total denial about this and refuse to admit to this reality. Alas the black elites have bought into this corrupt system lock stock and barrel. The so called progressive and radical factions are impotent and disorganized while the masses are being duped continuously by the corporate owned media. The ruling elites who run the nation (the ones who own the private banks, the major defense contractors, and who head the multinational corporations etc) will do any and everything to maintain the status quo. The only way Bu$h will be impeached, aside from an awakened, energized and unified AmeriKKKan citizenry storming Congress and demanding it be done, (which is unlikely) is if it suites the ruling elite agenda to do so. At this point in time it does not.



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