Thursday, December 21, 2006

Suppose This Was By Design?

Suppose This Was By Design?

“There, all the events which are only our wish on the Western front that is Egypt are happening before our eyes today. The total disintegration of Lebanon, into five regional localized governments as the precedent for the entire Arab world… the dissolution of Syria and later Iraq, into districts of ethnic and religious minorities, following he example of Lebanon, is Israel’s main long range objective on the eastern front…Syria will disintegrate into several states along the lines of its ethnic and sectarian structure. As a result there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state, the district of Aleppo will be a Sunni state and the district of Damascus another state which is hostile to the Northern one… Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will help us to prevail in the short run and will hasten the achievement of the supreme goal, namely breaking up Iraq into elements like Syria and Lebanon. There will be three states or more around the three major cities, Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, while Shi’ites in the South will separate from Sunni north which is mostly Kurdish. The entire Arabian Peninsula is a natural candidate for dissolution.”/ - Oded Yinon, taken from Matthias Chang’s Future Fastforward The Zionist Anglo-American Empire Meltdown pages 153-54

Much ado about nothing was made over the Baker-Hamilton a.k.a. The Iraq Study Group report that was released a few weeks ago. The corporate mind molding apparatus promoted the report’s findings and recommendations that actually reiterated a lot of what we already knew: the Iraq occupation is a debacle, the anti-occupation forces have stymied the US military and sectarian violence is at an all time high. What the Baker Hamilton report does specifically focus on is the oil in Iraq. The good ol’ boys in the multinational oil consortiums the Baker-Hamilton Commission really represent are finally getting their money’s worth out of the Iraq Study Group; who are touting privatization and expropriation of Iraq’s oil resources. Most of us suspected the reason Bu$h and the NeoCons invaded Iraq was so they could control and steal Iraqi oil. Another lesser known reason they invaded Iraq to force regime change on the Iraqi people was to punish Saddam Hussein for having the audacity to switch from the US dollar to the Euro as Iraq’s currency for oil transactions
What the Baker-Hamilton report did not mention nor recommend was a long standing plan to divide Iraq into three separate ethnic regions. The Iraq Study Group did not suggest that option but several plutocratic puppets like Senator Joe Bidden and Leslie H Gelb have floated the notion. “Iraqis have had three such governments in the last three years, each with Sunnis in key posts, without noticeable effect. The alternative path out of this terrible trap has five elements. The first is to establish three largely autonomous regions with a viable central government in Baghdad. The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security. The central government would control border defense, foreign affairs and oil revenues. Baghdad would become a federal zone, while densely populated areas of mixed populations would receive both multisectarian and international police protection. Decentralization is hardly as radical as it may seem: the Iraqi Constitution, in fact, already provides for a federal structure and a procedure for provinces to combine into regional governments. Besides, things are already heading toward partition: increasingly, each community supports federalism, if only as a last resort. The Sunnis, who until recently believed they would retake power in Iraq, are beginning to recognize that they won't and don't want to live in a Shiite-controlled, highly centralized state with laws enforced by sectarian militias. The Shiites know they can dominate the government, but they can't defeat a Sunni insurrection. The Kurds will not give up their 15-year-old autonomy. Some will say moving toward strong regionalism would ignite sectarian cleansing. But that's exactly what is going on already, in ever-bigger waves. Others will argue that it would lead to partition. But a breakup is already under way. As it was in Bosnia, a strong federal system is a viable means to prevent both perils in Iraq.” Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Leslie H. Gelb
For those of you who don’t know the players in this scenario, Joseph R Biden is a six term US Senator from Delaware (a Democrat) and Leslie H Gelb is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations one of the prime pushers of the New World Order agenda. Biden and Gelb are floating a trial balloon for media consumption; as per their orders from their ruling elite puppeteers. They are advocating dividing Iraq into three autonomous ethnic regions controlled by the Sunnis, Shi’ites and Kurds respectively. The truth of the matter is this is not a new or novel idea at all. The fact of the matter is, the undeniable mess we see going on in Iraq is part of a plan to balkanize the whole region as part of a Zionist plan for what the imperialist Ashkenazim call Eretz Yisrael (greater Israel) a Zionist controlled stretch of land which will span the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. This Iraq balkanization is part of a multi pronged strategy. Biden and Gelb offer their plan as a solution to the abysmal military occupation of Iraq which was deliberately created by the Zionist/NeoCons who lied about WMD and Saddam Hussein being a threat to the US and its allies (Israel).
That’s right I said all this is deliberate! Anyone who would think a country even one as disparate as Iraq would passively allow a foreign imperialist force to invade, occupy and plunder their nation is seriously out of their mind. As stupid as George W Bu$h is, the US military leadership and his handlers knew full well there would be an anti-occupation response. Only a complete idiot would believe he could invade and bomb a country after continuing a starvation and bombing campaign that had been going on for thirteen years and expect the citizens not to hate him!! Hello, is anyone awake? Not only did the invasion and occupation of Iraq increase the atmosphere of anti-AmeriKKKanism, the real axis of evil AmeriKKKa, Britain and Israel have been busy, hard at work fomenting ethnic animosities, strife and uncivil war in Iraq to further destabilize the nation. The British forces in Basra actually got caught doing it last year!
“The arrest of two British agents disguised as Shiite ‘terrorists’ with a car full of explosives in Basra has provided solid evidence that British occupation forces are involved in Iraq's so-called sectarian terror bombings, which, until now, have been mysterious, unclaimed and unexplained acts of senseless violence. The on-going wave of ‘false flag’ terror bombings is the realization of the Zionist strategy and is meant to foment civil strife leading to the Balkanization of Iraq. After shooting and killing Iraqi police and civilians in Basra, two British agents from the Special Air Service (SAS) or a branch organization of the special forces, disguised as suicide bombers from the Mehdi Army, were caught ‘red-handed’ in a car loaded with explosives. Unable to secure the release of the two disguised terrorists from the local police, British forces took extraordinary action and bulldozed the police compound and jail in Basra and threatened Iraqi police officers at gunpoint until the Queen's agents of terror were turned over. The front pages of the leading British papers on Sept. 20 carried dramatic photos of a burning tank involved in the first attempt to release the men, but the more significant and largely obscured story was in the details of the two British terror agents ‘whose arrest set Basra ablaze,’ as the Daily Mail wrote.” Exposed - The Zionist Strategy To Balkanize Iraq by Christopher Bollyn
Don’t fall for the okey-doke, this mess was all planned years ago. Yes the US invasion of Iraq was based upon lies but the fact of the matter is; the US went in with the full intention of occupying and remaining in Iraq indefinitely. To do so they had to create a situation in Iraq that facilitates the occupation, pacification and looting of the country. The US ruling elites, their British counterparts and Likud Party warmongers are pulling the strings to make this happen. Divide and rule is the name of their game. Their plan is moving along quite well thank you. So what if Bu$h has to be made to look like a blathering imbecile, he is part and parcel to the execution of the Zionist plan. Their ultimate objective is to break Iraq up into “manageable” ethnic regions so they can rule the area more easily. The Likud Party’s objective is to trick (via manipulation, white mail and threats) the AmeriKKKans into doing their dirty work for them. From the Zionist perspective it is better that US citizens rather than Israelis, serve as cannon fodder; better the US bankrupt itself on Israel’s behalf than Israel bankrupt itself to accomplish their goals! Most of the dirty work has already been done with the US ruling elites thinking they will gain what they want most, the oil and US dollar hegemony. The US has already invaded and deposed the existing government, written a Pro Western Iraqi Constitution, the US has set up the Iraqi puppet government and returned the US dollar as the official medium of trade). The US is furthering the Zionist agenda by depopulating the land (over 600,000 innocent Iraqis have been starved, maimed and murdered and thousands of Iraqis have been forced to flee and turned into refugees). meanwhile US oil companies will gain control of the natural resources (see the Baker-Hamilton plan for US oil companies’ expropriation of Iraqi oil) and the US, Britain and Israel will continue to exploit existing ethnic differences and animosity to undermine any chances of a united anti-occupation resistance.
I know we have become accustomed to the notion George W Bu$h is an idiot and rightly so; but we must not forget he is the useful idiot of the NeoCons, Zionists and corporatist fascists. We must understand that despite the fact much of the dysfunction we see in Iraq follows a US military pattern dating back to the Korean War, in this particular case; it is by design.



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