Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Real Power

Real Power

“What is abundantly clear is that one of the main threats to world markets -- and the health of the financial ruling class -- is an Israeli military attack on Iran. This will extend warfare throughout Asia and the Islamic world, drive energy prices beyond levels heretofore known, cause a major recession and likely a crash in financial markets. But as in the case of the relationships between Israel and the US, the Zionist Lobby calls the shots and its Wall Street acolytes acquiesce. As matters now stand, the Jewish Lobby supports the escalation of the Iraq war and the savaging of Palestine, Somalia and Afghanistan. It has neutralized the biggest and most concerted effort by big name centrist political figures to alter White House policy. Baker, Carter, former military commanders of US forces in Iraq have been savaged by the Zionist ideologues. Under their influence the White House is putting into practice the war strategy presented by the 'American' Enterprise Institute (a Zioncon think tank). As a result parallel to Bush's appointment of Paulson and Wall Streeters to run imperial economic policy, he has appointed an entire new pro-war civilian military-security apparatus to escalate and extend the Middle East wars to Africa (Somalia) and Latin America (Venezuela).” Who Rules America? by James Petras www.dissidentvoice.org, January 13, 2007

There was a time in the late ‘60's when Africans in AmeriKKKa embraced the notion of “Black Power”. For a brief period we began to re-examine the psychological implications of “integrating” and “assimilating” into a hostile Euro-AmeriKKKan culture. Black folks actually began to aggressively throw off the yoke of mental colonization and Euro-AmeriKKKan socio-political subjugation. We began to strategize about building an effective power base and linking with Africans throughout the diaspora. The ruling class viewed the call for Black Power and the riots of the mid and late ‘60's especially following their murder of Martin Luther King Jr.as a clarion call to reassert and tighten their hegemonic domination over us; but in a less obvious and brutal fashion. So they began to push to integrate larger numbers of Africans into what they referred to as the “mainstream”. While on one hand they were doing this, they also engaged in domestic military and paramilitary counterinsurgency programs like COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos to root out and destroy the militant leadership, disrupt and undermine the Black Power and Black Consciousness movements and strike fear in the hearts of the masses of our people. They formulated nationwide detention programs like REX 84 and created SWAT sharpshooter/assassin teams in every city as a hedge against additional civil unrest. The can together to challenge or co-opt every initiative of self-determination we started whether it was community control of neighborhood schools, Black Nationalism, political organizing or economic survival. For example they undermined the principle of Ujamaa by promoting Black Capitalism. Lastly they imported and dumped massive quantities of lethal and illicit drugs into our communities.
As a result of the ruling classes efforts, the concept of Black Power was eventually erased from the consciousness of most of our people. Think about this for a moment, we rarely ever hear anyone even mention the phrase “Black Power”. They did a masterful job on us. They murdered or co-opted our righteous leaders like Malcolm and King and they demonized honest men like Elijah Muhammad while promoting the con artists, charlatans and Sambos like the Negroes we see paraded before us as “leaders”.
Now we find ourselves in a war of survival but unfortunately most of our people have no clue what is being done to us, how we got into this mess or how we can extricate and save ourselves. Contrast our position of ignorance and impotence with that of the Ashkenazim Khazars who effectively have highjacked AmeriKKKan foreign policy and who exert a powerful influence on AmeriKKKa’s political and economic infrastructure. Granted the Khazars are Europeans, they can move in and out of Euro-AmeriKKKan society at will with little or no hindrance. They also dominate not only public policy making and implementation, they also influence control of the media, the messages in the media and finance capital! In this pluralistic society the Khazars exert major influence and power. In fact they weld so much influence and control their minions set policies that are in direct conflict with the best interests of the other groups. “Neither the Democratic Party majority in Congress, nor the Republican-controlled Executive offer any proposals to challenge the financial ruling class's dominance nor are there any proposals to reverse its most retrograde policies causing the growing inequalities, wage stagnation and the increasing rigidity of the class structure. The reason has been reported in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times: An overwhelming chunk of the funds that Democrats raise nationally for election campaigns comes either from Wall Street financiers or Silicon Valley software entrepreneurs. (FT November 3, 2006 p. 13). The Democratic congressional electoral campaign was tightly controlled by two of Wall Street's favorite Democrats, Senator Charles 'Israel First' Schumer and Congressman Rahm Immanuel, who selectively funded candidates who were pro-war, pro-Wall Street and unconditionally pro-Israel. Democrats slated to head strategic Congressional committees like Zion-Lib Barney Frank have already announced they have 'good working relations' with Wall Street.” Who Rules America? by James Petras www.dissidentvoice.org, January 13, 2007.
The influence and policies both domestic and foreign these people exert are draining the life out of this country literally and figuratively. It’s not just The Carlyle Group, GE, Lockheed Martin, Bechtel and Haliburton that are making ungodly profits by trading on insider knowledge, benefiting from no bid contracts and political patronage, the international investment bankers are making out like bandits too. “US financial and manufacturing ruling classes have long influenced, advised and formulated policy for US Presidents. But given the stakes, the risks and the opportunities facing the financial ruling class, it has moved directly into key government posts. What is especially unprecedented is the dominant presence of members from one investment bank -- Goldman Sachs. In late November 2006, Goldman Sachs (GS) senior executive William Dudley took over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York markets group. Hank Paulson, ex-CEO of GS is Treasury Secretary -- explicitly anointed by President Bush as undisputed czar of all economic policies. Reuben Jeffrey, a former GS managing partner is the chief regulator of commodity futures and options trading, Joshua Bolten, White House Chief of Staff (he decides who Bush sees, when and for how long -- in other words arranges Bush's agenda) served as GS executive director. Robert Steel, former GS vice chairman, advises Paulson on domestic finance. Randall Fort, ex-GS director of global security, advises Secretary of State Rice. The ex-GS officials also dominate Bush's working group on financial markets and financial crisis management. The investment bankers wielding state power will control the Bush regime's biggest housing giants (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), tax policy, energy markets -- all issues that directly affect the investment banks. In other words, the financial banks will be 'regulated' by their own executives. The degree of finance capital's stranglehold on political power is evidenced by the total lack of criticism by either party. As one financial newspaper noted: ‘Neither Mr. Bush nor Goldman have been criticized by Democrats for holding too many powerful jobs in part because the investment bank (GS) also has deep ties to Democrats. Goldman represented the biggest single donor base to the Democrats ahead of this (2006) year's mid-term election.’ (FT December 4, 2006)” ibid. Needless to say Goldman Sachs is a Khazar banking firm.
What if anything does this have to do with black people? Everything. We must begin to see AmeriKKKa for what it really is, a pluralistic society where ethnic groups vie with each other for ever shifting power relationships (subordinate or dominate) and influence. AmeriKKKa is not now nor has it ever been a melting pot. It is not now nor is it ever likely to be a harmonious blend of peoples, tribes and ethnic groups given the history of designed inequality, color, class and gender oppression and the mentality of the ruling elites who currently dominate and set policy. Africans (meaning non-continental, non Carribean Africans) in AmeriKKKa are the only ones who fail to comprehend the implications of this reality. We are the only people in this nation content with the egregiously disadvantageous power dynamics we live under. This is due to the ruling elites’ counterinsurgency methods and mind control I mentioned earlier.
Am I suggesting we be like the Khazars? No. But I am advising us to develop a group consciousness/mentality, a group identity, and a group agenda/action plan. We can’t think about restoring Ma’at globally until we are first able to insure our survival, self-sufficiency and independence! We can never ensure our survival, self-sufficiency nor our independence as long as we are trying to assimilate into a fragmented, ethnically diverse extremely competitive culture dominated and controlled by xenophobic and hostile Europeans. I am advocating we become more ethnocentric in our outlook and actions. Reread, re-examine and build upon the messages of Booker T Washington, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad and Amos Wilson. Time is of the essence. The psychopathic European elites have collaborated to charted a course for perpetual war (foreign and domestic military and class warfare) and we will get caught up in their madness and totally at their “mercy” (a scary thought) unless we prepare ourselves. If we do not move immediately to organize, mobilize and galvanize ourselves we will end up as collateral damage like we saw during Hurricane Katrina. I doubt our ancestors want to see us go out like that!



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