Monday, January 30, 2023

Wrestling With Evil Part 2


Wrestling Against Evil Part 2

Junious Ricardo Stanton

             “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

             Last week we explored the notion of evil in the world and how our African Ancestors grappled with the concept of evil, its origins and nature. We also shared modern examples of evil in the form of menticide the deliberate attempt to destroy a people’s mind and showed how technology is being used to affect our brains and “lifestyle” choices in harmful ways.

            The creators and developers of social media knew the adverse impact this technology would have on us but they created it and promoted it anyway! This is immoral, it is evil. They knew the addictive physiological effects of social media but monopolized and monetized it anyway to further their own agenda which by the way is not about merely making a profit. These misanthropes want to control us and have created a means to achieve their aims.

            Social media is just as addictive as smoking, gambling, sexual promiscuity or drugs and they know it.  They know social media usage induces biochemical changes in our brains and they exploit this for their own ends. “How oxytocin works. This neurotransmitter is produced in the hypothalamus, the brain’s hormone factory, and stored in the pituitary gland. It plays an essential role in childbirth and breastfeeding, so, for decades, it was considered only a woman thing. However, both men and women have this chemical — women just typically have higher levels. In 2004, scientists began studying oxytocin’s effects in humans. Researchers found that oxytocin is released into our bodies and brains during positive social interactions of all kinds. It reduces activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear. And it makes positive social interactions rewarding, so it’s no surprise that it plays a central role in developing trust. Oxytocin also contributes to the bond between parents and children, in romantic love, and even in relationship between humans and their pets. While oxytocin stimulates those positive emotions, it’s also a hormone that travels through the bloodstream and provides loads of health benefits, such as reduced stress and inflammation and a boosted immune system. It also just plain old makes us feel good.” The Effects of Social Media on the Brain- And What it Means for Business, Laura Moss

            The social media creators and algorithm programmers know what they are doing; they know they are creating addiction to the technology, to social media and the content. They know that social media is directly impacting parts of our brain and the resulting emotions and attitudes from social media usage. They know many are substituting social media interaction for real life, real time, person to person interaction which is not good.

They are using the feel good hormones to get people addicted to social media! Despite the infusion of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, the so called feel good hormones, social media programmers are a lot like drug dealers fostering an epidemic of addiction on an unsuspecting public. This is immoral and their actions are having negative consequences on society both personally and collectively. They are engaged in menticide the deliberate destruction of a people’s mind.

What can we do about this? Plenty, we have agency we have choice, we have the power of discernment and we can always alter our habits and behaviors. Technology is ubiquitous in today’s culture but that doesn’t mean it has to totally consume or dominate our lives. We have one thousand four hundred forty minutes in a day; we can choose how we use them. We can choose to go for walks in nature; we can choose to become engaged in projects that genuinely benefit ourselves and others. We can choose to meditate to be mindful and present, right now. We can choose to personally interact with our loved ones face to face. We can choose to spend our time wisely not consuming hours and hours of TV or eyeballing social media.

We are in a war, a war for our minds and our very souls. We are in a struggle against evil, avarice and tyranny. Social media algorithm programmers don’t care about our health or our well being, why should we spend so much of our valuable time mindlessly consuming their products?!

The social media creators are like the tobacco growers and cigarette manufactures who knew their products were harmful but lied about it until they were forced to admit it, fuss up and print warning labels on their packages.  They are like Big Pharma, the monopoly media and government who lied about mRNA injections being a safe and effective therapy against COVID but now are asking for amnesty. They are now falsely claiming they didn’t know the technology wasn’t what they claimed it to be even though they’ve been forced to admit they didn’t test mRNA sufficiently in the first place!

Social media is a complex issue. Yes the Internet is a tool but how are you using it? Are you using it for your edification, for productivity or are you a stone cold junkie, poisoning your mind with content designed to induce you to: buy, believe or be what the programmers want rather than what is best for you?

Do some research on algorithmic radicalization and neuro-economics to find out how we are being manipulated and programmed by social media. We are in contention for our minds and our very essence; begin to act like the person of power you are and not an addicted Zombie. 






Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Wrestling With Evil Part 1


Wrestling Against Evil Part 1

Junious Ricardo Stanton

 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:12-13


            Humans have long pondered the origin and nature of evil and wrong-doing, trying to fathom the origin of in the world. Various ethnic groups, tribes and cultures have attempted to give reason for the existence of malevolent behavior and actions, they have tried to practically deal with the negative ramifications of evil in society. By evil I am not referring to calamities or misfortunes that befall mankind but rather the behaviors and actions committed by humans against the well being, stability and safety of the community and the environment.

            Our ancient African ancestors viewed the world from a spiritual perspective postulating that consciousness; energies/spirits permeated the universe and are interwoven throughout all creation. Evil then had its roots in spirit. Evil itself is not of God or THE CREATOR but exists in the world the result of a mix of spiritual (invisible) and human (visible) causes. “The Yoruba trace the perpetration of evil in a society to two sources: namely, visible and invisible causes. The visible ones are the consequence of human action or inaction. These include murder, violence, oppression, victimization, stealing, and refusal to help those in need. Invisible sources have a spiritual origin…Yoruba religion exonerates God from the blame of evil and misfortune that befall human beings. The problem of evil is attributed to the concept of ori (head) and akunleyan (fate). It is held that whatever one asked for in front of eleda (creator) before one was born becomes one’s ayanmo (lot or destiny) in life. Therefore, whatever happens to one depends on one’s choice of ori when one was making one’s choice (akunleyan)” Encyclopedia of African Religion Molefi Kete Asante and Ama Mazama

Page 249-50

            Today in our society we are experiencing evil on every level. Immorality, wickedness and corruption have metastasized throughout our world from the local to the national and international levels. In the Black community we see, a rampage of evil: murders, shootings, hit and run, home invasions, robbery theft and a general pall of immorality, incivility and lawlessness. It is as if a large percentage of our people have lost their minds, and we have.

This process was not organic; we did not all of a sudden become irrational, immoral or suffer brain damage. Much of this has been induced; it is what the late great psychologist Dr. Bobby Wright called menticide. Menticide is the deliberate attempt to destroy a people’s mind. The Dictionary of Psychology says this about menticide: “literally mind murder, brainwashing, the systematic attempt to break down one’s beliefs, attitudes and allegiances in favor of the ultimate adoption of those of another.”

This is what is happening to us today, it is evil and it is deliberate! The human perpetrators of this wickedness know what they are doing; they know and anticipate the consequences of their malevolent actions. We have long known the adverse effects of television on the human brain, “While much research has been done on television’s effects on children, adults have often been left out of these data collections. It’s no surprise that the sedentary behavior of binge-watching TV can negatively impact our physical health, but recent studies show it’s also a bad habit for long-term brain health and function.  Studies have also found a link between high television consumption and the onset of depression.” Is Binge Watching TV Bad for Your Brain?

As bad a TV watching is, binging on Social Media and Internet content is even worse. Social media impacts our brains in ways we are totally unaware of but the engineers, designers and programmers know what is happening. “Many people have been aware of the negative effects on mental health caused by social media, but people often neglect to look further into how social media is programmed. Platforms have designed their apps to target a part of the brain many people are unaware of. This part of the brain is known as the ventral striatum. When humans experience a social reward, a rush of dopamine and oxytocin is experienced, or in medical terms, a positive intermittent reinforcement. Receiving the positive feeling of dopamine creates an unconscious habit. By using psychological methods to create an addiction to social media platforms, companies are able to increase interactiveness on apps which benefits them economically. Significant interaction with social media platforms caused a 151% increase in suicide among middle-school-age girls. More effects from social media usage include alienation, election hacking, inability to focus on current issues, and mass chaos due to fake news.  Therefore, social media negatively affects people.” How Social Media Companies Consciously Affect Society, Allie Daudelin Underlined emphasis is mine.

This is deliberate on the part of the creators of social media; they know what they are doing. This is unvarnished evil! We will explore this deeper in future articles. Needless to say we need to monitor our media, legacy and digital, consumption and balance it with positive real world engagement and interaction.




Thursday, January 12, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. vs. The Great Reset


Martin Luther King Jr. vs The Great Reset

Junious Ricardo Stanton

"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered." -- Martin Luther King 


            As we pause to celebrate the ninety-forth anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. perhaps we should ponder and contemplate what Martin Luther King Jr would say about current events, the war in Ukraine, COVID lockdowns and the insane income and wealth gaps that currently exist. We know that King railed against the war in Southeast Asia and was planning a Poor People’s Campaign with massive demonstrations and live-in in Washington D.C. His goal was to raise awareness about the entrenched socio-economic inequities in America and to force the government to change its priorities and policies when he was shot down in Memphis Tennessee on April 4, 1968.

            What would King’s positions be on these issues and topics in 2023? As an older man what would King’s approach be to addressing and attempting to solve the existential issues of the day? If we look at what he said then, can we extrapolate what his positions might be today on the issues of war, greed, avarice, poverty and in this modern era transhumanism? Would he be censored, deplatformed and silenced like so many others? Would he be silenced by a bullet or an injection supposedly to mitigate a virus?

            Unlike the ‘60’s when there was: free speech, the right to peacefully, assemble, protest and dissent; today’s authoritarian environment would offer major challenges to a man of conscience and action like Martin Luther King Jr. In all probability he would be cut off from mainstream media access, denied a platform to speak to denounce the government’s actions overseas and here at home. If he were on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter he would in all likelihood be suspended and or deplatformed!

 In 2023 he would be censored but unlike during the 1950’s and ‘60’s when it was only the FBI and local police who incessantly  monitored and tracked him electronically, today Martin Luther King Jr. would be surveilled by the fascistic Deep State meaning the, police,  military, intelligence community and corporate America! How would King address this country’s ongoing metamorphosis into a fascist police state?

            Would King have the same uncompromising courage today he had in 1968? Would he be willing to stand virtually alone in 2023 against what he called in 1968 the triplets of racism, materialism and militarism? In 2023 would King add eugenics, genocide and transhumanism to that group? What would he say about them?!

King was valiant, he was courageous but how would he be able to get his message out in today’s environment of censorship and suppression? How would he use today’s technology to organize and galvanize a following, raise consciousness and exhort others to decisive action?

            What would Martin Luther King Jr. say about Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the other megalomaniacal plutocrats who are conspiring to usurp the natural order, who are engaged in planetary terraforming, transhumanism and attempting to disconnect us from our Divinity?! What solutions would he offer to derail and checkmate their nefarious agenda?

            Would today’s King challenge Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the CDC, FDA and the various national governments like he challenged LBJ, the US Military Industrial Complex and the American people to reorient their moral compass towards Peace, Love and Brotherhood instead of war, greed, hedonism and covetousness? What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset? Would he call them out on their hypocrisy, mendacity and disingenuousness?

Would he tell them to give all their money to the poor, forsake megalomania and worldly power and dedicate themselves totally to the service of humanity? Would a ninety-four year old Martin Luther King Jr. be able to spark the radical revolution of values he spoke so passionately and eloquently about in 1968 or would his modern message fall on deaf ears?

            Martin Luther King Jr. is not here for us to see, but we still are. We can choose to allow the plutocrats to misdirect us to days of service and temporarily doing good or we can make the difficult changes King advocated, a change and shift of values. We can change from materialism, desensitization and selfishness to core values of empathy, integrity, self and collective transformation. Today is a good day to decide.



Thursday, January 05, 2023

Keep It Light in 2023


Keep It Light in 2023

Junious Ricardo Stanton


  As we enter this New Year, let’s work to improve our lives, our health, our wellbeing, our relationships, our community and prosperity during the coming year. We are living in tumultuous times; we are bombarded with negative energy, images, words, propaganda and indoctrination designed to make us afraid, pliable and submissive yet remain unaware of an agenda created by people who do not have our best interests at heart. We are programmed to vibrate and resonate on lower, more negative vibratory frequencies and it is negatively impacting our health and well being.

            We are being conditioned and programmed to exist in reactionary mode rather than living on purpose, with intention and enthusiasm. We are doing an horrendous disservice to ourselves, our ancestors, our progeny and THE CREATOR when we acquiesce to the malevolent agenda of the psychopaths who want to control this world. We have an obligation to ourselves not to fall for these misanthropes’ okey-doke and live our lives in ways that dishonor the real reason we came to this plane and fail to accomplish the great work we were created to do!

            We live in a social environment that is not only too materialistic but one that is aspiritual, unethical and immoral. This is having a lethal affect on us mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. We can do better. But in order to do better we have to believe and determined that we want to do and be healthier, better, wiser, more loving and more prosperous.

We are not helpless or powerless. We have agency and we have the will and the ability to change. Every day provides a new opportunity for us to actualize our potential and become our truest greatest self. We have the blueprint and roadmap to do it. Our ancient African ancestors along the Nile Valley left us a guide, “A fundamental principle of Kamitic spirituality is that the well being of the mind, body and life force (the soul) depends on the vitality and equilibrium of the life force.” Ra Un Nefer Amen Kamitic Success Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt page 47.

            How do we bolster and invigorate our life force? What is the life force anyway? Our life force is the animating energy that enlivens us, allows us to be alive, think, visualize, move, do and accomplish. Our life force is pure energy and consciousness and like all energy there are varying levels of potency. The Life Force comes from THE CREATOR it is the “breath of life” infused in us upon conception and jump started when we take our first breaths outside of our mother’s womb. When we take our last breath the Life Force leaves the physical body to return to THE SOURCE.

While we are alive, the Life Force can wax and wane depending on various factors such as the type and quality of food we eat, our physical and psychological environment and the thoughts we think which trigger emotional responses! The Life Force contains its own intelligence designed to keep the physical body healthy, protect it from harm and heal it when it is injured. It does this without any conscious input from us. The Africans of Kongo called the healing aspect of us, “the self-healing power”. I suggest you get a copy or read Self-Healing Power and Therapy Old Teachings from Africa by the late Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau published by Vantage Press to see the full implications of this essential part of ourselves. It tells us how to repair and energize it when it wanes.

            The Nile Valley teachings which predate the Kongo wisdom teachings by thousands of years also educate us how to keep this part of ourselves energized and positive by regulating our breathing, our thoughts, emotions, words and actions (behavior). “Every thought has two components; a thought and energy. The thought calls up and directs the energy. Everyone that has failed at mastering their emotions make the attempt to change the energy instead of the thought. The fundamental reason resides in the human self-image concept which includes the belief that emotions are natural and to deny them expression is therefore unnatural and harmful.” Kamitic Success Achieving Health Wealth and Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt Ra Un Nefer Amen page 48.

            In essence the timeless wisdom of our African ancestors taught us we can control our thoughts and consequently our emotions; to raise our Life Force and enhance it’s healing and sustaining powers. How? By proper breathing, eating nutritious foods, keeping hydrated, getting ample sleep and rest, monitoring our thoughts, mental images and ideation and substituting any thoughts of self-negation, anger, envy, hatred and harm to self with thoughts of self love, healing, health, and positivity. This is what our Ancient Nile Valley ancestors meant when they said “have a heart as light as a feather”; no worries, no fears, no anger or negative emotions, be of good character in life. Then when one makes transition his or her heart will be light and he or she will pass into the higher realms exalted and honored.

 We can do this we have the innate power to elevate our thinking, our consciousness and our emotions thereby changing our lives for the better. Keep it light in 2023.





Thursday, December 29, 2022

2023 Predictions


2023 Predictions

Junious Ricardo Stanton


Prediction: to declare or indicate in advance especially: foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason - Merriam Webster Dictionary


            Every year I offer predictions about what we will see and experience in the coming year. I am not especially clairvoyant, I’m not a seer, prophet or oracle; nor do I claim or pretend to be any of these things. I make my predictions based upon current and past trends, events and my observations by studying them, but most importantly by discerning the consciousness, values and motivations of people.

 Human beings are creatures of habit. We repeat things over and over again often unconsciously, without thought or preparation. However there are those among us who are exceptionally greedy, evil and megalomaniacal. Current events are rarely random, spontaneous or unprovoked and even when they are, there are always causative factors. Human beings like most mammals are hierarchical beings, there is always a pecking order, an interpersonal and group power dynamic involved; whether it is based on charisma, beneficence, competence, cunning, brute force or all of the above. This is how we have ordered society from time immemorial. We always had, will have leaders, influencers and check holders even in informal groups. Often the real leaders are behind the scenes.  Today we often refer to them as the shot callers or the powers that be (TPTB).

Behind most of the major events occurring in the world today are the powers that be. Based on this reality and the fact humans are creatures of habits molded by people in “authority” whether they are out front and transparent or covert and clandestine we can predict future events and trends; so here are my predictions for 2023.

Last year I wrote: “Prediction: the price gauging by Pfizer, Moderna and J&J in particular and Big Pharma in general will continue into 2022 and beyond. These inoculations can not, will not eradicate COVID, the fear porn and hysteria will continue. The media will continue to suppress the fact Coronaviruses mutate which is why vaccines can not and will never eradicate them! Look for the Pi Rho, Sigma Tau variants in 2022.”

In 2023 I predict Big Pharma, the government, media and the powers that be will continue their fear porn campaigns about omnipresent contagious pathogens, they’ll continue to push vaccines and boosters while totally ignoring the proven science about the human immune system as a powerful protector and healing agent.

I predict the powers that be will continue to gaslight us about their mRNA concoctions being safe and effective despite the overwhelming evidence and increasing studies proving they are directly related to death, massive harm and adverse health effects to millions of people!

            Last year I predicted inflation would continue to soar, I wrote: “We are being lied to; it is not supply chain disruptions causing escalating prices, it is the increased money in circulation which is devaluing the currency whereby the increase in the money supply lessens the purchasing power of the dollars in existence. Inflation is actually caused when the Federal Reserve Bank (a consortium of privately owned banks) increases the money supply in circulation!”

 In 2023 I predict the inflation rate will continue to rise, that the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank will not dampen inflation and their interest rate increases will cause economic decline (stagflation and recession) and suffering for the working poor and middle class. We will continue to experience the disastrous effects of economic policy on our purchasing power and our ability to keep up with the rising costs of living.

            Full disclosure, I did not foresee the US withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2021 after twenty years of occupation, nor the Russian “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine in 2022. However I do now believe both of these events are directly related. The US has been trying to weaken Russia politically and economically since Putin stopped the US and NATO from doing to Syria what they did to Libya and Iraq.

In 1967 Martin Luther King Jr. said, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.” That trend will continue as the US becomes more and more directly involved in the Ukrainian conflict. In 2023, I predict the US and its NATO lapdogs will escalate the “proxy war” in Ukraine to the point it spirals into a regional conflict. I predict many of the troops that left Afghanistan in 2022 will be redeployed to Eastern Europe in 2023. How intense this escalation will be or how long it will last I cannot say. I will say it will be just as if not more perilous than the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that almost plunged the world into a nuclear holocaust.

In conjunction with this trend, I also predict the world will continue to choose sides. The US/NATO/Israel alliance is not the team most of the world will chose to play with or for. More and more nations will choose the BRICS alliance; more will partner with Russia and China which will in turn create more tension and angst in the West in general and the US in particular. I hope saner heads prevail but that has not been the trend in recent years otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Fratricide, homicides, mass shootings and interpersonal violence were off the hook in 2021 and 2022. Sadly I predict this trend will continue in 2023. Mental illness, substance abuse and suicide are rampant in this country! The misery index is sky high. Nevertheless, I am an optimist at heart.  I believe we can do and be better personally, as a people and as a nation. Pray for Peace, wisdom, sanity, optimum health and prosperity in 2023, we’ll need it!


Thursday, December 22, 2022




                                                                 Junious Ricardo Stanton


            From December 26th to January 1, millions of people around the world participate and experience Kwanzaa, a celebration based upon African and indigenous people’s values and traditions. Kwanzaa was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga at a time when Diasporan Africans were breaking free from an oppressive Eurocentric hegemonic worldview and culture. It was designed to create and build a set of common core values, instill an appreciation for unity and build a foundation for empowerment and community renewal. Since its creation in the US, Kwanzaa is now accepted and celebrated as an established holiday all around the world!

Over the years the celebration has had its detractors. Some opposed it because they thought it threatened or competed with Christmas. Some said it was “a made up holiday”, some said or implied it was too Black, that it was not really African while others resisted learning about it, learning the words or they trivialized the principles behind it.

Others embraced the concept and have faithfully kept the Kwanzaa tradition despite its detractors. What the detractors fail to realize is all holy days (holidays) are man made, they are all invented or “made up”; every single one of them. Each and every holiday in existence is the creation of the ethnic groups, institutions and culture who invented them for their own particular reasons to meet their specific needs. Every holiday in every ethnic group and every culture was “made up”. They were created by that particular group to meet a specific need, to generate a common esprit décor among the people or to mold a belief or way of being within the group..

Christmas or the Christ Mass is a made up holiday. It was invented by the founders of the Catholic Church to reinforce their story about the birth of Jesus. The “Church Fathers” decreed that Jesus’ birth was on December 25th.  The fact that December 25th coincides with the Winter Solstice which was also the stated time of the births of other avatars and savior gods which predated Christianity by hundreds of years is no coincidence.

 Every holiday we celebrate in this country is made up. The Fourth of July is a made up holiday as are: Hanukkah, Easter, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Carnival, Bastille Day, Mardi Gras and Juneteenth. Yet we don’t question them or their significance do we? No.  Many are based upon myths or other people’s culture yet we still acknowledge and celebrate them without question.

            Kwanzaa is based upon African and indigenous traditions. It has no religious significance whatsoever, it is not a religious holiday, nor was it designed to compete with Hanukkah or Christmas. Yes Kwanzaa is African inspired and Black, so what?  It was created at a time when liberation minded Blacks were attempting to assert our agency, encourage empowerment, and establish an identity free from our externally induced internalized self-hatred.  What’s wrong with focusing on Blackness, Black empowerment, family, community and unity? What’s inappropriate about wanting a wholesome community, harmony, togetherness, cohesion and prosperity, especially in times like these?

  Kwanzaa is not a threat to Christianity, your pastor, or your religious doctrines and dogma. Kwanzaa is no threat to your Imam or Koran’s teachings if you are a Muslim or any other religion for that matter.

As far as learning new words is concerned, we do it all the time! Black people are always making up slang words and phrases or changing the meaning of English words, its part of our rhythm, creative swag and hipness. Eventually our slang almost always becomes part of the American vocabulary and lexicon.

We should be open minded and willing to learn about our past, synthesize what we’ve learned and apply it for the betterment of our lives. This is the essence of wisdom, what our African ancestors called Sankofa; an Akan word which means “to go back and fetch”. Dr. Karenga was encouraging us to look back, to learn about and from our history, our greatness and apply it to our daily lives.

The word Kwanzaa means “first fruits” harkening to a time when African people were close to the land, planting, harvesting, raising animals and being thankful for nature’s bounty. But most of us are urban dwellers in a post industrial transitional society today, we don’t know much about agriculture or the deep significance of living and working close to nature. We need to learn about nature, the cycles of the sun, moon and stars because they are part of our legacy and traditions.

Another good thing about Kwanzaa is, it’s not a materialistic celebration; you won’t go into debt celebrating Kwanzaa.  Kuumba is one of the seven principles which means creativity; we are encouraged to use our imaginations to make gifts rather than going to the store and buying.  Kwanzaa tasks us to envision a better reality for ourselves as a people.

We are becoming too materialistic, too obsessed with gizmos and gadgets to our own detriment. We are becoming too detached from ourselves and our families. Technology is minimizing face to face, soul to soul interaction to the point we think pushing a button to like something means we’ve taken concrete action. We think joining a social network means we have real friends but the fact of the matter is, we don’t interact with these people on meaningful levels.

Kwanzaa is about gathering together, it encourages being socially engaged and interactive with family, friends and the community, sharing common values (the seven principles) and reinforcing a positive vision for ourselves and our community.  During times like these the principles of Kwanzaa should make it even more attractive and valuable. Happy Kwanzaa!



Thursday, December 15, 2022

Taking Stock of 2022


Taking Stock of 2022

Junious Ricardo Stanton


As we prepare to enter a new year, it is imperative we look back and considers certain aspects of the past year. In many ways 2022 was extremely volatile and contentious and it appears 2023 will be more of the same.

 We are living through the most contentious era of public health policy in history! The corporate media, government, Big Pharma, unelected and unaccountable individuals/entities conspired using the guise of addressing a supposed novel virus to alter the world as we knew it. In 2020 COVID-19 was used as a pretext to shut down global economies which sent millions into unemployment, creating destitution and dependency on government largess which in turn furthered the bankruptcy of many Western nations, ushered in totalitarian measures, set in motion major supply chain shortages and accelerated an already existent agenda of eugenics and depopulation. Now some of the ruling class is calling for a pandemic amnesty. They want us to forget about it, get over it and move on. That is probably not going to happen given the acrimonious attacks the government, media and Big Pharma unleashed on skeptics and free thinkers; how the powers that be suppressed discussion, dissent and debate on the COVID issue!

2022 is coming to a close and we need to examine a few things so we are better prepared to enter the New Year. We need to pause amidst the daily grind and take stock of our lives and what is going on around us locally, nationally and internationally. We need to be more aware of what is happening and discern whether or not the direction we are heading personally, professionally or as a community is the best for us.

One thing is certain we have not been told the truth, we have been lied to, deceived and duped. Project Censored is a media watchdog organization that monitors the news and what is not reported and they compile an annual list of the top most intensely censored stories of the ending year. You can see their list at

Take a look at this list you will find some extremely interesting topics and egregious issues on it. For me numbers: 21, 20, 19,18,12,11,10,7,6, and 2 stick out the most but there are a series of other topics such as “dark money” and its influence on politics and policy we need to be aware of.

The war in Ukraine is another issue we have been lied to about. In February 2022 following a 2014 US sponsored coup d’etat in Ukraine, fourteen years of Ukrainian attacks on Russian speaking people in the Donbass region of Ukraine and the US moving to extend Ukrainian membership in NATO  Russia initiated what Putin calls a Special Military Operation designed to protect Russia’s interests and eliminate the neo-Nazi attacks on Russian speaking people. Putin’s response was similar to the US’s reaction to Russia building missile sites in Cuba which triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1960. That almost led to nuclear war. As we close out 2022, the US and NATO is engaged in an indirect war against Russia. Economic sanctions are an act of war, supplying weapons and tactical assistance to Ukraine for use against Russia is an act of war, training troops and sending mercenaries to fight against Russian troops is an act of war! Make no mistake this could go full blast in 2023!

 For what, why? Ukraine is a failed state. It is a money laundering and kickback machine taking our tax dollars to make the Military Industrial Complex, the Democratic Party and certain political hacks like Hunter Biden rich. Very little of this is reported in the corporate mainstream or digital media. , 

As we enter 2023 the world is choosing sides and Uncle Sam is not the team most of the world wants to play on or with! What is called the Global South is not drinking Uncle Sam’s Kool-Aid. “The Global South is made up of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and Asia, excluding Israel, Japan, and South Korea. It is generally seen as home to Brazil, India, Indonesia and China, which, along with Nigeria and Mexico, are the largest Southern states in terms of land area and population.”

Most of the nations on this list have rejected the US/NATO position on Ukraine and many are siding with Russia attempting to join the BRICS alliance and strengthen ties with Russia and China.

As we close out 2022 we are seeing the West attempt to counter this trend and persuade Africa to align with them. Germany sponsored a German-African Business Summit in Johannesburg South African on December 6-8 and the US held the fourth US African Leaders Summit on December 13-16 in Washington D.C. Both of these meetings were attempts by the West to bribe, cajole and persuade African leaders to side with them. Time will tell how this plays out.

As we leave 2022 let’s determine to be more aware of the world around us, take more interest in and engage in ways that improve ourselves and the world.