Thursday, January 14, 2021

What To Expect In 2021


What to Expect in 2021

Junious Ricardo Stanton


            As we enter the year 2021 and we attempt to get ourselves together following the social and economic disruptions and upheavals of 2020, let’s look at what we can expect in 2021. Based upon recent and long term patterns and trends we can expect the ruling oligarchy to roll out their plans to usher in a dystopian world order and continue using COVID as the rationale. I have been warning you for months that at its core this program is about eugenics/population control. The 2020 “pandemic” has been planned for, gamed for and simulated for decades using Gain of Function Research (biological warfare),

            In 2020 we heard the globalists (The World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and their funders like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, and Warren Buffett) announce their plans for a world wide Great Reset promising to roll it out in great detail in 2021.

We can expect they will not only reveal the details of their plan in their controlled media, but also aggressively push for the global acceptance/acquiescence of their real agenda, global social, economic and political re-engineering featuring a technocratic environment of artificial intelligence, robotics, transhumanism and a massive surveillance police state. While they use altruistic verbiage we should not be fooled by their plans to restructure the world with them at the head dictating to the rest of us.

 This is a nefarious plan and we need to see it for what it is. One writer describes it this way, “The brainchild of the World Economic Forum, a globalist group of powerful Deep State elites that meets every year in the Swiss ski-resort town of Davos, the ‘Great Reset’ aims to fundamentally reengineer industries, societies, education, agriculture, relationships, and even human beings. Its advocates are openly saying as much, with WEF boss Klaus Schwab declaring that ‘all aspects of our societies and economies’ need to be ‘revamped.’ Even ‘our thinking and behavior’ will have to dramatically shift, he said. A WEF statement marketing the controversial scheme also calls for a ‘new social contract’ centered on ‘social justice.’…A brief look at the other key players reveals a great deal as well. The first of nine names on the list of less-notable speakers (excluding the heads of the UN, IMF, and WEF, and Prince Charles) is Victoria Alonsoperez, with a company called ‘Chipsafer.’ The firm makes implantable microchips that transmit data on the location of, as well as physiological changes in, cattle — at least for now. Not surprisingly, more than a few government and corporate bigwigs associated with WEF, the UN, and the move toward technocracy have openly called for microchipping humans, too. It is already happening in some parts of the world. Other “stakeholders” involved in the scheme include the CEO of Mastercard, a company that is funding Deep State efforts to eliminate cash in a move toward a cashless society. The president of Microsoft, which recently filed patent WO2020-060606 for implantable crypto-currency technology, is also a key booster. Also leading the charge was the head of the enviro-fascist group Greenpeace, a group whose co-founder Patrick Moore has rejected it for its anti-human, anti-science fanaticism. Disgraced ‘climate’ guru Al Gore, who serves on the WEF board, is also shilling for the Great Reset, along with Skull and Bones member John Kerry.” The Great Reset Deep State Globalists Taking Over The World and You by Alex Newman

I urge you to watch the WEF video promoting gleeful peonage at to see what they have in store of us, those of us who survive their experimental COVID vaccines. We can expect more of the same in 2021. More virulent strains of COVID more health challenges more vaccines etc.



Tuesday, January 12, 2021

What If COVID Actually Was Created in A Lab?


What If COVID Actually Was Created in A Lab?

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“But one other troubling possibility must be dispensed with. It follows from the fact that the epicentre city, Wuhan (pop. 11 million), happens to be the global epicentre of bat coronavirus research (e.g. Hu et al., 2017). Prompted by this proximity, various researchers and news mediaprominently the Washington Post, and with much more data Newsweek, have drawn up a prima facie case that a laboratory origin is a strong possibility (Zhan et al., 2020Piplani et al., 2020). That is, one of the two labs in Wuhan that has worked on coronaviruses accidentally let a natural virus escape; or, the lab was genetically engineering (or otherwise manipulating) a Sars-CoV-2-like virus which then escaped.” The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had A Lab Origin  By Jonathan Latham, PhD and Allison Wilson, PhD


            The more you scratch beneath the surface of the “novel coronavirus” (called COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2) narrative the more you discover the unsettling yet irrefutable possibility this virus was the result of Gain of Function Research. What is Gain of Function Research you ask? Gain of Function Research (GOFR) is described thusly “Gain of Function is the euphemism for biological research aimed at increasing the virulence and lethality of pathogens and viruses. GoF research is government funded; its focus is on enhancing the pathogens’ ability to infect different species and to increase their deadly impact as airborne pathogens and viruses. Ostensibly, GoF research is conducted for biodefense purposes.  These experiments, however, are extremely dangerous. Those deadly science-enhanced pathogens can, and do escape into the community where they infect and kill people. What’s more, this line of research can be used for biological warfare.”

 Notice how the description specifically states GOFR is designed to create lethal and infectious airborne pathogens and viruses that jump from animals to mammals and humans! This is biological warfare. These lab grown/developed pathogens are called zoonotic or zoonosis. Europeans have a sordid and documented history for example of infecting indigenous people with smallpox and venereal diseases, inventing poisonous gases, toxins, pathogens and vaccines to exterminate, sterilize, disable and disrupt humans including their own citizens! Many suspect the “novel coronavirus” COVID-19 is simply more of the same.

            At the core of GOFR and man made viruses is good ol’ Dr. Anthony Fauci the grandfatherly looking, soft spoken shill for Big Pharma and vaccines who plays a pivotal role in the current global COVID “crisis” as well as past “pandemics”. ,

 GOFR is so dangerous President Obama banned it in the US in 2014; but the ever resourceful Dr. Anthony Fauci found ways to circumvent the ban of GOFR. “US-funded $3.7 million project approved by Trump's Covid-19 guru Dr Anthony Fauci in 2015 after US ban imposed on 'monster-germ' research… In the face of a moratorium in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci – the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and currently the leading doctor in the US Coronavirus Task Force – outsourced in 2015 the GOF research to China’s Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving US government funding. The Wuhan lab is now at the center of scrutiny for possibly releasing the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and causing the global Covid-19 pandemic. It is understandable that the Chinese lab likely struggled with safety issues given the fact US labs share similar problems, and indeed in January 2018 the US Embassy in Beijing sent cables warning about the safety of the Wuhan lab and asked for help. Additionally, the embassy warned that researchers ‘showed that various SARS-like coronaviruses can interact with ACE2, the human receptor identified for SARS-coronavirus,’ meaning bat coronaviruses can be transmitted to humans to cause SARS-like diseases.” Why US outsourced bat virus research to Wuhan by Christina Lin

            Fauci’s NIH and NIAID funded another GOFR project in 2011. “In 2011, controversy erupted when two separate teams of researchers – one headed by Ron Fouchier from the Netherlands, another headed by Yoshihiro Kawaoka from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Tokyo – announced that they had modified the H5N1 avian flu virus so that it jumped from birds to mammals and between mammals.[2],[3]  Both research teams were funded by the NIH – NIAID. They used reverse genetics to build a more lethal virus by combining directed mutations and natural selection, suggesting that this H5N1 variant could be efficiently transmitted between humans.” What Is Gain of Function Research and Who Is At Risk May 19, 2020

Lethal pathogens have accidentally escaped from US bio-weapons labs. Of course the US media generally suppresses this information because the people behind the COVID emergency either own stock in most media and Big Pharma, donate huge amounts of money to them or they are in key public health and government positions. The shot callers are in it for the bucks not public health. Notice who funds most of this tuff, us the taxpayers. We are funding our own demise!

Suppose the COVID-19 virus like the H5N1 Bird flu virus was made in a laboratory from Gain of Function Research and suppose Fauci, Gates, Buffett, Big Pharma et al knew about all this before hand?





Monday, January 04, 2021

The Truth Will Set You Free


The Truth Will Set You Free

Junious Ricardo Stanton


        “Then you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” Yeshua Ben Joseph


            Eric Arthur Blair who wrote under the pen name George Orwell said, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We are living in a time of near universal deceit where almost everything we see, read, watch, hear and “learn” is biased, deceitful or falsified. This is by deliberate intent. William Casey the former Director of the US CIA said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

 We are living in a time of contrivance, obfuscation, lies and disinformation to the point most of what we believe is either heavily biased or untrue. One writer posited we are living in a pseudo-reality. He defined it this way, “Pseudo-realities are always social fictions, which, in light of the above, means political fictions. That is, they are maintained not because they are true, in the sense that they correspond to reality, either material or human, but because a sufficient quantity of people in the society they attack either believe them or refuse to challenge them. This implies that pseudo-realities are linguistic phenomena above all else, and where power-granting linguistic distortions are present, it is likely that they are there to create and prop up some pseudo-reality. This also means that they require power, coercion, manipulation, and eventually force to keep them in place. Thus, they are the natural playground of psychopaths, and they are enabled by cowards and rationalizers.” Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism by James Lindsey

            There are numerous examples of false narratives and pseudo-reality such as: lone gunmen killed JFK, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnamese attacked a US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 or the 2008 global economic implosion was caused by poor people who tried to purchase real estate they couldn’t afford. I could go on but you get my drift.

As painful as it is to face and accept, we must realize there are evil people in this world who will lie, cheat, steal and kill to enrich themselves and/or gain power over us.  For centuries the ruling classes, plutocrats, misanthropes and psychopaths have used fear and deceit to intimidate, control and lord it over us. Religions, governments and criminals use fear as a potent weapon of control. More often than not the fear narrative is untrue. The best way to use this tactic is to create an external threat, enemy or condition and make the masses feel helpless or defenseless unless they behave or do what the ruling class wants; which is for us to give them our money or more control over us!

This is called learned helplessness and hopelessness. Since early 2020 we have been bombarded with images of a coronavirus and told it is the cause of a respiratory infection that is deadly and invincible except by man made vaccines. We are subjected to escalating numbers of “cases” based upon unreliable tests, optics of hospitals, morgues and sick people and pontification by “experts” like Dr Anthony Fauci.

We have become ensnarled in fear; the mass media has deliberately and maliciously induced panic, hysteria and psychosis to make us so afraid we’ll do whatever the “experts” and officials tell us. Right before the Thanksgiving Holiday the shill for vaccines Anthony Fauci told us “do what you’re told” meaning don’t argue, don’t engage in social interaction, don’t celebrate the holiday remain socially isolated.

The only antidote for deceit is TRUTH, someone once said “truth like sunlight is the best disinfectant”. Here is the truth: COVID-19 is a contagious condition that has a global recovery rate of 98%  Dr Mike Yeadon the former VP and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals stated viruses do not come in waves. The truth is the RT PCR test was not designed to be a diagnostic tool and Kary Mullis the Nobel Prize winning discoverer of that process said so.

The truth is the first three COVID-19 inoculations have not been thoroughly tested, they skipped over animal trials altogether and the human trials were too small. The Truth is our immune system is our greatest protection against pathogens, germs, microbes and viruses.

The other truth is psychopathic plutocrats, unscrupulous grifters and money grubbers are desperately trying to suppress these TRUTHS so they can lord it over us and make a fortune off of us.  Now you know the TRUTH.



Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Global Elites Will Use COVID-19 to Usher In Their Brave New World Order

The Global Elites Will Use COVID to Usher in Their Brave New World Order

                                                          Junious Ricardo Stanton


            When you question the goals of the oligarchs who run the world they call you a “conspiracy theorist” or a tin foil hat wearer. They do so to discredit you and marginalize you so people will reject what you say or ignore your questions and evidence.

From my perspective there are three main types of people in the world, those who are ignorant and apathetic about what is going on, those who believe things happen by coincidence, life is random etc. and the third group who realize things happen in this world on the physical plane due to planning, cooperation and collusion what some might call “conspiracy”.

            The ruling elites are the world’s most famous or infamous plotters, schemers and colluders. They do so to further their hold on power, to enrich their class at the expense of the rest of us, to monetize and legitimize their psychopathy and greed. They formulate plans, they have immediate goals, five year plans, twenty year plans and multigenerational plans designed to advance their agendas. This is no secret; we can read books, magazines or go Online to see how they did it, how they are doing it now and what they plan for the future.

In the past the elites kept their plans secret only people in their innermost circles knew what was going on and then not everyone was privy to the same information which is why people said they were engaged in conspiracies. But now they openly flaunt their plans. Of course they couch their agendas in noble sounding verbiage; they’re not going to reveal their plans to create a neo-feudal, techno-fascist social order. Occasionally they do share some of their plans to see what our reactions will be so they can determine how to best move forward.

            For example you can go to the World Economic Forum’s Website and see for yourself exactly what these globalists, eugenicist billionaires who own more physical assets than the rest of the world put together are planning. They call it the Great Reset.

The Davos crowd is calling for a total restructure of society: economic, political and social. They are saying COVID is “an opportunity” to restructure the world and they are going to take full advantage of it.

This is what they are saying, “There won’t be many among the 7.7 billion people on Earth who haven’t been affected in some way by COVID-19. From sickness and the death of loved ones to work shortages and school closures, the pandemic’s ramifications have touched every part of society – and thrown inequalities into sharp relief. As lockdowns are starting to ease, governments and organizations across the globe are turning their attention to the recovery process – and the opportunity it provides to rebuild in a different way. One that makes the world better for everyone and addresses the other great crisis of our time: climate change. With the economic fallout from COVID-19 dominating risk perceptions, this is a rare window of opportunity to shape a more sustainable, resilient world. And starting today [3 June], the World Economic Forum is working with HRH The Prince of Wales on an initiative coined Great Reset, to guide decision-makers on the rocky path ahead. Leading up to the Forum’s Annual Meeting 2021, which will be devoted to the Great Reset, a series of virtual Great Reset Dialogues will take place every other Wednesday – bringing together global stakeholders from all sectors to discuss the way forward.” How the world can reset itself after COVID 19- according to these experts

Who are these stakeholders they are calling on to reshape the world?1 When you look at the World Economic Forum, who their members are, who is partnering with them, how these people made their money how they gained their positions and influence you get an creepy feeling something is amiss. Many of these people are European royalty, members of secret societies and organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Order of Skull and Bones; many are CEOs of multinational corporations, international banking cartels, government leaders and others. Given the history of the past five hundred plus years it strains credibility to think these people really care about humanity or this planet!

            But that is exactly what they want us to think. They are hell bent on transformation and they are using COVID to make it happen. Keep your eyes and ears out for their 2021 Great Reset. You will see more and more talk about the need for a systemic reset to facilitate sustainability, reduce inequality, counteract climate change, insure vaccines and health security; keep in mind Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum sponsored the October 2019 global pandemic planning and simulation exercise called Event 201 a few months before COVID struck.

If you are a coincidence thinker you say so what, but if you subscribe to the collusion scrutiny of history/reality you know something is up.




Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Junious Ricardo Stanton


            “I believe that hell and heaven that are depicted in the Bible are descriptive of a condition of the human spirit. Hell is to be cut off from God and his presence. Heaven is to be with God… I believe in sowing and reaping and reward and punishment in life. The extent to which the moral law operates beyond death is not ours to know.” Dr. Howard Thurman, African-American theologian and minister.


            I extend season’s greetings to each of you and wish happy holidays to you and yours. As we end this tumultuous year let us not only reflect on what we lost, as significant as that may have been, but also on what we learned, what we gained and how it has made us stronger, more resilient, more resourceful and hopeful. As we end this year looking forward to a new one, count your blessings and examine yourself to find the good and contemplate how we may expand and extend that good to others especially those who are grieving, mourning, suffering and who may be depressed and losing hope.

            Yeshua Ben Joseph said, “Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The Greek word in the Christian Bible for the concept of repentance is metanoia; we see the prefix meta which means to change or go beyond and noia which means mind or heart. Metanoia then means to change your mind. It really means changing the way you think so thoroughly it results in a complete change in attitudes, thinking and personality, thereby effecting a quantum change in you. This is not about religion, doctrine or dogma, it is about changing our perspectives and our heart.

What does this have to do with the holiday season or what we’ve been through this year you ask? Everything; in life it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we deal with what happens to us.  Adversity is a part of living. No one escapes the vicissitudes of life, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune the ups and downs of living. We all experience trials, setbacks, obstacles and troubles some of our own making. We’ve all experienced the good days and the joys of living. We tend to focus on the “bad” that happens to us not realizing they are the tests that make us stronger and wiser. These challenges provide the gumption and determination to keep on keepin’ on during the tough times.

 The only people with no problems that we know of are in the cemetery. Life means experiencing, facing and dealing with adversity. When we look back on our lives we’ll see we’ve overcame many trials and problems. We remember we have the resources to cope; all we have to do is change our minds and change how we look at things. Changing our minds will not alter our circumstances but it will help us see our situation in a different light and this change will help us come up with the solutions we need when we need them.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. We have no idea what 2021 will bring but we can face the world with confidence, enthusiasm and a positive expectancy.  Don’t allow the fear mongers to get you down; don’t succumb to the hysteria about the economy or COVID.  Worrying will not change a thing except maybe your blood pressure. Start now; take time to be truly thankful for the good in your life. Think about all the good things you accomplished this year despite COVID, despite the lock-downs and the insanity all around us.

Life is what you make of it; we each have agency, talents and abilities we have not fully manifested on a daily basis. Change your mind, decide to and commit to visualizing, being and actualizing the good you want to experience in the world. Make this your top priority for today and the future. When you do, you will have a happy holiday season and in the process you will be a blessing to others. Changing your mind can and will open a whole new way of living and dealing with the world.





Friday, December 11, 2020

This Is What The Techno-fascists Have In Store For Us


This Is What the Techno-fascists Have In Store for Us

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Some well-known scientists and technologists have expressed concern that robots may take over the world. More generally, there is concern that robots will take over human jobs and leave billions of people suffering long-term unemployment. Yet, such concerns do not take into account the potential for human beings to enhance their natural capabilities with in-the-body technologies and so become cyborgs with superior capabilities to robots. Types of cyborgs include: human beings with mass produced biomedical implants; human beings with mass imagineered body hacks; and human beings with mass customized insideables. In this paper, human enhancement with in-the-body technologies is analyzed through the theoretical frameworks of mass paradigms, technology domestication, and cultural capital. The implications of the findings of these analyses are related to debates about the future of society. In particular, opportunity versus exploitation, utopia versus dystopia, and emancipation versus extinction. It is explained that the debates about the future of society are flawed if they focus more upon robots than cyborgs.” Cyborgs, Robots and Society: Implications for the Future of Society from Human Enhancement with In The Body Technologies. Stephen Fox Cyborgs_Robots_and_Society_Implications_for_the_Fu.pdf


            For some time now I have been warning you about what some people who call themselves futurists, technocrats, transhumanists and visionaries are planning to foist on humanity, meaning you and me; us. This is not science fiction it is not a variation of Huxley’s Brave New World or Orwell’s 1984, it is very real and you can see if for yourself at Websites like these:,, , , . Some sites are more revealing and creepy than others but this is information you should be aware of because it will impact our lives sooner rather than later.

            Under the guise of benevolently transforming humanity, enhancing us, making life better and solving age old problems, these megalomaniacs and misanthropes want to play god, re-engineer humans and transform the whole planet. Here is just some of what they are saying, “We are all cyborgs; a fusion of biology and technology. With the introduction of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), more complex and more intelligent machines has made it so that the reality of getting upgraded with the help of devices isn’t that farfetched. Just as robotics and mechanical exoskeletons can amplify our physical capabilities, AI and digital data analysis now help augment our brains. This is the age of transhumanism. Though the idea of a half-human/half-robot is most commonly depicted through science fiction, the truth is that humanity has always used tools as extensions of ourselves. With the help of smarter digital devices, we are now able to do more, sense more and experience more than what is biologically possible. As an example, access to neuroprosthetic implants and virtual reality devices now allow us to have digital experiences where there is no analogue noise. For those who were born with hearing loss, Cochlear implants provide a unique opportunity to hear for the first time. This is just one of the many ways where technology paves the way to make life more humane.” 4th Industrial Revolution: The Rise of Transhumanism

            Notice their nonchalant and benign rhetoric, “hey it’s all good, we’re all cyborgs now, melding humans with machines is already happening why just look how advanced science has helped _________ people, (you fill in the blank, blind, brain damaged, paraplegic, deaf etc). It’s not just machines these sickos want to hook us up to, they want to slice and splice our genetic make up, they want to alter you and they are planning to create what they call designer babies using technology they call the CRISPER-CAS 9 system.

What is CRISPER-CAS 9 you ask?  “Scientists produce a small piece of RNA binding to the Cas9 enzyme and a ‘guide’ sequence that attaches to a specific part of the DNA. As in bacteria, the modified RNA is used to recognize the DNA sequence, and the Cas9 enzyme cuts the DNA at the targeted location. Once that’s done, researchers use the cell’s own DNA repair machinery to add or delete pieces of genetic material or to make changes to the DNA by replacing an existing segment with a customized DNA sequence. Easy-peasy, right?... As Eric Topol, director and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute said with six billion letters in the genome that could be affected, the risk of unintended editing is considerable. We don’t know what happens when another DNA segment gets targeted instead of the originally planned. Moreover, in a study published in Nature Biotechnology in July 2018, British researchers found that CRISPR caused more damage to DNA than previously thought. If the scientists are right, gene editing could disrupt healthy genes when it is meant only to fix faulty ones.” Designer Babies: A Dystopian Sidetrack of Gene Editing

            Anytime psychopaths, megalomaniacs and mad scientists tell us they need to flush out the ethical implications of what they are planning and doing watch out! The bottom line is we all know they have no ethics! This is part of what some are calling technocracy: the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.

I call it techno-fascism because the technology is not generated by the masses. It is not an organic, bottom up popular movement; it is an elitist top down program, it is owned by the super rich, the big banks and corporations, Big Pharma and scientists in collusion and consort with the government, specifically designed to enrich them even though they say it is for our benefit. We are experiencing this now with the global response to COVID!




Friday, December 04, 2020

A Good Fight


A Good Fight

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“If you see a good fight, get in it.” Rev. Vernon Johns


            The late Reverend Vernon Johns was a Baptist preacher who preceded Martin Luther King Jr. as pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama. Johns was known for his outspoken advocacy for Black empowerment self-reliance and activism. While he did not have the platform or following that King would later have, Johns in his own way set the stage for a Martin Luther King Jr. in Montgomery Alabama.

            We can take a lesson from Rev. Johns. He said, “If you see a good fight get in it”. First you have to witness, see or be aware a good fight is going on. What is a good fight? In my opinion a really good fight is the struggle to establish truth during a time of universal deceit, justice in an era of wrong, respect when people are being denigrated and disparaged or the struggle to empower the marginalized and helpless. Next he said get in it; meaning get involved, become engaged and active, make your life count for something meaningful.

            There is a good fight brewing right now, right before our eyes. It is the fight against the global oligarchs’ plans for a Brave New World Order. The misanthropic ruling class intends is using COVID as the cover and rationale to re-engineer the world. They’re calling it the Great Reset.

In 2021 we will hear about it non-stop as one of its prime proponents Klaus Schwab founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum rolls out the WEF’s agenda for social, economic and environmental re-engineering. To see what they are planning go to their Website and peruse all their articles, whitepapers and plans.

Disregard their noble verbiage about “sustainability” coming together, ending inequality, establishing social justice and providing opportunities in a post COVID world and ask yourself how trustworthy are these people? Ask what is their record and history of serving humanity, and then do some research on who they are. I guarantee you will come away as unconvinced as I am. These billionaires, European royalty and government leaders gained their wealth and power through all kinds of unscrupulous dealings and shenanigans and they expect us to believe they’ve repented, that they really care about us now. I don’t think so!

            Klaus Schwab and Co. eugenicists like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, wheeler dealers like Warren Buffet and George Soros are using COVID as the rationale to launch this global re-engineering. Gates, Buffett, the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security sponsored a simulation in New York City on October 18, 2019 called Event 201 that for all intents and purposes was the template for what we are experiencing now with COVID. This is jut one of several simulations and table top scenarios covering two decades about global pandemics.,  What is their preoccupation and interest in pandemics? Is this a conspiracy theory? It’s certainly not a coincidence theory!

            Ponder this for a moment, Gates and Buffet are set to make billions off of the COVID vaccines they invested in for a pandemic they gamed and prepped for. Consider this; we get most of our information about COVID from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, vaccine snake oil salesman Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US CDC and corporate media, all of whom have a known history of supporting Big Pharma and vaccines. Plus they are all linked one way or another to Bill Gates! How’s that for a coincidence?

            Why isn’t the corporate and monopoly digital media reporting these “coincidences” on a regular basis? Is it a “coincidence” Event 201 had a recommendation about censorship and information suppression, that we’re seeing played out right before our eyes in real time? Why do the corporate media demonize anyone who asks questions or expresses skepticism about these “coincidences”?

There is a fight to get the truth and not be bum rushed by the oligarchs and their Brave New World agenda. We’re seeing people and the media nonchalantly and irresponsibly promoting vaccines that will alter our DNA, drugs that have skipped all the normal tests, trials and peer reviews that drugs usually go through. As a result we won’t know the long term effects of any of these vaccines down the road.

Don’t you think this is something worth looking into, questioning and resisting if things don’t come out above-board? Shouldn’t we be raising hell if we don’t get honest straight forward answers?! This is the struggle of our lifetime because the quality of our lives and health depend upon it. It’s a good fight. Get in it.