Thursday, June 30, 2005

Time For A Reality Check

Time For A Reality Check

“The reason for our declining popularity is no mystery: Bush's unjustified, illegal war against Iraq. But Iraq, Bush's doctrine of preemptive warfare and instances of prisoners being tortured and even murdered aren't completely unprecedented. Cheney's neoconservatives are merely the latest executors of an aggressive foreign policy that has long prompted fear, hatred and resentment among the leaders and citizens of other nations. Beginning with Theodore Roosevelt's brutal suppression of Filipino insurgents at the dawn of the 20th century, continuing with the holocaust of two million Vietnamese civilians under LBJ and Nixon's carpet bombs and recently exemplified by a series of bullying adventures against such defenseless nations as Grenada, Panama and Afghanistan, the U.S. has become, perhaps to its surprise, the biggest danger to peace and stability on the planet. Many Americans, still taking pride in the memorable image of "Gift of USA" flag logos on bags of grain being tossed to starving Africans, find it difficult to accept the role of international pariah. But the truth is that many people are as scared of us as they were of Germany and Japan in 1939.” Ted Rall Yahoo News 06-29-05

It’s time to wake up and face reality. AmeriKKKa is viewed around the world not as the benevolent bringer of peace, freedom and democracy; a sort of new age version of the White Man’s Burden of former European imperialists but as a ravaging wolf bent on devouring everything in sight. The frothing wolf is so mad its actions leave only three options: avoid it at all costs, somehow contained it and if possible kill it. Much of the world is views9-11, Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq as lessons on how AmeriKKKa really operates. Most sane people realize 9-11 was not a fluke nor a major security failure; it was an inside job. The media is replete with examples of countries that warned the Bush administration prior to 9-11 something big was in the works. Even the CIA warned him as did Russia, Germany, France, Israel and even smaller states like Morocco and Argentina. Check it out this is all verifiable and documented. The problem for most AmeriKKKans is they get their information from the totally prostituted corporate media who are part and parcel to the agenda to dummy us down, mentally ossify us and keep us distracted and disoriented. But as Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can full all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of th time but you can’t fool all of the the people all of the time.” Alas the Bush administration still has not learned this lesson as evidenced by his national address on Tuesday evening. The people aren’t buying it, and he can conjure up 9-11 all he wants,( he’s so stupid he forgot a 2004 poll showed many AmeriKKKans believe he had foreknowledge about the attacks and “consciously allowed” them to happen). That’s pretty damning. This is reflected in the drop in Army and US Marine recruitment, and escalating dissatisfaction being recorded by public opinion pollters and open discussion of the impeachment.
As bad as these facts are, world opinion is even worse. Most of the world is actually afraid of AmeriKKKa. A recent article in the online Yahoo News with a by-line by Ted Rall stated quite clearly the world views AmeriKKKa as an international pariah. He says, “Now the U.S. is the sole, charter member of its own Axis of Evil: invading and threatening invasions, breaking arms treaties willy-nilly, kidnapping and murdering foreign citizens without cause, refusing to abide by the Geneva conventions. But that will change someday--whether we're forced to change, as were Germany and Japan, or whether we choose a different path on our own. What's daunting is how much time--and humility--it will take for the rest of the world to trust us as much as they trust Germany and Italy.” The fact that an article like this even appears on a “mainstream” Website is clear indication Bush is losing his public opinion luster and is taking AmeriKKKa down the drain with him. But this is what happens when you defy the Law of Karma and think you can act with impunity, arrogance and you are motivated by hubris. Sooner or later people see your actions and judge you by them rather than your words. To be fair George W. Bush is not the first US president to embark on a campaign of rapine and over reach, they all have, some were ‘successful” others weren’t. But now the world sees AmeriKKKa for what it is. IN order for the world to really change its perception the AmeriKKKan people are going to have to affect changes in the country’s leadership values and polices. Become the change you want to see in the world!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Desperate and Detached From Reality

Desperate and Detached From Reality

delusion: a false belief that cannot be modified by reasoning or a demonstration of the facts Persistence and systematic delusions are characteristic of psychotic states. Delusion should be distinguished from illusion which is a distorted perception and hallucination which is a false perception.- Dictionary of Psychology

I refused to watch the Bush speech last night even for purposes of critique because I knew it would be a pitiful attempt to bolster his sagging popularity and support for an illegal and immoral war ( given their nature most wars are illegal, immoral and rarely justified) based upon lies, fabrications and hubris. I got up early this morning to check the World Wide Web for the reaction to Bush’ speech. It must have been so pathetic, the spin doctors and sycophants in the corporate media couldn’t even fix it or make it seem sane. The foreign press simply reported what Bush said without comment. The Guardian Unlimited a British newspaper that has been critical of the Iraq misadventure from the outset was tame in it’s assessment of Bush’ speech but carried the headline banner, Bush Evokes 9-11 To Bolster Iraq War. The article concluded by saying, “Mr Bush was attempting to reverse a growing slump in public support for the war. Two polls yesterday showed greater scepticism than ever. Only one in three Americans believe the US and its allies are winning the war, down nine percentage points since February, according to a Gallup poll.” AmeriKKKans are tired of lies. Unlike the Vietnam era where there were massive public displays of outrage at the lies of the military, CIA and White House, the inequities of the draft, the carnage and domestic upheavals the war was causing ,this time most AmeriKKKan simply made up their minds Bush is a liar and did not demonstrate or picket. Bush lying to start or continue a war is nothing new, this has been a recurring pattern throughout AmeriKKKa’s history, the so called Indian Wars, The Mexican War the Spanish-AmeriKKKan War, were just the beginning. This is an ongoing tradition. What make this situation different is that the occupant in the White House is being viewed as a pathological liar suffering from delusion.
The Dictionary of Psychology Second Revised Edition published by Dell Publishing defines delusion as, “a false belief that cannot be modified by reasoning or a demonstration of the facts.” By that reckoning George W Bush certainly is delusional. He is attempting to justify the indefensible his immoral war based upon his false belief “God” put him in the presidency. The facts are it was the US Supreme Court that put him in office in 2000 and election fraud and rigged voting machines that kept him in office in 2004! To compound his notion that he is an instrument of God, Bush thinks he is being called to smite the “evil doers” and “terrorists” ( CIA assets and flunkies AmeriKKKa created) and avenge 9-11. But Bush is so demented and detached from reality even he fails to connect the dots, his poll numbers are plummeting because reasoning people don’t believes the official White House, military or media version of 9-11 from why the defense systems failed to their insulting examinations how and why the WTC towers including number 7 which was not hit by an airplane fell or finally no WMD’s being found in Iraq! People see the facts for themselves, Bush is an obvious liar. Thinking folks know there is no precedent for skyscrapers collapsing straight down uniformly into a heap of dust due to fire, none! Only because his poll numbers are sinking like a rock did Bush venture before the AmeriKKKan people to plead his feeble case for tolerance of his lies. But people see Bush and Cheney are so detached from reality only an idiot would believe anything they say now; from their phoney Reaganomics to their War on Terrorism. Even his base of religious fanatics (who hold similar notions as their fundamentalist Jewish and Islamic counterparts) who actually believe ( talk about delusional) the war in Iraq is a prelude to the rapture and the return of “Jesus” (no person by that name ever existed in Palestine, if such a person existed at all his name was Yeshua or Joshua but that’s another story for another day) are starting to waver and falter. Only the hard core fascist and equally delusional yahoos believe what the corporate mind control apparatus is saying. Things are so bad even the mainstream media wasn’t able to spin Bush’s speech favorably. Why? Because the AmeriKKKan people know it just isn’t so. The good news is Bush’s feeble attempts to rally support further demonstrates how delusional he really is. Perhaps this realization will force the AmeriKKKan people to take action to rid themselves of this man.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Time To Break Out The Ol' BS Meter

Time To Break Out The BS Meters

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Most Americans now believe that
President George W. Bush's administration "intentionally misled" the public in going to war in
Iraq, according to a poll. The ABC News/Washington Post poll came on the eve of a key speech in which Bush will seek public support for the war, which 53 percent of Americans who were surveyed said was not worth fighting. A record 57 percent say the Bush administration "intentionally exaggerated its evidence that pre-war Iraq possessed nuclear, chemical or biological weapons," according to the poll. It was the first time a majority said the administration "intentionally misled" the public, the survey said. The poll also shows 56 percent disapprove of Bush's handling of Iraq, including 44 percent who "strongly disapprove". Still, 53 percent remain optimistic rather than pessimistic about the prospects for Iraq in the next year, the poll said. And nearly six in 10, or 58 percent, want US troops to stay in Iraq until civil order has been restored, while 41 percent asked for their withdrawal.- Yahoo News 06-28-05

Anytime the mainstream media opinion polls show Bush being viewed as a modern day Pinochio you know things are bad. Contrary to the vast majority of media prostitutes and the Washington D.C. beltway crowd, most AmeriKKKans now know George W Bush lied about Saddam Hussein and Iraq being a threat to US or world security (how could he be the US and Britain starved him with economic sanctions and bombed him for 13 years straight?), that he was not linked in any way with fellow CIA asset Osama bib-Laden or 9-11. Caught in a humongous lie once no WMD were found ( you would think someone like Bush would have at least tried to plant some biological or germ warfare agents somewhere in Iraq to cover his story) Bush changed his tune to say domocratizing Iraq was his goal. The problem with that was initialy Bush was adamantly opposed to a direct plebiscite by the Iraqi people preferring to have US proconsuls and carpetbaggers like Ahmed Chalabi take orders from Washington. Bush was subsequently forced to call for popular elections by a high ranking and very influential Iraqi cleric whose support he sought but did not get. Once popular elections were held and a Shia and Kurdish majority evolved to form "the government" ( read, became the puppets), the resistance intensified big time. So here we are getting bad news daily, Iraq has become a financial sink hole for US tax dollars going to well connected multinational companies like Betchtel and Halliburton while groups like Carlyle whose members include the president's father are making a killing off the War on Terrorism and the US gains more enemies every day with the military’s abuse of Iraqi citizens and the heavy handed tactics it is using to futilely quell the resistance. The resistance is getting more fierce and US causalties continue to mount. Reservists and rgular Army have been subject to stop loss which amounts to a draft of the men and women already in uniform who should be rotating out or back to the state which is causing alarm, stress and strain on military families. These are just some of the reasons why most AmeriKKKans view Bush with suspicion and cynicism. You know the ol’ “fool me once shame on you fool, me twice shame on me”, axiom. In the back of people’s minds linger questions about what really happened on 9-11 and why no real push was made to capture or kill Osama bin-Laden despite Bush’ ( who calls himself the war president but who most AmeriKKKans realize deserted his Air national Guard unit during the Vietnam War) bold promises, bluster and swagger about doing so.
Lie after lie after lie emanates from the NeoConmen’s mouths but the good nes is, folks aren’t as stupid or gullible as they think. Folks had their secret doubts and questions all long and they are growing! Once the so called Downing Street Memo was published it proved beyond all doubt Bush and Co “fixed the intelligence to fit the facts” about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. These documents affirmed what most AmeriKKKans knew in their heart of hearts, Bush lied. Now Bush is desperate, his approval ratings and credibility are in free fall sinking lower every day. So tonight, we will be subjected to, if we are foolish enough to watch or listen, more of Bush’s siren song about war being peace, invasion/occupation being liberation and neocolonialism being democracy or unmanageable deficits mean prosperity. This siren song has already dashed the AmeriKKKan ship of state on the rocks of militarism, imperialism and fascism. He will attempt to rally his fleeceable flock of religious fanatics and wanna be emperors to stay the course by assuring them success is just around the corner. The Bull Sh_ _ meters will be off the charts tonight, folks! However a wise man is quoted as saying, “you will know them by their fruits, ... A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, neither can a rotten tree bear good fruit”. Bush’s lies are bearing the fruits of death destruction, fiscal disaster and distrust. Keep this in mind during the coming days and weeks as we are asked to believe more lies.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Escaping From The Matrix

Escaping From The Matrix

“A recent Gallup poll revealed that 56% said the war "wasn't worth it". Meanwhile, for the first time, a majority say they would be "upset" if Bush sent more troops, and a new low of 36% say troop levels should be maintained or increased. An earlier Washington Post poll showed that two-thirds of the public believe the US military is bogged down in Iraq while almost three- quarters think the level of casualties is unacceptable. The figures match or exceed the previous high-water mark of public disenchantment. More than half believe the war has not made them safer and 40% believe it has striking similarities to the experience in Vietnam.”- Gary Younge The Guardian Unlimited 06-27-05

Despite the most pervasive mind control and public opinion shaping apparatus the world has ever known, more and more AmeriKKKans are waking from their media induced coma to face a chilling reality. Poll after public opinion poll is recording a growing (if not an already existent) disenchantment with George W. Bush’s folly in Iraq. Increasing numbers of AmeriKKKans are openly expressing their views that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a mistake and have gone so far as to overwhelmingly reject the notion of reinstating a military draft despite the fact the all volunteer military’s main combat organizations the active Army and reserve and the US Marines are having extreme difficulty meeting their lowered monthly quotas. Could this be a clear sign the AmeriKKKan public is fast approaching that juncture of critical mass that will tip the balance from the delusional and reckless Bizarro World mentality of the Bush administration propped up by its corporate media cheerleaders to one of sanity, quasi-morality and fiscal responsibility? Is the Bush administration’s stranglehold on the psyche of Joe and Jane Sixpack in it’s last throws? Could it be that white AmeriKKKa is becoming more and more willing to step out of the culturally constructed psychological matrix and think for themselves? To our credit most Africans in AmeriKKKa did not support Bush on anything let alone his bogus War on Terror. Even during the media reinforced shock of 9-11 most Africans in AmeriKKKa realized what occurred on 9-11 whether it was an inside job or not, was as Malcolm X astutely once stated, “the chickens coming home to roost.” Now it appears more and more white folks are waking up. In retrospect, the exit polls for the 2004 election were correct, there is growing dissatisfaction with Bush and the NeoConmen agenda of global plunder and rapine (it is equally clear that Bush “won” the 2004 through electronic vote rigging and election fraud) and that the majority of AmeriKKKans are not willing to submit to mental ossification and they are no longer willing go along with the NeoConmen’s okey doke.
Things are so bad George W Bush is going on national television Tuesday evening (in hopes the media talking heads will favorably interpret and spin his message over and over) to rally his base of delusional right wing end time religious zealots and corporate fascists to “stay the course” But methinks it is a bit too late for that. The Downing Street Memos and the various correspondences between the British intelligence and parliamentary leadership that have been leaked to the British and world press may be the evidence the awakening public needs to call for Bush’s impeachment and trial for war crimes. Of course that would be the worse case scenario for Bush and Co. which at this point appears unlikely given Republican control of both the Congress and Senate and their notorious lack of morality, integrity or independent thought. Just the fact more and more average AmeriKKKans are expressing displeasure about the rising casualties in Iraq, the state of the economy and their perception they are being lied to by the Bush administration means they are opting out of the mind control matrix set up by the corporate media to promulgate the insanity of Bush’s crusade for oil and empire. The Guardian Unlimited a British newspaper that unlike AmeriKKKan “mainstream” newspapers has from the very beginning opposed the Iraq invasion and occupation and has been continuously critical of the whole affair has a piece in today’s online edition entitled The Tipping Point by Gary Younge which extolled the change in AmeriKKKan’s awareness. “In Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point, he describes the conditions that are necessary to transform Hush Puppies from the old school to new cool. ‘The world of the tipping point is a place where the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than a possibility,’ he argues. ‘It is - contrary to all our expectations - a certainty.’ American public opinion appears to be approaching just such a point in relation to the war in Iraq. The last fortnight has revealed a growing impatience with the military misadventure in the Gulf and an irritation with the White House's persistent denials that anything is wrong. This has translated into more urgent and widespread calls to bring the troops home that has finally percolated up to the political class. This new phase has put George Bush on the back foot, forcing him to deliver a major address tomorrow night to rally public support, which is evidently draining away. He will tell them that America needs ‘resolve’. For the White House Iraq has become the latest faith-based initiative.” That’s just the point, the AmeriKKKan public is losing faith in George W. Bush and short of another “terrorist attack” (which would be awfully suspicious and raise countless questions given the billions of dollars that have been appropriated for “Homeland Security”) it is unlikely anything he will say tomorrow will raise his credibility quotient or convince anyone he is not a pathological liar at worst or at the very least an idiot. Unfortunately for the ruling elites and their NeoConmen, Joe and Jane Sixpack seem to be awakening from their media induced coma and are voluntarily disengaging from the matrix of indefensible fascist militarism and imperialism.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Corporae Media Is Not Our Friend

The Corporate Media Is Not Our Friend

“Can we trust the news editors at the Washington Post to be fair and objective regarding news stories about Lockheed-Martin defense contract over-runs? Or can we assuredly believe that ABC will conduct critical investigative reporting on Halliburton's sole-source contracts in Iraq? If we believe the corporate media give us the full un-censored truth about key issues inside the special interests of American capitalism, then we might feel that they are meeting the democratic needs of mainstream America. However if we believe - as increasingly more Americans do- that corporate media serves its own self-interests instead of those of the people, than we can no longer call it mainstream or refer to it as plural. Instead we need to say that corporate media is corporate America, and that we the mainstream people need to be looking at alternative independent sources for our news and information.”- Peter Phillips

By now most sane people have figured out the corporate media giants do not have the best interests of the AmeriKKKan people at heart. Just looking at the way the major networks, cable companies and newspapers have given George W. Bush a free pass since the 2000 Presidential campaign, how they regurgitate the White House and Pentagon line about 9-11, how they serve as stenographers and cheerleaders for the totally bogus War on Terror and how they have ignored and suppressed the Downing Street Memorandum, it is clear the corporate media is in cahoots with the NeoConmen to bring about a radical transformation of AmeriKKKan into a fascist police state. The role of the mass media in AmeriKKKa today is to keep the multitudes bamboozled, brain dead and mentally ossified. This is not to say every reporter in a fascist, of course not. Nevertheless it is clear the high priced talking heads on the major networks and cable news channels enjoy their six figure salaries, being members of the Council of Foreign Relations having access to and hobnobbing with the ruling elites. This is not mere happenstance this is by design. Following WWII the CIA which at that time was a fledgling circle of Ivy League (mostly Yale) well connected cronies set out to co-opt the media and use it as a tool for both domestic and international propaganda. Through what they called “Operation Mockingbird” they recruited several media owners and key persons who were put on the CIA payroll, served as assest, covers and spies or willing channles for CIA propaganda. Do some research on Operation Mockingbird on the Internet and then extrapolate just have far they have progressed in the last five decades to make their goal a reality. For example, rarely do you see any seriously opposing views to the NeoCOns on the Sunday morning network “public affairs programs”. When was the last time you saw an unabashed anti-war advocate or a Pan Africanist on PBS, NBC,ABC,CBS or the cable news channels.? At most you will see someone promoting a watered down version of the NeoConmen agenda like calling for a multilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq instead of Bush's go it alone policy. Have you ever asked yourself why this is? Well the answer is because the media is owned and controlled by the same people making the policies the beltway crowd and Wall Street bankers are executing! Someone once said, "there is no freedom of the press in AmeriKKKa unless you own one".
In an Op-Ed piece on the Common Dreams Website , Peter Phillips the Director of Project Censored a media research organization proved the corporate media is part and parcel to the problem by revealing the interlocking boards of the top ten media giants in AmeriKKKa are also directly linked to the corporate boards of multinational giants. AmeriKKKa by promoting militarism, imperialism, rabid nationalism and unquestioning loyalty to the govenment, is actually promoting fascism, or what Benito Mussolini referred to as “corporatism”. Corporatism is where the state is subservient to corporations! If you think this is not happening think about how the "K Street" lobbyists influence more legislation than we do. The thing is, we are not talking about thousands of people, it is a small handful. According to Phillips, “ A research team at Sonoma State University has recently finished conducting a network analysis of the boards of directors of the ten big media organizations in the US. The team determined that only 118 people comprise the membership on the boards of director of the ten big media giants. This is a small enough group to fit in a moderate size university classroom. These 118 individuals in turn sit on the corporate boards of 288 national and international corporations. In fact, eight out of ten big media giants share common memberships on boards of directors with each other. NBC and the Washington Post both have board members who sit on Coca Cola and J. P. Morgan, while the Tribune Company, The New York Times and Gannett all have members who share a seat on Pepsi. It is kind of like one big happy family of interlocks and shared interests. The following are but a few of the corporate board interlocks for the big ten media giants in the US:* New York Times: Caryle Group, Eli Lilly, Ford, Johnson and Johnson, Hallmark, Lehman Brothers, Staples, Pepsi * Washington Post: Lockheed Martin, Coca-Cola, Dun & Bradstreet, Gillette, G.E. Investments, J.P. Morgan, Moody's * Knight-Ridder: Adobe Systems, Echelon, H&R Block, Kimberly-Clark, Starwood Hotels * The Tribune (Chicago & LA Times): 3M, Allstate, Caterpillar, Conoco Phillips, Kraft, McDonalds, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Shering Plough, Wells Fargo * News Corp (Fox): British Airways, Rothschild Investments * GE (NBC): Anheuser-Busch, Avon, Bechtel, Chevron/Texaco, Coca-Cola, Dell, GM, Home Depot, Kellogg, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Motorola, Procter & Gamble * Disney (ABC): Boeing, Northwest Airlines, Clorox, Estee Lauder, FedEx, Gillette, Halliburton, Kmart, McKesson, Staples, Yahoo * Viacom (CBS): American Express, Consolidated Edison, Oracle, Lafarge North America * Gannett: AP, Lockheed-Martin, Continental Airlines, Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Target, Pepsi * AOL-Time Warner (CNN): Citigroup, Estee Lauder, Colgate-Palmolive, Hilton” What this means is less then one hundred and twenty people decide the content, tone and tenor of what the AmeriKKKan people see, hear and think. That’s power and that’s powerful. Wade Nobels defined power as the ability to define reality and have other people accept your definition. By that reckoning this handful of people welds awesome power. Power in and of itself is not bad. In fact we as a people should be desirous of more personal and collective power. The problem is we have been brainwashed to believe only white folks should have power and that power in the hands of Africans is a bad thing. A handful of white men controla access to the public airwaves of AmefiKKKa. Phillips futher states, “Mainstream media is the term often used to describe the collective group of big TV, radio and newspapers in the United States. Mainstream implies that the news being produced is for the benefit and enlightenment of the mainstream population-the majority of people living in the US. Mainstream media include a number of communication mediums that carry almost all the news and information on world affairs that most Americans receive. The word media is plural, implying a diversity of news sources.However, mainstream media no longer produce news for the mainstream population-nor should we consider the media as plural. Instead it is more accurate to speak of big media in the US today as the corporate media and to use the term in the singular tense-as it refers to the singular monolithic top-down power structure of self-interested news giants.” These giants tailor the news and entertainment to fit their class agenda and needs, which are basically to keep themselves in power so they continue to own most of the wealth and control most of the human and natural resources on the planet!
No one can oppress you unless you allow them to. No one can ride you unless your back is bent. Strand up and fight for yourself! Stand up and fight for your children, think for yourself, seek alternative means of information then act on the information you get. The best action is when you/we act in your own best interests. The corporate media does not have our best interests at heart. Meditate on this then act accordingly.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Imperial Dilemma, How To Get More Cannon Fodder?

Imperial Dilemma, How To Get More Cannon Fodder?

(Angus Reid Global Scan) – Many adults in the United States believe the country’s citizens should not be required to serve in the armed forces, according to a poll by Gallup released by CNN and USA Today. 85 per cent of respondents say the military draft should not return at this time. American citizens have been drafted during various armed conflicts, including the two World Wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The practice of conscription was discontinued in 1973, but the Selective Service System—which registers all adult males to assemble information on potential soldiers—remains in place as a contingency measure. The U.S. has close to 230,000 soldiers stationed all over the world, not including U.S.-based forces currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 62 per cent of respondents are opposed to enacting mandatory military training and reserve duty for all adult Americans. This question was last asked by Gallup in 1955, two years after the Korean War ended.- Angus Reid Research Consulting 06-23-05

A Gallup Poll just released by CNN and USA Today found AmeriKKKans overwhelmingly are opposed to reinstating a military draft! This means the NeoConmen and heir media mind control apparatus will have to work even harder to drum up support for current and future crusades for oil and empire. Shrinking enlistment numbers, military recruiters failing to meet even lowered monthly quotas amidst increasing evidence Bush lied to start an illegal war have compounded the NeoConmen’s dilemma, how to get more suckers to fight in their perpetual wars? The AmeriKKKan people aren’t as gullible as the NeoConmen want us to be. Despite attempts by the media mind control apparatus to glorify war and empire, and despite the fact the AmeriKKKan economy has been based upon a permanent war footing since the end of WW II, the AmeriKKKan public isn’t buying it anymore. What is an imperialist warmonger to do? Will they use more mercenaries, will they redouble their efforts to convince the AmeriKKKan public were are under attack by staging another 9-11 type scenario? The problem with that is, the AmeriKKKan people would smell a rat if a major terrorist attack happened post 9-11 given the billions of dollars that have been allocated and all the new legislation passed to create and fund intelligence Czars, Fatherland oops I mean Homeland Security and the War or Terrorism. People would start asking more questions, questions they didn’t ask following 9-11 like how is it with astronomical military, defense and intelligence budgets and the world’s most powerful radar, surveillance and defense systems, nothing worked that fateful day on September 11, 2001?
What are the beltway crazies, the lobbyists and defense contractors going to do? Will they disregard the polls, and growing anti-war sentiment and plow ahead to reinstate the draft? Will they ‘fess up and say they made a mistake and withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and beat their swords, tanks and missiles into plowshares, tractors and farming equipment? Or will they retreat to the back rooms and executive suites to plot, plan and scheme other ways to further their agenda for global hegemony? The New World Order bunch are facing a real dilemma. In recent weeks they have suffered several serious setbacks. In Europe the French and Dutch people rebuked the elites by rejecting the European Union Constitution; now here in the good ol’ US of A the people have hardened their hearts to Bush’s war, the draft and are no longer mesmerized by the NeoConmen’s sales pitch for invasion and war as the way to spread democracy and freedom. The next few months will be very interesting. The NeoConmen are still beating the war drum on behalf of Israel for military intervention in Iran, the geological and geopolitical realities of Peak Oil have caused them to covet regime change in Venezuela even more fervently but they have lost the confidence (gullibility) of the AmeriKKKan people. Their man in the White House’s popularity continues to plummet with every passing day and the prospects of him regain any credibility appears slim. It’s not like they are going to throw up their hands, throw in the towel or repent. They are not going to defang themselves or morph into mystics who call for world peace. They are not about to discard their sheep’s clothing expose themselves as wolves then lie down with the sheep in peace and harmony. That’s not going to happen. They are not going to advocate disarmament and destroy all their WMD first or cease all weapons research and development as a show of good faith. They have a world to conquer, pillage and plunder. What will they do? Keep your eyes and ears open because whatever they do won’t be in our best interests.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

messin' With Our Money

Messin’ With Our Money

“In putting forth defined-contribution plans -- especially the kind called 401(k) -- employers were essentially engaging in a shell game. Plans of the 401(k) variety were originally devised as a way for workers to save some of their own money (sometimes with contributions from employers) to supplement traditional pension benefits. Increasingly, companies began to present 401(k)’s as their only retirement plan. The result was that workers ended up paying most of the cost of their retirement benefits, and employers were relieved of huge costs and financial risks. Between 1985 and 1998, the number of 401(k) plans -- as well as the number of participants -- tripled, while the assets in the plans reached $1.5 trillion.”- Phillip Mattera Retirement Ripoff: Corporate America’s Campaign To Reduce Its Pension Costs

Most AmeriKKKans were too engrossed in the media orchestrated Michael Jackson side show or the missing fiancee drama to pay attention to the fact United Airlines with the assent of a federal bankruptcy judge defaulted on their 6.6 billion (that’s with a b) pension obligation which has created an economic tsunami that will influence the other major air carriers who are also contemplating getting out of their pension obligations. The pension defaults of the airline industry will impact other industries especially those in financial trouble such as General Motors and Ford. This means, companies in financial crisis can opt to default on their pension obligations leaving their workers stranded with nothing. A prime example of this is what happened to the Enron workers. This is a form of class warfare as the owners and executives save themselves at the expense of their workers . In an article in Ethical Corporation Magazine’s Online version entitled North America: Corporate Pension Funds and Their Defaults stated, “According to Representative Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from Illinois and member of the energy and commerce committee, although 20% of under funding is a result of financial distress, the rest is business 'dodging their responsibility'. And many view actions, like United’s, as a means for companies to not only escape their pension debt, but to also escape their union contracts. Economist Douglas Orr of Eastern Washington University says companies have used a variety of tactics to renege, including what he calls 'strategic bankruptcy'. Companies maximise their bargaining position in bankruptcy proceedings by inflating estimates of current liabilities while deflating estimates of current assets, creating a perfect vehicle to avoid pension liabilities, he says. LTV, a US steel company, used the tactic in 1987 to avoid pension liabilities and when financially solvent again, renegotiated contracts with labour and suppliers for competitive advantage. Despite other financial difficulties that have forced United into bankruptcy, it is, Orr says, part of the airline’s strategy in dumping its plan.” So you see it’s not just a company falling on hard times or getting caught in the economic vortex, it is a deliberate strategy on the part of management and owners to leave their workers hanging!
The reason most people aren’t aware of this is because the media and the US government are deliberately keeping us ignorant about what is going on. This has the potential of being the financial crisis of our time. Most of us don’t read the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times or pay attention to the business sections of our local newspapers so we don’t know what is happening, nor do we know how pensions work or how we are being played by the system. The article also stated, “Pension experts and economists worry the concession to United will create a domino effect among its competitors, causing healthier airlines to dump their under funded plans to stay competitive with restructured rivals. The PBGC already took over US Airways’ pension obligations of $3 billion earlier this year and struggling Delta airlines is predicted to follow suit. Bradley Belt, executive director of the PBGC, says the settlement put the agency in a better position than it would have been in as an unsecured creditor in bankruptcy. But he acknowledges the United case should be a “wake-up call to reason” to take action so the pension problem does not spiral out of control. Industry experts warn automakers’ troubles may make them among the next to default on their plans. General Motors’ pension obligations at the end of 2004 were $89 billion, while Fords’ totalled $43 billion, of which $12.3 billion is unfunded.” This didn’t stop the CEO from raking in huge bonuses or compensation packages. The article further states, “Many companies' executives, however, are taking bold measures to protect their own pensions. Take Polaroid, where retirees were paid a mere $47 each when the company sold its assets in bankruptcy and defaulted on its plan, while Polaroid's top executives walked away with millions of dollars. The PBGC later assumed responsibility for the abandoned plan covering more than 11,000 former Polaroid employees.”
The financial crisis faced by the airlines, is not an isolated problem. The same issues were faced several years ago by the steel industry and they opted to default on their pension plans also. The same scenario will soon visit the auto industry; ownership or management attempts to save money by cutting costs. One way is by not fully funding their employees pension programs or in the case of the steel and airline industries defaulting on their obligations altogether! These pensions are called Defined Benefit Pension Plans where the employer agrees to contribute a specific amount into the employees retirement program that the employee will have access to upon retirement. Defined benefit Pension plans were the norm up until the 1970's when a new program called Defined Contribution Plans commonly known as 401K programs became popular. With Defined Contribution Plans the employee contributed ( and in some cases their contributions were matched by the employer) to a fund that was invested in the stock market. The problem with 401K type plans if the market goes down so do your funds. That is why a few years ago during a sluggish market people referred to their 401K as 201K because they had lost so much money and were so devalued. There is a newer form of plan called the Cash-Balance which is a hybrid of the two plans Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans whereby the employer controls the fund and gets to keep any earnings beyond he agreed upon rate of return.
We have seen how 401K took a major hit due to the woes of the stock market and now we see the problems endemic to corporate corruption when large companies withheld the money for their employees pension funds under funding them by billions of dollars. What this means is that millions of AmeriKKKans are unaware their employers have not been contributing to their pension funds! Also these funds ahve been raided especially by cash strapped state and local governments. States like Indiana or cities like Detroit raided or contemplated raiding their worker’s pension funds to help balance their budgets. In the case of United Airlines like the steel industry before them, the employees are now dependent upon the US Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp an entity designed to bail out failed pension funds. The problem with this arrangement is, the PBGC is itself underfunded by billions of dollars! A recent article on the American Enterprise Online dated 06-16-05 by Alan W. Dowd warns, “Last week, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on the precarious state of pension funding at some of the nation’s larger employers, paying special attention to a few airlines. The head of the government’s Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) reported that more than 1,100 plans are currently showing a shortfall of $50 million or more, with the total tally ranging between $353 billion and $450 billion. Those companies that fail to make good on their pension promises usually toss their debts over to the PBGC, which collects premiums from participating corporations to pay for bankrupt pensions. According to the PBGC, it is already responsible for the current and future pensions of 1.06 million Americans (and counting). Thanks to a spate of bankruptcies and bad pension management, PBGC is now carrying a debt $23.3 billion (and counting), and the taxpayers may be asked to bail out these failed pensions.”
The US economy is in trouble, the trade deficits, the federal deficits, the humongous debt bubble of both corporate and consumer debt cannot continue indefinitely. So not only are the airlines and auto industries in trouble now, their workers are facing double disaster because both their jobs and their pensions are at risk! To add insult to injury, the federal bankruptcy judges are allowing the corporations to get away with this and the mainstream media is keeping you ignorant about what is going on. Wake up, before these thieves and con men rob you blind. Couple this current situation with what Bush is attempting to do to the Social Security system (which could bring about the same results suffered by 401K accounts) and the future is anything but secure.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

“Accused Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen was found guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday in the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers, a case that outraged much of the country and energised the Civil Rights’ movement. Killen, 80, had been portrayed by prosecutors as a Ku Klux Klan leader who recruited a mob to kill the three young men exactly 41 years ago, on June 21, 1964. The killings in Neshoba Burning." The jury of nine whites and three blacks reached the verdict on their second day of deliberations, rejecting murder charges against Edgar Ray Killen. Killen showed no emotion as the verdict was read. He was comforted by his wife as he sat in his wheelchair. He was wearing an oxygen tube.” -

Forty one years after three idealistic civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney were brutally murdered in Philadelphia Mississippi on June 21, 1964 a jury of nine whites and three blacks convicted Edgar Ray Killen of manslaughter in their murders. State prosecutors had asked for murder but added manslaughter shortly before the trial began. The state was supposedly motivated by a desire for justice, justice that did not exist in Mississippi nor most of the nation in 1964. The gruesome murders of Emmett Till in 1955, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Diane Wesley and Carol Denise McNair the four girls killed in the infamous 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham Alabama in 1963 and Shwerner, Goodman and Chaney in 1964 became high profile cases that reflected the tenor and tone of the times as the FBI and local officials failed to bring the culprits to justice. Arrests were reluctantly executed, sham judicial proceedings were conducted and the killers walked free returning to their communities as heroes, the defenders of a vicious system of racial caste and oppression backed by legislation and state sanctioned terrorism. Now forty one years later investigations and trials are being conducted to make the world believe Mississippi and AmeriKKKa have changed. The global media covered the recent trial and conviction of Edgar Ray Killen the 80 year old man who allegedly masterminded the murders of Chaney, Goodman and Shwerner. An article in the June 22, 2005 online edition of Euskal Irrati Telebista a Basque version of CNN that publishes in Basque, Spanish and English states, “The trial in the small Mississippi town of Philadelphia, the latest in a string of prosecutions in recent years from civil rights era killings in the South, evoked memories of the violent racial conflicts of four decades ago. Killen, a sawmill operator and Baptist preacher, did not testify. He was accused of murdering Schwerner and Goodman, white New Yorkers, and Chaney, a black Mississippian, who were helping black Americans in Mississippi register to vote during the 1964 Freedom Summer civil rights campaign. If convicted of murder he would have faced life in prison. In closing arguments, prosecutor Mark Duncan urged jurors to ‘remove the stain’ on Neshoba County. After the verdict, he said it had shown the true character of Neshoba County residents and shown that Mississippi had changed. ‘We won't be painted or described or known throughout the world by a Hollywood movie any more,’ Duncan said.” Duncan was referring to events portrayed in the Hollywood movie Mississippi Burning which were based on the events in Mississippi during those turbulent times when virulent racism, legal apartheid and terrorism were being challenged.
The conviction on manslaughter charges is supposed to be a sign AmeriKKKa has changed. However the widow of one of the victims didn’t see it that way. The article quotes Rita Bender as saying, “ ‘I hope that this conviction helps to shed some light on what has happened in this state. I see it as a very important first step,’ Rita Bender, widow of Michael Schwerner, told reporters. But she added, ‘The fact that some members of this jury could have sat through that testimony, indeed could have lived here all these years and could not bring themselves to acknowledge that these were murders .... there are still people among you who choose to look aside, who choose to not see the truth. That means there's a lot more yet to be done.’”. I agree with her. In many ways the Killen trial, the reopening of the Emmett Till case and the other instances where there were egregious miscarriages of justice is nothing but a sham. The FBI knew back in 1963 and ‘64 who was in the Klan and who the ringleaders were. The local police, prosecutors and politicians colluded to insure no real energy or attempts to try the cases would be expanded. The dominant community certainly did not have the consciousness or courage to do the right thing then and based upon the recent Killen verdict of manslaughter as opposed to murder, they still don’t! Of course the white media is doing its’ part by focusing on how feeble and infirm Killen is, a subliminal ploy to gain sympathy for when sentencing comes around.
The same consciousness that existed in the ‘50's and ‘60's exists today, the only difference is their bloodlust is vicariously satisfied by the violence that permeates their entertainment and media. That same consciousness manifests itself in a consciousness that promotes and tolerates illegal wars for oil and empire, wide spread torture and abuses of detainees and genocidal domestic and foreign policies. While the AmeriKKKan cable news networks spin the Killen verdict as progress on one hand; on the other hand they vigorously promote fascist imperialism, militarism and war by serving as cheerleaders for the NeoCon cabal that is just as ruthless and homicidal as the KKK. If we really want progress we will have to alter our consciousness, our values and behavior and what we expect and tolerate from our “leadership”.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Fascists Are Deparate

The Fascists Are Desperate

“The proposed Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act is targeted at children of undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. for more than five years but not born here. They would get legal status and become eligible for citizenship if they graduate from high school, stay out of trouble and either attend college for two years or serve two years in the armed forces. This bill, introduced by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), drew 48 cosponsors in the Senate last year but failed to get a floor vote. It is likely to be reintroduced soon. The DREAM Act is a great idea, but I would go further and offer citizenship to anyone, anywhere on the planet, willing to serve a set term in the U.S. military. We could model a Freedom Legion after the French Foreign Legion. Or we could allow foreigners to join regular units after a period of English-language instruction, if necessary.” - Max Boot LA Times Opinion 06-16-05

The depravity of the fascist is showing big time. In a La Times Op-Ed piece dated June 16, 2005 Max Boot a contributing writer for the LA Times, a contributing editor for the Weekly Standard and a Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the infamously elitist Council on Foreign Relations lamented the problems of military recruiters meeting their quotas offered a plan to have immagrants and aliens serve in the US Armed Forces.!? Max Boot is a drum major for imperialism, militarism and global domination, as one would expect from a member of the CFR an organization bent on promoting the New World Order agenda. But things are so bad the ruling elites are having so much difficulty finding suckers to join their crusade for oil and empire that their lapdogs in the corporate media are calling for an AmeriKKKan version of the French Foreign Legion! I kid you not, as Jack Paar used to say. Boot wrote an article entitled Defend America Become American. In it he wrote, " Other critics think it's repugnant to ask foreigners to face dangers that citizens won't. But there is always an element of unfairness in war. Unless you institute a truly universal draft (we've never done it), some will always be more at risk than others. Besides, the U.S. already makes ample use of mercenaries. We rely on tens of thousands of contractors in Iraq, Colombia and elsewhere, many of them not Americans. They would be a lot more useful if they were in uniform and subject to military orders so that we could avoid mix-ups like the one that just happened in Iraq, where Marines detained 19 employees of an American engineering firm for allegedly firing on them. Would foreigners sign up to fight for Uncle Sam? I don't see why not, because so many people are desperate to move here. Serving a few years in the military would seem a small price to pay, and it would establish beyond a doubt that they are the kind of motivated, hardworking immigrants we want. Anyway, what's the alternative? $100,000 signing bonuses? Recruiting felons? " This man is paid big cake to come up with ideas like this in the plutocrat’s hour of need. As I said earlier he is a proponent of empire. In the same article he stated, “Some letter writers invoke the specter of mercenaries leading to the fall of the U.S. as they supposedly led to the fall of Rome. That's a misreading of Roman history. As classicist Victor Davis Hanson points out, by the 1st century AD, the legions ‘were mostly non-Italian and mercenary, and the empire still endured for nearly another 500 years.’ If only the Pax Americana were to last half as long!”
Well Mr Boot I hate to be the one breaking this to you but, if things continue the way they are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia and Haiti, your notion of Pax AmeriKKKana will be just a figment in the imagination of you and your employers at the CFR. Max Boot’s rant displays two things: one the megalomania of the ruling elites and their lapdogs and secondly their depraved win at any cost mentality as demonstrated by their willingness to send anyone into harm’s way for their imperialist ambitions. This mentality has them at odds with the AmeriKKKan people and may provoke the unraveling of the New World Order as their dreams of empire crumble before their eyes. Keep in mind there have not been any nation wide demonstrations or civil disobedience activites against Bush and his preemptive wars; nevertheless the people are resisting. Just like the citizens of France and the Netherlands recently defied the European elites by overwhelmingly voting against the European Union Constitution, the AmeriKKKan people are also fighting back. The military’s inability to meet their quotas is in fact a resistance statement, although the controlled media is spinning it another way. AmeriKKans not paying their taxes is a resistance statement. The formerly spineless Congresses going against Bush by voting against certain provisions in the PATRIOT ACT extension and others demanding an investigation into the Downing Street Memo are resistance statements. It is what one Republican called the crack in the dam. Make no mistake, the dam is about to burst! Max Boot gets paid to write about and promote empire, but the AmeriKKKan people will have the last word!


Saturday, June 18, 2005

AmeriKKKans Are Finaly Realizing The Emperor Is Naked

AmeriKKKans Are Finally Realizing The Emperor Has No Clothes

“If recent polls are any indication, the Bush administration is losing ground on virtually every front, from an outright rejection of Bush’s Social Security plan to a growing ennui with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people seem to have had it with the swaggering braggadocio of Bush, Cheney and their coterie of propagandists, Bible-thumpers and cover-up specialists. Slowly but surely the Bush presidency, heavy with secrecy, fraud and deceit, is beginning to fray at the edges, gradually unraveling toward the historical infamy it so well deserves. For those who have criticized this administration from the outset, it’s tough not to say we told you so. In fact, though characterized as naysayers at best and unpatriotic traitors at worst, things have turned out pretty much the way many predicted, especially in regard to the spurious and costly invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Just last week the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq passed the 1,700 mark—and that doesn’t count the many who have been grievously wounded in body and mind, to say nothing of the estimated 100,000 Iraqi casualties.
And for what? While Cheney promised the nation last week that the Iraq insurgency was “on its last legs,” American generals are on record saying just the opposite. Not only is the insurgency far from weakened, as one general put it: “We can’t kill them all. For every one we kill, we create three more.” In Afghanistan, now that the Taliban is gone the opium trade is surging. Besides killing American soldiers on an almost daily basis, this supposed new bastion of democracy can now claim the dubious distinction of being the world’s largest producer of opium poppies.” George Ochenski Missoula Independent 06-16-05

Not that it matters to the Bush Beltway crowd who are so out of touch with reality they are beyond saving, recent polls show George W Bush’s ratings have taken a steep nosedive into the toilet. Ah, this means there’s hope after all. The polls are showing deep dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy, the war, his positions on Social Security and just about everything else. Even his normally compliant Republican base is starting to abandon him and his sinking ship of state. Contrary to the assertions of the Bizarro World denizens, the situation in Iraq is not improving, the economy has not turned around and the average AmeriKKKan does not feel more secure. Most AmeriKKKans aren’t worried about Arab terrorists although Bush’s action over the last few years has ratcheted up the possibility we will be targeted by aggrieved victims of AmeriKKKan hubris, rapine and aggression. Most AmeriKKKans are worried about job security. The fact their paychecks are not keeping up with the cost of living makes them anxious, health care costs are sky rocketing and folks are worried about where a president they are convinced lied to start illegal wars will take them next. While Bush and Cheney keep repeating their out of body mantra, “Things Are Going Well In Iraq” the rest of the world sees the situation deteriorating fast. As the bogus War on Terror becomes a deepening sinkhole of US tax dollars to the corporate friends of the very people lying to us and sending our children to foreign lands on senseless crusades for oil and empire more and more AmeriKKKans are not going for the administration’s okey doke. Even the military on the ground, unlike their superiors holed up in the ivory tower of the Pentagon far from the action, acknowledge the resistance is growing to the point they cannot contain it. They are seeing the heavy-handed methods they used to squelch the resistance have backfired on them. They even acknowledge they are losing the hearts and minds not only of the Iraqis but of AmeriKKKans and the rest of the world.
The so called Downing Street Memo was the dagger into the heart of the Neoconmen vampires. Now they have nowhere to hide as the Sunlight of truth streams through the curtains of deceit the Bush administration and their corporate media cohorts have hid behind for the past four and half years. Imagine if an aroused, honest and professional mainstream media went after Bush the way they went after Clinton or Nixon, what would happen to the NeoConmen agenda? Now the “I” (impeachment) word is being uttered more and more frequently with increasing confidence. As Abraham Lincoln once observed, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The Bush administration and their media cohorts are about to learn this lesson the hard way.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Wake Up Before It's Too Late

Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

“Our military is supposed to be defending our country and the interests of its citizens, not the interest of a select minority who happen to wield great power. These foreign conflicts are also being used to abet the growth of government beyond its constitutional limits. Our great defense has been replaced by a massive offensive war machine. We are not preventing lethal acts of warfare against us – we are the aggressors. This creates the problem of the sacrificing of our military personnel and their exploitation by a policy-making elite that has perverted the purpose of our military for profit. We are not defending our country, we are promoting global governance. This irrational commitment to being a globalist superpower is unsustainable economically and financially and it is another method of destroying our country. Along with our fiscal and monetary policies and the fiat nature of our currency, we are fast headed into bankruptcy. We have been betrayed by our government and the elitists who control it.” - Bob Chapman

Wake up people, wake the hell up before we find ourselves in debt-servitude, wage slavery and perpetual war brought on by the treacherous policies of the NeoConmen doing the bidding of an elite cabal of fascist warmongers. We are being squeezed on all sides, subjected to monetary, foreign and domestic policy decisions formulated by a cadre of right wing ideologues in think tanks, foundations, multinational corporations and both major political parties. Their influence is being felt on every level of government, within the corporate media mind control apparatus, business and religion. Their goal, believe it or not is to bankrupt and cripple AmeriKKKa, by gutting the middle class and facilitating a rapidly expanding wealth gap while simultaneously tightening their death grip around the world. The complacent mainstream media, educational and religious systems do their part by dummying the populous down promoting anti-intellectual lifestyles that disparage critical thinking and independent thought. Joe and Jane Sixpack are being manipulated by fear as the actions of the ruling elites both here and around the world will inevitably bring the “blowback” they fear that endangers and puts us at risk because the world is not going to sit passively back and allow AmeriKKKa to bogart their material wealth or bum rush their human and natural resources. We have been duped. What are we going to do about it? We know for certain Bush and Co. lied about Saddam Hussein being an eminent threat and supporter of global terrorism . We know Bush lied about being AWOL from the Air National Guard. We know he is lying about Social Security, the deficit and the fact he planned regime change in Iraq early in 2000; so what makes you think he or his cohorts told the truth about 9-11 which supposedly triggered the bogus War on Terrorism in the first place?! Bush’s Hitleresque approach has produced the same results for AmeriKKKa today that Hitler produced in 1933. AmeriKKKa like Nazi Germany is viewed around the world as a rabid and ravaging wolf, starving for global domination, conquest and rapine. Ironically but not coincidentally Bush’s paternal grandfather and maternal great grandfather aided and abetted Hitler’s imperialism and warmongering. We know how his father pre-emptively invaded Panama as President and set up the invasion of Grenada as Vice President so imperial rapine runs in the family. While George H.W Bush’s Carlyle Group is making billions off of the War on Terror begun by his son, the country is sinking into a cesspool of apathy to the widespread corporate corruption, immorality and governmental malfeasance.
We need to wake up and take responsibility for what is going on around us. Just as ordinary Germans could have, but failed to actively oppose Adolph Hitler and his the Nazi Party, AmeriKKKans should be up in arms resisting what the Bush Cabal is doing here in AmeriKKKa. But alas like the Germans over seventy years ago, Joe and Jane Sixpack will sit back and justify their cowardice and inaction by claiming not to know what they know is going on! Wake up before it’s too late. Wake up and join the resistance. You don’t have to take up arms against the government, you can resist by simply thinking for yourself, making up your own mind and speaking out against their policies. You can resist by making conscious choices where you spend your money, where you bank, the type of media you consume and what you support with your time, energy and money. Bush and Co could not get away with what they do, if we did not acquiesce to their wickedness. They get away with what they do only because we fail to call them on their lies and evil. We are at a crucial juncture in our history, the present and future demand we wake up, get up, and put up!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Republican Fascists Attack International Red Cross

Republican Party Fascists Attack International Red Cross

June 15, 2005 WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans are calling on the Bush administration to reassess U.S. financial support for the International Committee of the Red Cross, charging that the group is using American funds to lobby against U.S. interests. The Senate Republican Policy Committee, which advances the views of the GOP Senate majority, said in a report that the international humanitarian organization had "lost its way" and veered from the impartiality on which its reputation was based. The Republican policy group titled its report: "Are American Interests Being Disserved by the International Committee of the Red Cross?" The congressional criticism follows reports by the Swiss-based group that have faulted U.S. treatment of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A spokeswoman at its Geneva headquarters said the organization was reviewing the report and would not comment, in accordance with its policy of keeping its dealings with governments confidential.- LA Times

So its come to this, the fascists in the Republican party are now attempting to limited funding to an international humanitarian organization The International Committee of the Red Cross which is headquartered in Switzerland for doing their job, because they outed the US for its detainee abuses and inhumane treatment of prisoners. That is so like the psychopaths who drape themselves in the tattered and hypocritical fabric of “family values, morality and national interests” to cover their war crimes, rapine and plunder and make excuses for their policies that are ruining this nation. The ICRC was one of the first organizations to report detainee abuses early on in the bogus War on Terrorism that occurred in Afghanistan. Their reports were ignored and later suppressed by the corporate mind control apparatus to keep the AmeriKKKan public ignorant and lobotomized totally unaware of the Nazi like behaviors of US soldiers and mercenaries. It wasn’t until digital photographs and video recorder tapes of the degrading antics of US military and contract personnel in the Iraqi prison Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba were shown around the world that AmeriKKKans got a glimpsed what was going on in their names! True to form despite the irrefutable pictorial evidence and a story on a major US television network, the Bush administration continuously denied any immorality or wrongdoing even when a cacophony of shock, anger and protest was heard around the world. Once the tsunami of indignation engulfed them they did what people like that usually do, they denied culpability and scape-goated a few lower level line soldiers. But the abuses at Gitmo and Abu will not go away and now the fascists within the US Senate are moving to punish the ICRC for doing the right thing. Of course they will deny this is why they are doing it but the real deal is they want to take vengeance on the ICRC for letting the world know US policy is in violation of International Law. A story in the LA Times dated 06-15-05 states, “The Senate aide denied that the report, released Monday, was motivated by a desire to punish the ICRC for embarrassing the United States on its treatment of prisoners. In the aftermath of the prison abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and elsewhere, the role of the ICRC has grown in importance, some experts said.” Statements like this are consistent with the Bizarro World mentality of the Bush administration and its Republican lackeys; lie do your dirt then when you get caught, deny.
The fact the mainstream media even reported this development is a surprise but then again the corporate mind control apparatus has been under pressure lately and has lost credibility, readership and viewers over the last few months. So now many of them are doing a mea culpa or making superficial attempts to broaden their coverage and give the appearance of “objectivity” and balance. Don’t believe the hype! Keep looking to alternative sources for the bulk of your information. At least the bloggers, anti-war , anti fascist Websites and alternative press are driven by idealism and a desire to have an open and free society and not a fascist agenda like the plutocrats and their lap dogs in the Senate.
The attack on the ICRC is consistent with an administration that knowingly and deliberately circumvents the Geneva Accords, international law and treaties and mocks a free press and free flow of information by mouthing hollow verbiage about freedom liberty and democracy. The more we learn about the workings of this administration the more alarmed and up in arms we should become.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Momentum Growing Against PATRIOT ACT Extension

Momentum Against PATRIOT ACT Renewal

“Conservative groups have found common ground with the liberal American Civil Liberties Union in their opposition to the USA Patriot Act and pledge to wage a high-profile fight against it, claiming even its renewal is shrouded in secrecy. Former Rep. Bob Barr, who led conservative efforts to impeach President Clinton, is leading a group called "Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances" that is focused exclusively on opposing the renewal of the Patriot Act. The effort also has the enthusiastic support of three of the most influential conservatives in Washington, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, David Keene of the American Conservative Union and Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum. 'They support this effort because the true conservatives understand the Constitution and understand when it is threatened,' Mr. Barr said. 'They are not your neo-cons and typical Washington insiders. This is a broad array of conservative groups.' Brad Jansen, an adjunct scholar at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, has also joined Mr. Barr's effort, and said he will prove today that opposition to the Patriot Act is a political winner.”- James G. Lakely The Washington Times

Some AmeriKKKans are finally rousing from their slumber and are now coming to the conclusion they must fight for their endangered way of life. Once the shock of 9-11 wore off many AmeriKKKans began to question the actions of their government despite attempts by the Bush administration to squelch dissent or pry open the stealth and secrecy modes the Bush administration operates under. An article in the online version of the Washington Times states conservatives and liberals have joined together to oppose the extension of the infamous PATRIOT ACT which was enacted by Congress in the wee hours of the morning following 9-11 with no debate and most legislators hadn’t even read the document that was prepared for them not by their own members but by the White House! Since its enactment the mis-named PATRIOT ACT has been the flash point of concerns and anxiety about encroachment on the civil liberties and procedures of US citizens. The secrecy and deceit of the Bush administration as unnerved enough people that conservatives and liberals are now putting aside their ideological differences and coming together to finds ways to restore credibility, transparency and confidence in the legislative process. Many are even more alarmed because the US Senate Committee on Intelligence has indicated the will hold closed hearings on the bill. Their rationale is there is classified information they need to consider but to many this is the same ol’ same ol’ of secrecy and duplicity. The Washington Times article stated, “Of particular concern of Mr. Barr's coalition was the decision by the Senate Intelligence Committee to mark up a renewal of the law in a closed session, a move justified by the use of classified information in the hearing. The committee approved the use of "administrative subpoenas" in the meeting, which would allow the FBI to obtain a suspect's medical, financial and other private records without first gaining the approval of a federal judge. The fate of the Intelligence Committee bill for renewal is not clear. The Senate Judiciary Committee can mark up its own bill, an option Chairman Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, said he is inclined to do. But not all conservatives agree with some of the movement's biggest names. The Heritage Foundation has given its full-throated support to Mr. Bush's version of the law.”
It will be interesting to see if other groups get involved in this fight. Perhaps more radical organizations like the National Lawyers Guild or MOVEON will also champion the cause. Unfortunately most AmeriKKKans are so focused on banalities like the Michael Jackson verdict they have no clue what is going on in the world outside of what the media mind control apparatus tells them. The Bush cabal is moving swiftly to undermine their way of life with their economic and political policies and are preparing for a fascist police state, gulag and governing system that will make Hitler and Stalin look like choir boys. As more and more people wake up to the fact their government holds them in total contempt, it will be interesting to see how they respond. Will they sit back and allow Bush and Co to continue to run the country’s economy into the abyss of unmanageable debt and perpetual war or will they stand up for themselves and their posterity and fight back?


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

US Army Recruiters In Dire Straights

US Army Recruiters In Dire Straights

“Army recruiters have failed to meet their targets for four straight months, beginning in February, and have just four months before their fiscal year ends Sept. 30 to sign up almost half of their annual goal. Many recruiters privately question whether they can succeed. The recruiting shortfalls for the Army Reserve and National Guard - which have been called to active duty at a pace unseen since World War II and now make up more than 40 percent of American forces in Iraq - are as bad as or worse than those for the active Army. If the shortfalls continue, the government could be forced eventually to consider abandoning the nation's 32-year experiment with the all-volunteer military, which came into being as the United States withdrew from an unpopular war in Vietnam and ended an unpopular draft. The shortfall in recruits also is making it harder for the Army to raise its total strength from 480,000 to 510,000 soldiers so it can man the new modular brigades that are at the heart of the plans for a lighter, more flexible force.”- Knight Ridder Newspaper 06-13-5 By Line Joseph L Galloway

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the Chicken-hawk NeoConmen find themselves in a quandary of humongous proportions: how to glamorize and make the US all volunteer military more attractive to a decreasing number of suckers willing to go for their okey-doke and lies. The US Army has missed its monthly quota for four months in a row and the National Guard and Army Reserve are in a similar situation The Marines made their quota last month but seem to be in danger of missing their numbers in months to come. Why? Because things are not going well in Iraq or Afghanistan. Why? Because like the Downing Street memo stated the numbskulls in the Bush administration did not plan for post regime change pacification. What this really means; and few AmeriKKKans are willing to admit this is, the Bush and Blair administrations have no intention of withdrawing troops from Iraq or Afghanistan anytime soon. Think about this for a moment, the US has had permanent bases in Germany and Japan since the close of WWII, neither country sits over massive reserves of crude oil, what makes you think these psychopathic leeches were planning to evacuate Iraq even if they succeeded in establishing a pliant puppet regime to take Saddam Hussein’s place? Which, by the way, thus far they have not been able to accomplish. Welcome to the New World Order, neocolonialism 21st Century style. The problem for the plutocrats is Bush and Co. botched the deal and in the process are sapping AmeriKKKa of both its’ human and economic resources. The Army, in desperation raised the age limit two months ago and, by their own admission, lowered their standards to the point they are counseling potential recruits how to pass drug screens. For May the Army lowered its’ monthly quota and still missed it by 25%! Things are so bad Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is set to reintroduce his bill to reinstate the draft!
If Congress does vote to reinstate the draft, an idea Bush and Co. supposedly oppose, all hell will break loose despite provisions in the controversial PATRIOT ACT that defines anyone who opposes the US government as a terrorist! This is Bush’s conundrum, does he sit pat and allow the Army and Marines to become what the head of the Army Reserve called a “broken force” or does he bite the bullet and sign draft legislation if it is passed? A new draft would tear this country apart worse than it did during the Vietnam era. Every day more and more information comes out verifying Bush lied to start the war with Iraq. More and more AmeriKKKans are aware of the administration’s lies, obfuscation and spin and the bottom dwellers in the corporate media who shill for them. While there have been no collective actions what we are seeing is individual families opting to resist in their own way. An article in the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau dated 06-13-05 stated, “Although the summer months traditionally provide recruiters with a target-rich environment, they concede that this could be a different and difficult summer. During May, even though the Army cut that month's goal from 8,050 to 6,700, recruiters shipped just 5,039 new recruits to basic training, 25 percent short of the more modest target. Without lowering the target, the shortfall would have been 37 percent.
One Army recruiting official, who asked that his name be withheld because he isn't authorized to talk to reporters, said the May recruiting numbers would have been even worse had the Army not offered to boost enlistment bonuses to the maximum of $20,000 for delayed-entry recruits who volunteered to report a month or two early for training, by a deadline of May 30. ‘That is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. There will be a hole somewhere down the line this summer,’ he said.The bottom line, in my view, is we are going to need some sort of national service, a draft, to get the people we need,’ the official said. ‘I don't see what else we can do.’ The official also told Knight Ridder that the recruiting shortfalls are having an impact on basic training schools. ‘Since March, they have canceled 15 basic training classes for the infantry at Fort Benning,’ the official said. ‘They did not have the soldiers, 220 to 230 of them, for each of those classes. Now they will begin processing smaller classes of 180 to 190.’ He said basic training schools also were beginning to receive recruits who wouldn't have been allowed to enlist a year ago because they didn't meet Army standards.” Parents are discouraging their sons and daughters from signing up. Many high school graduates no longer view the military as a viable or sane option given all the bad news coming out of Iraq. If Bush reinstates the draft (as many believe he will be forced to do) it may be the catalyst for a massive resistance which galvanizes the public to derail the fascist NeoCon agenda.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Psychological Warfare Glorfying Imerialism

Psychological Warfare, Glorifying Imperialism

“The sad truth is that today government propaganda prepares its citizens for war so skillfully that it is quite likely that they do not want the truthful, objective and balanced reporting that hero war correspondents once did their best to provide. Studies carried out after the Gulf war by Dr David Morrison, of the University of Leeds, showed that if there were a British mistake that caused a war to go badly, most people in the study felt that this mistake should never be reported, or only after the war was over.”- Fighting Dirty, Phillip Knightley Guardian Unlimited

I rarely watch television but last night I was channel surfing waiting for the NBA Championship game to come on and noticed HBO was promoting a new series called Rome and the ABC Network heavily promoted two new series: Empire and Commander in Chief. It seems Hollywood has been recruited to step up the psychological war on the AmeriKKKan public to brainwash us into accepting the notion that imperialism is hip, the way to go and the way to be. This is not new, all leaders have to pump up and manipulate the masses for war, because unless the people are barbarians and savages ( like Europeans) waging preemptive war and invasion is not a top priority. Unlike the Europeans most people on the planet do not have an ongoing history of incessant wars. (Check out European history: the 30 year War, The War of the Roses, the 40 year War, the 100 Year War, the Crimean war, WWI and WWII etc) But even with that cultural legacy the AmeriKKKans who waged a genocidal war against the native inhabitants of this land sill have to be duped and tricked to line up and march off to a foreign land to fatten the bank accounts and holdings of the ruling elites at great sacrifice to themselves! During its history and even before there was a United States of AmeriKKKa, media has played a major factor in its policies of aggression. Pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers and later electronic means such as motion pictures radio and television have been used to incite the nation to war. The most famous example is the Spanish American War which was promoted and championed by two rival newspaper publishers, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst whose circulation wars helped spawn the popularity of “yellow journalism”. The two would go to any lengths to increase readership and sales to out do the other. As a result they pumped up the Cuban “revolution” and the USS Maine explosion to justify a war with Spain which at that time was a declining empire that had already been advocated by some as a way for AmeriKKKa to emerge as an imperialist naval power. The two newspapers helped whip AmeriKKKa into a war frenzy and after defeating Spain, AmeriKKKa gained Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillippines. Since the Spanish American War the media has played an integral part in all US Wars mostly as cheerleaders and stenographers for the ruling elites, with the exception of Vietnam.
During the tumultuous ‘60's and 70's an alternative media was born that challenged the propaganda of the Johnson and Nixon administrations and fiercely opposed the war in Southeast Asia and repressive police state tactics here at home. The military and government learned valuable lessons from that experience. Once the draft was abolished following the Vietnam debacle, the Pentagon set out to alter their relationship with the press to make sure the media did not undermine their agenda. The military moved to control the flow of information so there was little or no opposition to the invasions of Grenada, Panama or the Gulf War I. Once the media was consolidated under so called deregulation into the hands of a few conglomerates favorable to right wing ideology; the stage was set for what we see today corporate media as part of the economic and political hydra. During WWII the government enlisted Hollywood and the radio networks to shill for the war. Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and to a much greater extent the present administration have the media in their back pocket. Even before 9-11 the mainstream media served as sycophants for the Bush administration, suppressing news like Bush being AWOL from the Air National Guard, his drug use, the stolen election of 2000, the corporate scandals that rocked Wall Street, government corruption and the massive malfeasance or treachery of 9-11. Now they are unabashed cheerleaders for the NeoCon agenda. They regularly push fiscal recklessness, militarism and imperialism on the “news” and “entertainment” fronts. Notice over the years, all the movies or television programs with Arab terrorists in the plot or the ones that subliminally promote a totalitarian police state. If you don’t go along, they paint you as the unpatriotic nuts. It is a vicious propaganda campaign. Don’t believe the hype! If it weren't for the openess of the Internet we would be in much worse shape. Now at least we have an alternative to their lies and foolishness. We must become more discriminating, discerning and selective in our media consumption. Conduct informal media literacy sessions in your home, question everything, even what I write, double check for accuracy and facts and then come to your own conclusions. We are being played every day and set up continuously to go along with their immoral agenda. Don’t allow them to piss on you and then convince you its raining!


Friday, June 10, 2005

How Long Before They Reinstate The Draft?

How Long Before They Reinstate the Draft?

Cox News Service
Thursday, June 09, 2005 ATLANTA — When the Pentagon releases its May recruiting figures Friday, the numbers are expected to show a continuing decline in those signing up for the Army and Marine Corps. If that downward trend continues, the specter of a military draft to fill the ranks with able bodies is likely to loom large in Washington once again. But William Chatfield, the new head of the nation's Selective Service System, said he did not anticipate that happening any time soon. "Congress, not the president, would have to approve it and I have seen nothing to indicate there is any support for it there," Chatfield said Wednesday during a visit to Atlanta.
The Army and the Marines, which are carrying the brunt of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffering the bulk of the casualties, have been struggling in recent months to meet recruiting goals. A congressional resolution introduced last fall by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), a Korean War veteran, called for the draft — which was abolished in 1973 — to be reinstituted. While that resolution was largely seen as a ploy to embarrass President Bush in an election year, Chatfield believes the 402-2 vote against it reflects the true congressional opposition to the issue. Military officials also oppose a draft, saying the all-volunteer force is easier to train and maintain than a force of reluctant draftees. Chatfield, a Marine Corps Reserve chief warrant officer, said it was nevertheless incumbent on the Selective Service to be prepared in the event Congress changes its mind.

The recruiting numbers for May for the US Army and Marines are down, they have failed to meet their quotas by significant margins for the fourth month in a row. In recent months the Army has lowered both their standards and their projected quotas and still their numbers continue to fall. An article in the New York Times dated June 8, 2005 stated, “Even after reducing its recruiting target for May, the Army missed it by about 25 percent, Army officials said on Tuesday. The shortfall would have been even bigger had the Army stuck to its original goal for the month. On Friday, the Army is expected to announce that it met only 75 percent of its recruiting goal for May, the fourth consecutive monthly shortfall in the number of new recruits sent to basic training. Just over 5,000 new recruits entered boot camp in May. But the news could have appeared worse. Early last month, the Army, with no public notice, lowered its long-stated May goal to 6,700 recruits from 8,050. Compared with the original target, the Army achieved only 62.6 percent of its goal for the month. Army officials defended the shift on Tuesday, saying it was not uncommon to change monthly goals at midyear. They said that the latest change reflected the reality that the Army was not going to meet its May goal, and that it made more sense to shift some of that quota to the summer months, traditionally a better season for recruiters to attract new high school graduates. " This does not bode well for the all volunteer military as recent public opinion polls show more and more AmeriKKKans are saying the invasion and occupation of Iraq are not worth the costs in blood or coin. Also more and more people are openly saying Bush lied to the Congresss and the AmeriKKKan people. Last month amidst a tightly contested election in England the London Times newspaper published a leaked memo called the Downing Street Memo which to many appears to be the smoking gun that will indict Bush as a liar and warmonger. The Downing Street Memo will probably cause an even higher drop in the recruiting numbers for June as more and more young people eschew signing up to be canon fodder for a lie or be crippled or maimed in the name of oil and empire.
What will the elites do to keep fresh bodies in the line of fire? The uniformed military leadership really doesn’t want to reinstate the draft because they know they would be dealing with reluctant and recalcitrant draftees who don’t want to be there, whose peers and parents would raise holy hell about their child’s conscription for a war fewer and fewer AmeriKKKans view as legitimate. However on the other hand the if the ruling elites are cold blooded and hardhearted enough to kill over 100,000 innocent Iraqis and send 1,7000 US soldiers to their deaths for a lie, what do they care about a few thousand more who are drafted? So it appears unless the Pentagon brass mutinies against the NeoConmen’s agenda, the military will continue to be stretched thinner and thinner and the morale slips lower and lower ensuring defeat. This puts the Joint Chiefs between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If they push for the reinstatement of the draft they know it will be a catalysis for massive anti-administration, anti-war demonstrations and resistence. If they stand pat, the military (both full time and reserve) will become what the head of the slumping National Guard called “a broken force.”. On the other hand this untenable situation just may be the face saving out that allows the ruling elites and their media mind control lapdogs to declare victory and pull out of Iraq. At any rate they are in a mess and neither their most rabid supporters nor the AmeriKKKan people are in any mood to help them out.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Continuing Crisis In Haiti

Continuing Crisis In Haiti

“WASHINGTON (AFP) - Increased violence in Haiti, where some 20 people were killed in recent days, is forcing US officials to consider deploying American troops to help maintain order ahead of general elections in the violence-torn Caribbean country. Haiti's elections, currently scheduled for the last quarter of 2005, are seen as crucial for a return to stability and the eventual withdrawal of thousands of United Nations peacekeepers. The US embassy in Port-Au-Prince has directly asked the government of US President George W. Bush to consider sending several hundred US Marines to help keep order, The Washington Post reported Sunday.” Yahoo News 06-05-05

One of the three sovereign nations the Bush administration has “successfully” executed regime change in is Haiti. By successful I mean the Bush administration accomplished their goal of ousting the targeted leadership. However there is an alarming pattern that seems to always accompany Bush’s actions. In every instance the country Bush invades ends up in worse shape following regime change than before! It appears the Bush administration knows how to plan an invasion but not how to secure the territory or pacify the masses once they invade it. The small Caribbean nation of Haiti is populated mostly by descendants of Africans brought to the island in chains to work the sugar fields . These Africans shocked and awed the world by soundly defeating and overthrowing their slavers and establishing the second free republic in the hemisphere. For this, the European imperialist powers have never forgiven the Haitian people. The whites have made it their mission to torture and torment those Africans for daring to defeat their armies and puncture the myth of European superiority and invincibility. The Africans were determined to be free and continued to prevail despite the onerous debt burden France and the US put upon them to compensate for the lost revenues from France’s most profitable colony! After the European nations gave up trying to re-subjugate Haiti, AmeriKKKa took up the challenge. AmeriKKKa refused to even recognize Haiti as a sovereign nation from 1804 to 1864! AmeriKKKan war ships kept a weary eye on the island nation from 1850 until the US invaded the island in 1915. Since then there have been reoccurring invasions and occupations leading up to the most recent one in 2004. Haiti gets very little press because of the way the Bush administration assisted the coup and because Haiti is now in shambles just like the other two examples of Bush bungling, arrogance and hubris: Afghanistan and Iraq.
Haiti is in worse condition now than before the US helped oust the dully elected leader Jean Bertrand Aristide. Aristide was kidnaped or forced into exile depending on which version you believe on February 29, 2004 following a US sanctioned coup let by the same mulatto jackals and thugs who ousted Aristide (who won a popular election in 1990) in 1991. Following the 2004 coup a puppet caretaker regime was set up, but just like in Afghanistan and Iraq conditions have worsened for the average Haitian. International reports indicate there has been an increase in violence in Haiti. Over twenty civilians were killed last Saaturday and there have been attacks aimed at international “peace keepers” and diplomats. Things are so bad, the Washington Post reported last Sunday the US Embassy in Port Au Prince has requested that Washington send several hundred additional US Marines to help keep the peace. Someone once said, “those who failed to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them.” We see this maxim being played out in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti; three places that just coincidentally were invaded and occupied by the Bush administration. All three countries are in worse condition now than before Bush initiated the invasions. And in the case of Haiti that’s really sayings something.
Afghanistan has had their “ presidential elections” and just coincidentally a former US CIA asset and oil company consultant, Hamid Karzai, was “elected” there. His main purpose was to get the trans-Afghanistan pipelines constructed and work is going on as you read this. But he is forced due to constant threats on his life to remain bunkered in Kabul protected by US Special Forces as the opium growing and trafficking (which were completely shutdown by the Taliban) and the violence increases daily. There were popular elections in Iraq in January but the government has been ineffective, stalled by infighting as the US works assiduously to get one of its quislings in place to forestall the establishment of an Islamic theocracy there. Meanwhile the invaders and Iraqi collaborators are catching pure hell as the anti-occupation struggle has increased all over Iraq. As the beleaguered Bush administration tries its best to spin the bad news favorably, with the help of a compliant mainstream media, more and more AmeriKKKans are turning to alternative sources for information. Which brings us to the point of this piece: Haiti is scheduled to hold municipal, parliamentary and presidential “elections” in late 2005. The caretaker government established with the backing of Uncle Sam has been ineffective and has allowed drug smuggling, increased violence and a deteriorating standard of living , to add to the ills plaguing Haiti already the poorest nation (due to neocolonialism). If you look and connect the dots this is exactly what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.! What this pattern means is, if Bush invades another country we will see more and more of the same. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people (NeoConmen) expecting things to turn out differently. The only way things will turn out differently is if we the people wake up and turn Bush and Co. out!