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Approaching The Point of No Return

Approaching The Point of No Return

Someone once asked Neely Fuller if all white people were racists. Fuller
responded it didn’t make any difference because those whites who are racist are far more powerful and better organized than those who professnot to be. In 2002 millions of Westerners around the world demonstrated for peace in a futile attempt to convince the real Axis of Evil England-AmeriKKKa and Israel not to launch an invasion of Iraq. Alas in 2003 the fascist warmongers were more powerful and better organized than those whites who professed they desired peace. The corporate media
served as cheerleaders and stenographers for the Bu$h administration’s lies about WMD and terrorism which they used as a pretext to justify their carnage. As the warmongers initiated another AmeriKKKan imperialist invasion of yet another nation that lacked the military capability to defend itself against AmeriKKKan aggression (Haiti and Afghanistan being the two previous countries) US citizens stood by and
allowed their government to invade yet another country that posed no threat to the US which had done nothing to threaten AmeriKKKa’s security.
Here we are four years later after over 600,000 Iraqis have been brutally murdered by war crimes (the US “shock and awe” attack on Baghdad which murdered numerous innocent civilians, the needlessly devastating assault on Fallujah), wanton collateral damage, ruthless and heavy handed military assaults, covert black ops, the shame and horrors of US behavior at Abu Ghraib and other facilities; for what? What have the AmeriKKKan people gained from any of this? The US has bankrupted itself morally as well as financially as a cunningly fiendish Zionist/NeoCon cabal
manipulated the Anglo-AmeriKKKan military industrial imperialist machine into chalking another notch on its Neo-colonial gun and carry out an agenda favorable only to Israel and a few corporations. The masses of AmeriKKKans have not benefited from any of this, we are weary of perpetual war and the bogus War on Terror, the endless casualties, lies and tricks. AmeriKKKa is looking more like Nazi Germany in ‘39 as the Bu$h regime invaded Iraq and intensified the police state at home
gutting the US Bill of Rights and Constitution. In so doing, Bu$h makes Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon look like Boy Scouts or choir boys. White AmeriKKKa is fast approaching (of they have not already passed it) the point of no return, a point when AmeriKKKa becomes a hideous monster and ravaging threat to world peace and stability. It is ironic, AmeriKKKa is now seen around the world as far worse than the psychopathic monstrosities the AmeriKKKa mind control apparatus has
depicted its enemies and ideological rivals as. "In increasing numbers, people around the globe resent American power and wealth and reject specific actions like the occupation of Iraq and the campaign against democratically elected Palestinian leaders, in-depth international polling shows. Analysts say America's image problem is pervasive, deep and perhaps permanent, an inevitable outcome of being the world's only superpower. But there is worse news. In the past, while Europeans, Asians and Arabs might have disliked American policies or specific U.S. leaders, they liked and admired Americans themselves.Polls now show an ominous turn. Majorities around the world think Americans are greedy, violent and rude, and fewer than half in countries like Poland, Spain, Canada, China and Russia think Americans are honest. ‘We
found a rising antipathy toward Americans,’ said Bruce Stokes of the Pew Global Attitudes Project, which interviewed 93,000 people in 50 countries over a four-year span. The dislike is accelerating among youths, Stokes said. For instance, 20 percent of Britons under age 30 have an unfavorable opinion of Americans, double the percentage of 2002." World opinion of U.S. sinking Dislike of everything American on
the rise Wednesday, May 17, 2006 By David Wood Newhouse News Service
Not only don’t the people of the world approve of US foreign policies, more and more astute people feel the AmeriKKKan government itself is the prime culprit. "The global view of the United States’ role in world affairs has significantly deteriorated over the last year according to a BBC World Service poll of more than 26,000 people across 25 different countries. As the United States government prepares to send a further 21,500 troops to Iraq, the survey reveals that three in four (73%) disapprove of how the US government has dealt with Iraq. The poll shows
that in the 18 countries that were previously polled, the average percentage saying that the United States is having a mainly positive influence in the world has dropped seven points from a year ago--from 36 percent to 29 percent—after having already dropped four points the year before. Across all 25 countries polled, one citizen in two (49%) now says the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world. Over two-thirds (68%) believe the US military presence in the Middle East provokes more conflict than it prevents and only 17 percent believes US troops there are a stabilizing force. The poll shows that world citizens disapprove of the way the US government has handled all six of the foreign policy areas explored. After the Iraq war (73% disapproval), majorities across the 25 countries also disapprove of US handling of Guantanamo detainees (67%), the Israeli-Hezbollah war (65%), Iran’s
nuclear program (60%), global warming (56%), and North Korea’s nuclear program (54%). Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes comments, ‘According to world public opinion, these days the US government hardly seems to be able to do anything right.’ The survey of 26,381 respondents across 25 countries was conducted for the BBC World Service by the international polling firm GlobeScan together with the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at
the University of Maryland. GlobeScan coordinated fieldwork during November 2006 to January 2007 (mainly following the US mid-term elections). GlobeScan president Doug Miller comments, ‘The US Administration’s recent decision to send more troops to Iraq is at odds with global public opinion that thinks the US military presence in the region provokes more conflict than it prevents. This policy is likely to
further hurt America’s image.'"
Morally AmeriKKKa is on the brink of total collapse, as a nation it is
on the precipice of a great abyss, the place all empires find themselves
sooner or later. For AmeriKKKa it has come much sooner than expected due
to the nation’s history of moral laxity and total disregard of spiritual
laws. Someone once said, “When you find yourself standing at the edge of
a cliff, progress is not taking two steps forward.” If AmeriKKKa is to
extricate itself from its self-inflicted negative KARMA, more and more
people will have to motivate and empower themselves to take the
requisite actions to raise their consciousness and live in accordance
with their elevated values and priorities. This means confronting the
government and taking matters into their own hands. Otherwise the same
thing Neely Fuller said about white folks being racists, applies to
AmeriKKKans being warmongers and psychopaths.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Aiding Our Own Destruction

Aiding In Our Own Destruction

“For a very large percentage of White Americans, young Black males, sexual promiscuity and criminality are synonymous. In the dominant White American consciousness the African male is existentially guilty (i.e. he is guilty by his mere existence) for merely having the audacity of being alive. There is a pervasive feeling among many White Americans that their world would be much more secure if all young Black males were imprisoned, solitarily confined to their ghettos, or kept under constant surveillance. It is no quirky coincidence that such perceptions, feelings and attitudes toward African American males occur most prevalently within the context of White American dominance. Ultimately, criminality of the Black male regardless of its nature, truth or reality, resides in any act or attitude on the part of Black males which appears to White Americans to defy White American authority, control or dominance. It is White America which defines criminality and writes the criminal codes. It writes these codes not in the interest of justice as defined by its won moral code, but in the interest of maintaining, justifying and enforcing its continued dominance of the African American community.” Amos N. Wilson Black on Black Violence The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation In Service of White Domination Page 9

I live near Philadelphia Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. Currently my former home town is going through an escalating rash of homicides, mostly Black on Black. I used to work in the city as a juvenile probation officer. One of the reasons I retired (aside from having the age to do so) was because of the frustration of seeing so many young Black males continuing to engage in behaviors I knew would either get them injured, killed or sent to prison as adults. Too many of my clients were caught up in the “gangsta” and hustler mentality propagated by the so called entertainment industry which is being used to criminalize Black males in the minds of Whites, justify draconian laws and massive increases in public spending to expand an emerging prison industry. In the last twenty years Pennsylvania has spent more money constructing prisons, expanding and enlarging existing prisons than they have state colleges. This pattern has been replicated in most states around the country which is why people of African descent and Latinos make up over sixty per cent of the total US prison population. “In twelve states, between 10 and 15 percent of adult black men are incarcerated. In ten states, between 5 and 10 percent of black adults are incarcerated. In twelve states, black men are incarcerated at rates between twelve and sixteen times greater than those of white men. In fifteen states, black women are incarcerated at rates between ten and thirty-five times greater than those of white women. In six states, black youth under age eighteen are incarcerated in adult facilities at rates between twelve and twenty-five times greater than those of white youth.” Race and Incarceration in the United States Human Rights Watch Press Backgrounder
Young brothers who fancy themselves as street hustling drug dealers have no clue what they are in for. The media has glamorized the street culture and prison life to the point prison fashion is the norm in the Black community (sagging pants, flip flops and white socks, work jump-suits etc). Their own conversations exhibits their ignorance of the forces arrayed against them and how they are playing into the trap. Most of the young males I spoke to while working as a probation officer and as a volunteer mentor to middle school youngsters expressed no “legitimate” goals or notions of what life would be like for them five to ten years hence other than balling or entertainment. Few if any talked about being alive, productive and engaged in the struggle to better conditions for our people. The few that expressed goals had not thought out or planned how they would manifest them or even knew how to realistically go about making them real. It is no surprise in a milieu such as this, death and nihilism reign.
We should not blame ourselves for this state of affairs because it was politically and culturally induced. It is part of an overarching program of white domination. But we must accept some responsibility for our lives and the way things are. Our culpability is for not providing the counterweights to the decadent, aspiritual values and self-destructive lifestyles being promoted by the mass media and its Sambo pied pipers of psychopathy like Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre and Russell Simmons; who by the way would not be where they are if they had not been financed, promoted and distributed by whites who are using them to further their own nefarious agendas.
The dysfunction and fratricide we see in cities like Philadelphia are symptomatic of a massive program of menticide (the deliberate destruction of our minds) by our enemies. Merely telling our children to love themselves, learn about our history and practice the Nguzu Saba in a vicious and hostile culture that handsomely rewards all Blacks who work on behalf of our oppressors is unrealistic. We have to demonstrate to them how the actions (past and present) of traitors and zombies have hurt us and undermined our survival. The killings in Philadelphia have now reached one a day thus far this year with no end in sight. This needless waste of life is exacerbated by a “Stop Snitching” mentality within the community that intimidates anyone from revealing who the miscreants are and holding them accountable. This is one reason the carnage, fear and internal terrorism continues unabated. I understand why there is a weariness to talk to the police but what about the Black community, residents know who the drug dealers are, they know who the gangstas are. The question is, why are we so impotent when it comes to dealing with our young people?
Protecting the community begins in the home. We must rear and teach our children the importance of respect for self and kind. To fail to do so is an open invitation to self-destruction! We must model values, attitudes and behaviors that demonstrate the importance and high priority of maintaining good health, positive relationships and behavior. We must tell and show our children the real deal about White racism. Most of all we have to monitor and screen the media content we allow into our homes and our children’s lives. We must learn and teach media literacy, so we ourselves know and can pass on how and what the words and images mean and the impact they have on us psychologically and emotionally. Lastly we must become more politically astute. The fratricide in our communities helps further the goals of our enemies.
We must get the word out about the global elites plans for planetary depopulation. For more information look up the National Security Study. It can be find at It is a real eye opener and will give you a new perspective on what the European ruling elites intend for the rest of us (their own people included). In their self-hatred, ignorance and youthful recklessness our young people are playing right into the hands and programs of our enemies. It is a deliberate program of mind manipulation/programming and menticide. The dysfunction and psychopathy we see in our communities is nothing more than a conscious albeit perverted and misguided attempt to mimic White folks and have what White AmeriKKKa has. We have been programmed and coerced to accept the materialistic values, predatory modus operandi, to want the perishable things, the ever elusive trappings of “success” as defined by a barbarian culture in a vein effort to gain personal power and “esteem”. We do it whether we are hard core ghetto or superficial bougie middle class wanna bees. Our esteemed ancestor Amos N. Wilson explains it this way, “African American needs, tastes, lacks, deprivations, empty spaces, are instigated and sustained by a pre-existing, White American organized, owned and controlled production and politicoeconomic system. Hence, Black on Black ‘criminal’ needs are essentially the same as those exhibited by all ‘noncriminal’ Americans.” Black on Black Violence The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation In Service of White Domination page 126.
If we are to survive, our first priority must be to reclaim our minds, we must decide we want to return to being human beings as opposed to mindless automatons, zombies and amoral caricatures of our enemies. Our African ancestors taught the world what it meant to be self-actualizing human beings, we need to resurrect their teachings, restore them for use during these turbulent times in order to save ourselves. It all begins in the mind, in our thinking and cogitation. We must reject the values, priorities and lifestyles of our enemies and return to sanity. Unless we find ways to alter our consciousness we will succumb to our ignorant choices and be flushed down the moral toilet with the rest of the West.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Real African Fathers An Endangered Species

Real African Fathers, An Endangered Species

“We must now increasingly be in search of a way to give the Black boy a sense of becoming a man, a clearer sense of self and of purpose, responsibility to his roles as father, husband, a sacredness of self and others in the context of a more attentive family and community network of adult collaboration.” The Making of the Black Male Shortage-and its Implications for the Black Family Nathan Hare Ph.D. and Julia Hare Ed.D

As AmeriKKKa celebrates the marketing ploy called “Father’s Day” we should mentally process the wanton irony/hypocrisy of it all. Black people and Black families in particular are under relentless and ruthless assault by the Euro-AmeriKKKan system, and we have been since our arrival here as captives in 1619. Until the Post Civil Rights era we knew our condition and circumstances were clearly the result of an egregiously racist socio-economic and political system that made color caste and ancestry the dominant form of discrimination. However following the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act in the ‘60's and the establishment of “affirmative action” in the ‘70's which were specifically designed to cool out Black militancy and serve as the soft glove working in conjunction with the ruthless hard fist of COINTELPRO and other government counterinsurgency programs to destabilize, compromise and undermine Black leadership and destabilize the community.
Black males in particular have been demonized, criminalized and maginalized in increasing numbers in recent years as the Euro-AmeriKKKan economic system has had less use for us as laborers in the domestic economy and we have shunned being used as cannon fodder in their imperialist wars. Africans in AmeriKKKa have been stigmatized by the mass media, we have been and still are denigrated and made to believe our pathology is our fault when in fact it has been/is politically and culturally induced by our oppressors. Our African ancestors invented the concept of family and over time took it to a whole ‘nother level in terms of complexity, functionality and practicality. So it was/is imperative for the Europeans to destroy all semblance of the African family structure if our forced transformation into chattel and mindless self-hating zombies was to be successful and complete. It is a testament to the resiliency of African people, our ancestor’s indomitable will and connection to their African social heritage that they attempted to overcame the devastating impacts of slavery, Jim Crow apartheid to even make forming families a priority.
However our oppressors were/are equally determined to destroy us. They know the best way to weaken and debilitate a people is to condition them to be disorganized, fragmented and outer directed. What they no longer do on the plantations, a way of life that has disappeared, they formulated ways to do in the cities using social and government policies. For example in the mid ‘60's in order for a Black family to get Aid To Dependent Children or welfare an able bodied man could not live in the home. Given the high unemployment, the massive job and pay discrimination that existed at that time many in tact families sought ADC and welfare to help make ends meet or as their main source of sustenance. To get the money, food stamps and coupons they had to comply with the policies or else the Welfare Workers who visited the home to see if conditions were being adhered to would cut off the “benefits”. So more and more men started abandoning their families. In another blatant attack on the institution of the family, states made getting a divorce easier both from a governmental and religious standpoint. Thus we have experienced a downturn in “stable marriages”, (if there ever was such a thing in AmeriKKKa) which is why we see so many families headed by single (usually female) parents. These are, as I often reiterate, public (and religious) policy decisions formulated by white men that have negatively impacted our communities in major ways. These policies and our choices flowing from them have helped shape much of the dysfunction, pathology and disorganization we see around us.
These public policies have helped make Black men marginal and obsolete. Couple these specific policies with the massive importation of lethal drugs into our communities, draconian drug laws and sentencing policies that have fueled a gargantuan expansion of the prison industrial complex, add failing educational systems, easy access to weapons and media (print, television, motion pictures, CD video games) that devalue life, promote violence and thuggery and we can see why we are in the predicament we are in. The primary target of all of this has been Black men. In fact the popular group Public Enemy’s logo was a black man in the cross hairs of a police (the state) gun sight!
The pathologies that permeate our communities are killing us. We have a whole generation of young people who not only aren’t prepared intellectually or vocationally to support themselves or a family, they definitely aren’t psychologically or emotionally prepared to live in a racist culture bent on destroying them. As a result, they are co-operating with and inadvertently supporting the genocidal programs of our oppressor. I should not use the pronoun “they” because we elders are just as guilty! COINTELPRO impacted us also. We went too far underground, we gave up the resistence, we sold out the freedom struggle and have allowed the oppressor to set the tone and tenor for our existence.
For example the notion of and even the word struggle is no longer in our vocabulary! We turn our children over to our enemy for their education and we do absolutely nothing to counter the negative values being pumped at us 24/7 on media owned by our enemies and a small group of apolitical/comatose “Blacks”. Black men are being criminalized daily and the really sad part about it is, unlike the tradition started by D. W. Griffin, and followed by the rest of white media, it is now being done by Black folks like Russell Simmons, P Diddy, Snoop Dog and other socially irresponsible Sambos. The plantation system is alive and well in AmeriKKKa.
Just as during slavery, Black men today cannot or have chosen not to take a direct role in raising, protecting defending or nurturing their wives, children and families which is having a devastating impact on our children and our communities. During slavery whites didn’t recognize unions or “marriages” of slaves. But we did! Our ancestors honored those unions. But today only the marriage ceremony is popular in the Black community, not the institution of the family! The divorce rate is over fifty per cent and climbing. Things are so bad now our young people view getting married as “acting white.” Imagine the descendants of the people who invented marriage and family saying something like that?! Within a social context such as this, being a man is not defined as being an in the home father, the protector, provider for the family and a positive role model for the community. In today’s milieu, being a man is being a pimp/hustler, disrespectful of self and kind or the latest low life sociopathic fad.
African notions of manhood and fatherhood that withstood thousands of years of challenges, pressures and tests, even the Maafa, slavery and Jim Crow have almost been obliterated in less then two generations. This is not an accident, nor is it entirely our fault. It is definitely by design. Unfortunately too many of us have internalized the anti-African values of our oppressors or we succumbed to their menticidal agenda. The only solution is a global movement to teach, retrain and model African manhood from a perspective that meets the needs and demands of today. Time is of the essence, yet we have no sense of urgency, no survival plan. If we fail to develop a counter strategy to the Europeans’ genocidal agenda we will end up worse off than the Native Americans.
This is not hyperbole. Katrina should have taught us a cruel lesson. Our survival is our own hands. If we fail to do whatever is necessary to produce a generation of African warriors/problem solvers/saviors we will have failed ourselves, the ancestors and our progeny and we deserve whatever happens to us.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Teetering On The Brink of Apocalypse

Teetering On The Brink of Apocalypse

“In Iraq, the new 'Hydrocarbon Law,' if it passes the puppet parliament, is a shameless scheme to rape and plunder the country's oil treasure. It's a blueprint for privatization giving foreign investors (meaning US and UK mainly) a bonanza of resources, leaving Iraqis a sliver for themselves. Its complex provisions give the Iraqi National Oil Company exclusive control of just 17 of the country's 80 known oil fields with all yet-to-be-discovered deposits set aside for foreign investors. It's even worse with Big Oil free to expropriate all earnings with no obligation to invest anything in Iraq's economy, partner with Iraqi companies, hire local workers, respect union rights, or share new technologies. Foreign investors would be granted long-term contracts up to 35 years, dispossessing Iraq of its own resources in a scheme to steal them. That's what launched our road to war in 1991 having nothing to do with Saddam threatening anyone. It hasn't stopped since. The Bush (preventive war) Doctrine spelled out our intentions in June, 2002. It then became NSS policy in September getting us directly embroiled in the Middle East and Central Asia and indirectly with proxy forces in countries like Somalia so other oil-rich African nations (like Sudan) get the message either accede to our will or you're next in the target queue. With the world's energy supplies finite, the US heavily dependent on imports, and ‘peak oil’ near or approaching, ‘security’ for America means assuring a sustainable supply of what we can't do without. It includes waging wars to get it, protect it, and defend the maritime trade routes over which it travels. That means energy's partnered with predatory New World Order globalization, militarism, wars, ecological recklessness, and now an extremist US administration willing to risk Armageddon for world dominance. Central to its plan is first controlling essential resources everywhere, at any cost, starting with oil and where most of it is located in the Middle East and Central Asia.” Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them? by Stephen Lendman

The barbarian elites who rule the West ( and their puppets) have determined that perpetual wars designed to control, expropriate and exploit the natural, mineral and human resources of much of the world is the way to go and the rest of us will have to suffer through this nightmare of pillage, plunder, rapine and carnage. Because they are psychopathic heathens they don’t care their agenda will result in massive death, devastation, destruction and deprivation for the human race. We can see this happening now in Haiti, Columbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and coming soon to a war zone near you: Nigeria, Sudan and Iran. Under the guise of “national security” and the totally bogus “Global War on Terror” the barbarians use slick propaganda and psychological warfare on their own people (and captive populations like us) to justify, rationalize and initiate carnage and bloodletting on a world wide scale. They use the media, their social institutions and ennobling language to justify their slaughter and rapine. The Bu$h administration, the latest New World Order sycophants seems determined to carry out global resource wars designed to extend US corporate and military hegemony over large swaths of the planet.
Recently the Bu$h administration shared its “thinking” on Iraq saying they were using the extended US presence in Korea as a “model” . I have been saying for years the savages who ordered the invasion of Iraq have no plans whatsoever of departing from the region any time soon. The fascists who run the US government covet Iraq’s oil, while the Zionists who plan to destabilize their Arab and Muslim neighbors have a mutual interest in establishing a permanent Neo-Colonial military occupation of the region. Bu$h, the NWO’s useful idiot, his Secretary of State Gates and the top military man in Iraq have all indicated they favor an extended military presence in Iraq. In fact the US has been paying for construction of major military bases since the invasion and plan to create four giant bases in Iraq. “In May 2005, United States military forces in Iraq occupied 106 bases, according to a report in the Washington Post.1 Military commanders told that newspaper they eventually planed to consolidate these bases into four large airbases at Tallil, Al Asad, Balad and either Irbil or Qayyarah. But other reports suggest the U.S. military has plans for even more bases: In April 2003 report in The New York Times reported that ‘the U.S. is planning a long-term military relationship with the emerging government of Iraq, one that would grant the Pentagon access to military bases and project American influence into the heart of the unsettled region.’ According to the Chicago Tribune, U.S. engineers are focusing on constructing 14 ‘enduring bases,’ to serve as long-term encampments for thousands of American troops. As of mid-2005, the U.S. military had 106 forward operating bases in Iraq, including what the Pentagon calls 14 ‘enduring’ bases (twelve of which are located on the map) – all of which are to be consolidated into four mega-bases.”
To “pacify” Iraq Bu$h and company have escalated the aerial assault and have sent more troops into Baghdad in a futile attempt to squash the anti-occupation resistence fighters. This means more killing and more maiming. US casualties have soured and the bombings are killing more Iraqis generating more anti-AmeriKKKan sentiment, this is a lose-lose situation all the way around. “BAGHDAD - Four years into the war that opened with ‘shock and awe,’ U.S. warplanes have again stepped up attacks in Iraq, dropping bombs at more than twice the rate of a year ago. The air power escalation parallels a nearly four-month-old security crackdown that is bringing 30,000 additional U.S. troops into Baghdad and its surroundings - an urban campaign aimed at restoring order to an area riven with sectarian violence .It also reflects increased availability of planes from U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. And it appears to be accompanied by a rise in Iraqi civilian casualties. In the first 4 ½ months of 2007, American aircraft dropped 237 bombs and missiles in support of ground forces in Iraq, already surpassing the 229 expended in all of 2006, according to U.S. Air Force figures obtained by The Associated Press.”
Bu$h has in effect escalated the war/occupation of Iraq! His stealth escalation of the occupation was aided by the sell out Democrats who recently caved in and continued funding the occupation with no demands for troop withdrawals or draw down time lines. The AmeriKKKan people’s wishes for a rapid end to this fiasco are being ignored as the warmongers in both political parties have committed to increasing the carnage in Iraq. In addition to the escalation of the Iraq occupation, the US is now bombing Somalia and supporting reactionary puppet/proxy forces from Ethiopia in their invasion of Somalia as they attempt to soften Somalia up for the eventual US take over of Somalia’s oil resources.
Meanwhile the NeoCon/Zionist warmongers are frothing at the mouth going crazier every day trying to foment a pretext for a pre-emptive attack on Iran similar to the Israelis who bombed the French built Iraqi nuclear reactor back in 1981. Such an attack would escalate hostilities throughout the region and perhaps bring the world to the brink of nuclear war. Both Russia and China have diplomatic and economic relations with Iran. China buys a lot of oil from Iran. A direct attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel or the US would cause massive nuclear fallout that would endanger the whole region and be perceived by Russia and China as an indirect attack upon them and their people!
Do the NeoCons care? Do they care they’ve murder over 600,000 Iraqis? Obviously not. Depopulation is one of the New World Order goals so they literally will kill two birds with one stone. These savages have the world on the brink of disaster. There is no doubt they pose a dire threat to the global ecosystem and all humanity. “The new ‘Great Game's’ begun, but this time the stakes are greater than ever as explained above. The old one lasted nearly 100 years pitting the British empire against Tsarist Russia when the issue wasn't oil. This time, it's the US with help from Israel, Britain, the West, and satellite states like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan challenging Russia and China with today's weapons and technology on both sides making earlier ones look like toys. At stake is more than oil. It's planet earth with survival of all life on it issue number one twice over. Resources and wars for them means militarism is increasing, peace declining, and the planet's ability to sustain life front and center, if anyone's paying attention. They'd better be because beyond the point of no return, there's no second chance the way Einstein explained after the atom was split. His famous quote on future wars was : ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’” Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them? by Stephen Lendman
All is not lost, peace loving people of the world could through acts of supreme sanity and great courage turn these psychopaths out thereby preventing World War III or IV depending on whose version of history you subscribe to. General strikes, boycotts and various forms of civil disobedience could be extremely effective in altering the warmonger’s plans and policies. The alternative is certain perpetual lies more war, death and destruction.


Friday, June 01, 2007

War and Thievery Under The Guise of Humanitarianism

War and Thievery Under The Guise of Humanitarianism

“It is apparent that one of the principal reasons behind the unequivocally hostile United States policy towards Sudan is the current administration’s independence from regional U.S. geopolitical objectives and interests. Sudan’s stance of economic independence in particular has brought the government into direct conflict with U.S. interests. The independent Muslim journal Crescent International affiliated to the Toronto-based Institute for Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) noted in 1999 that Sudan “has vast agricultural and mineral resources, is blessed with two large rivers, the Blue Nile and White Nile, and is Africa’s biggest country.” Sudan is also brimming with oil fields and began exporting oil for the first time on 30 August 1999 in contravention of U.S. interests. “Sudan is now producing 150,000 barrels per day, and intends to increase this soon, while domestic consumption varies from 60,000 to 65,000 barrels per day. Sudan is not only self-sufficient in oil now, but also in a position to earn valuable foreign currency”. Domestic resources in Sudan are liable to be utilized in emerging policies of independent development.” United States Terrorism in the Sudan The Bombing of Al-Shifa and its Strategic Role in U.S.-Sudan Relations y Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

George W Bu$h recently imposed economic “sanctions” on the government of Sudan, because of the alleged “genocide” and ongoing conflict in the Darfur region. “United Nations, June 1 (AP): Sudan's UN ambassador accused President George W Bush of imposing new economic sanctions against his country for domestic political reasons and said Americans should feel "ashamed" because the government is making progress on peacekeeping, political, and humanitarian issues in Darfur. In an interview yesterday with The Associated Press, Ambassador Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohamad, said US sanctions ‘will cripple the humanitarian situation in Darfur’ and elsewhere in the country, because they target railways, airplanes and other transportation links. But he noted that when the US first imposed sanctions nearly 10 years ago, ‘we make miracles ... and we emerged as an oil exporting country because of their sanctions. Now maybe it is a blessing in disguise,’ Mohamad said. ‘We will prove to them that we are resilient and we will grow stronger than what they think. We will transform the challenges into opportunities.’

Most folks have been hearing about the conflict in Sudan for the past four years but have not taken the time to peek beneath the headlines of the corporate mind control apparatus to see what is really going on. If we were in our right minds as African people, we would be extremely skeptical if not down right antagonistic towards any and all European calls for intervention in any part of Africa, let alone a country like Sudan that is blessed with abundant natural resources coveted by the larcenous West. Is there actually conflict in Sudan? Yes. Will intervention by the West, NATO or a puppet African Union resolve the core issues in this struggle? Probably not because the last thing the Europeans want is real lasting peace and stability in the region. Is there conflict in the Horn of Africa? Yes. Does this conflict threaten to destabilize the whole region? Yes. Is this conflict because of the megalomania, ineptitude and corruption of the African leaders? Some, but most of it is based upon the geopolitical realities of Neo-Colonialism and the resource wars that are heating up between the West, its surrogates like Israel and emerging powers like China.

It’s no secret most of the nations targeted for regime change by the Bu$h cabal are Muslim and just coincidently (if you believe in such coincidences) happen to sit over massive reserves of oil or other natural resources coveted by the larcenous Western powers and their client state Israel. Europeans long ago realized they were a minority of the world’s population and the only way they could dominate the world was through maximizing the tactic and strategies of “divide conquer and rule”. Everywhere they’ve set foot on this planet outside of the Eurasian continent they have employed this strategy. A cursory review of European contacts with non-Europeans dating back several thousand years will reveal how they developed and modified their divide and rule program over time. In the modern era they did/do it by fomenting strife and conflicts between differing ethnic or tribal groups, arming both sides and sitting back watching them(or prompting and helping them) kill each other. This is exactly what is happening in Sudan and Darfur.

“From the early 1990s onwards, the U.S. implemented a two-pronged strategy against Sudan designed to destabilise its government. The policy enlisted the support of three of Sudan’s neighbours - Uganda, Eritrea and Ethiopia – and involved support for rebels from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) fighting in the south. According to the National Security News Service (NSNS) reliable reports in the French media show that: ‘The SPLA rebels receive political and indirect military support from the United States, via American military assistance to Uganda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.’ The NSNS reports that U.S. military support of the SPLA has been confirmed by Roger Winter, Director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees, and was further confirmed when U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright officially met SPLA leader John Garang in January 1998 during her trip to Africa. Africa Confidential, for example, reported that in Uganda the SPLA ‘has already received U.S. help via Uganda”, while U.S. special forces are on 'open-ended deployment' with the rebels.[39] As the Boston Globe elaborated: ‘To the peril of regional stability, the Clinton Administration has used northern Uganda as a military training ground for southern Sudanese rebels fighting the Muslim government of Khartoum.’ Eritrea and Ethiopia are used similarly to provide military assistance to the SPLA. The Sunday Times reported that: ‘The Clinton administration has launched a covert campaign to destabilise the government of Sudan... More than $20m of military equipment, including radios, uniforms and tents will be shipped to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda in the next few weeks. Although the equipment is earmarked for the armed forces of those countries, much of it will be passed on to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which is preparing an offensive against the government in Khartoum.’” United States Terrorism in the Sudan The Bombing of Al-Shifa and its Strategic Role in U.S.-Sudan Relations

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army has been co-opted by the West and is being used to destabilize the central government in Khartoum. “And so, while John Garang’s Sudan People’s Liberation started out as a true African liberation force, liberation is something the Western world will not accept for African populations, especially when there is American oil under their soil. Every single liberation struggle has been co-opted or curtailed by Western powers. John Garang’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), through clandestine deals with powerful Western institutions, was transformed, fairly early on, from a people’s movement to just another mercenary army serving the imperatives of power and private profit. The SPLA leader John Garang was a Christian of the southern minority Dinka tribe with a degree from Grinnell College (Iowa) and advanced degrees from Iowa State, and with military training from the U.S. Army's Fort Benning Georgia, the U.S. military academy which includes the infamous School of the Americas, notable for training Latin American militaries in torture, massacres and assassinations.” Oil in Darfur? Special Ops in Somalia? The New Old "Humanitarian" Warfare in Africa by Keith Harmon Snow

“There is no mistaking this: the conclusion that can easily be drawn, if we reduce the Darfur situation to the simplest terms, is that it is about oil, the Chinese and Arabs have it, and we want it. Who is ‘we’? While some powerful corporate factions connected to the Anglo-American-Israeli power structure are cooperating with the Government of Sudan, others are excluded from the profits to be made on oil and, as we will see, other things. So how do powerful corporations excluded from a piece of the Sudan pie get at that pie? Divide and conquer. Covert operations. Psychological operations. Unwittingly obtuse English professors jumping up and down and screaming, ‘atrocities, atrocities, atrocities.’

Here’s the scenario.

First: create instability and chaos that gives the appearance of Arabs fighting Africans (it’s always those other people over there killing each other). Second: wage a media campaign that focuses a laser beam of public attention on the rising instability. Third: whip up public opinion and fury among a highly manipulated Western population who will, quite literally, believe anything. Fourth: make sure the devil—this time it’s the Janjaweed—comes on horseback. This latter point underscores the tight, unwavering narrative of good versus evil. Fifth: demonize the ‘enemy’ [read: dirty A-Rabs] and their partners [Chinese oil companies]. Sixth: onward Christian soldiers and their ‘humanitarian’ armies; enter ‘Save Darfur!’ and, voila!, a movement is born. Seventh: continue to chip away the power of the enemy by chipping away at their credibility. Eighth: under the banners of high moral approbation, and with full support of a deeply caring Western public, overthrow the malevolent forces [of Islam and the Orient] and instill a benevolent, peace-loving, pro-democracy government. Last: wipe away the sanctions, no longer needed, and bring much-needed ‘development’ to another backward country. And there you have it: yet another civilizing mission to conquer those barbaric Arab hoardes, and those starving, helpless, uneducated, diseased, tribal, Africans.” ibid

The US is not the only mischief maker in the region. Israel which covets the water from the mighty Nile River (Sudan hosts both the Blue Nile and the White Nile) as well as other mineral resources, has also been active in fomenting and supporting discord in the region. “Just as it was becoming apparent that peace would break out in the south, in 2003 another civil war flared up in the Darfur region in western Sudan. Starting in February 2003, well-armed rebels of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), supported by USA and Israel through the intermediary countries of Eritrea and Chad respectively, launched a series of attacks on police stations in Darfur killing many hundreds of police officers. With this police infrastructure gone, Darfur, a remote region (in an impoverished country) with many groups competing for farm and grazing land, turned into a violent lawless zone with many armed groups fighting each other, e.g., SLA, JEM, the Sudanese military, the Chadean military, local militias of all ethnicities and aligned with all sides of the conflict, and bandits. The situation deteriorated through 2004. Thousands of Darfurians were killed by violence by the various armed groups. Life was disrupted so agriculture, on which most people in Darfur subsisted, became difficult or impossible. Hundreds of thousands of people became refugees. Tens of thousands died from disease and famine.” Stop the War Against Sudan

Don’t go for the okey-doke. Any time whites speak of humanitarian aid or altruism, double and triple check to see what the real deal is. Actions speak volumes over words. Always go beyond the rhetoric and propaganda, seek the real facts. Usually you will discover most of what the corporate media says is a sham, another lie, one more wolf in sheepskin con game designed to fool the unsuspecting, the uninformed and the uninterested so the Europeans can continue their unbridled and ongoing legacy of pillage, rapine and plunder.